Food Allergy Halloween Guide

Food Allergy Halloween Guide Trick or Treat

Halloween and candy go together like food allergies and reading labels. Having food allergies almost always guarantees that some Halloween candy will be off limits, but in the Spokin spirit of focusing on the positive, we created a trick or treating guide and candy guides organized by allergens to help you say "yes" as much as possible.

Spokin Tip: Fun size candy often has different allergen warnings compared to the everyday size bars. Please make sure to check your labels!


Spokin Candy Guides

Spokin Halloween Candy Guide
Spokin Halloween Candy Guide

Halloween Tree Nut Free Candy Guide List
Halloween Milk Free Candy Guide List


Spokin Trick or Treat Guide

There's no right path to handling trick or treaters with food allergies, and we wanted to show our Spokin readers the many paths you can take as a parent to make Halloween as fun as possible.

Spokin Halloween Trick or Treat Guide