Allergy-Friendly DePaul University Campus Guide

I am a current student at DePaul University and even though I have never eaten in the food hall, DePaul is very considerate when it comes to food safety. At all events they have clear signage on each ingredient. DePaul does a great job with being accommodating to any restriction or allergy. Don’t hesitate to ask someone! They have been a fantastic fit for me, socially, academically, and with everything from A to Z. DePaul does not have a student health insurance plan, which is disappointing.

Location: Chicago, Illinois

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Niko Sarles – Spokin User @nikosarles

Allergies: Tree Nuts
Class: 2024
Major: User Experience Design
Post Graduation Plans: I want to stay in Chicago for at least a couple more years!
Instagram: @nikosarles

Blue Sushi Sake Grill

Woah! Absolutely blown away by how good the food is here! I went a few months after they opened their doors and everything about my experience was positive. I went with two of my friends who are vegan, and they have an entirely separate menu for vegan/vegetarian items! Amazing. For my nut allergies they were extremely careful in making sure I was choosing items that didn’t contain any allergens! Would highly recommend.

Homeslice Pizza + Patio

Very very good pizza with amazing vibes. Tons of college students here but you are coming for the environment and the food/drinks! The people that own this restaurant also own Happy Camper, so they are very familiar with the restaurant industry. They do a great job with allergies and any accommodations you may need!

Jam ‘n Honey

I have never actually sat down in this restaurant but when I’ve ordered takeout, everything has stayed very warm and fresh! They have many breakfast options and they do a great job with the packaging. I do not think they have any nuts on the menu! But you can also ways double-check. They have been very nice to me over the phone.

Sweet Mandy B’s

Very close to DePaul! They have fantastic pastries here and the staff is very very knowledgeable. You have to come early in the day, as they run out of many items!

Dog Haus

Dog Haus has many locations around the Chicago area and over the US. They are always my go-to for a quick and delicious burger! They are always consistent and have tons of vegan and vegetarian options that will suit anyone’s needs. They are little on the pricier side, but you get what you pay for with the quality ingredients and proactive staff. Would recommend!

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