Allergy-Friendly Campus Guide: Washington University in St. Louis

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Washington University

Location: St. Louis, Missouri

Washington University has been so great with food allergies! Every item (entrees, sides, pastries, etc) is labeled with the major allergens and the DUC and the village both have an allergen kitchen where food is prepared safely. You can preorder this allergen free food from back kitchen and the staff is very helpful. No open tree nuts are allowed and prepackaged food with nuts always have a sticker on them. Another super helpful thing is the new Top 8 Friendly stations at every dining hall that serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner that are all free of the top 8 allergens. The food marts at the village and Paws&Go both have so many snacks from verified brands such as Enjoy Life and 88 Acres that any student can purchase. The nutritionist who helps students with food allergies, Rebecca Miller, guided me through how to navigate WashU’s dining system and gave me tips on how to manage my food allergies at college.


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Morgan Romo – Spokin User @morganromo

Allergies: Tree nuts, Milk, Mustard, Sunflower
Class: 2024
Major: Biology
Future Plans: I’d like to do some type of research or go into public health!
Instagram: @morgan.romo


Morgan’s Washington University in St. Louis Campus Guide

Salt + Smoke

Salt + Smoke has an online allergen menu that labels which menu items contain which allergens, which has been incredibly helpful. The waitstaff has also been great about knowing what’s in the menu items and making suggestions and modifications.

Clementine’s Naughty and Nice Creamery

The waffle cones are vegan, even labeled as such at checkout, and they have multiple vegan ice cream options (made with coconut milk)! Every ice cream flavor lists its allergens and the staff was very knowledgeable and willing to help. The ice cream and cone also were the best I’ve ever tasted

Meshuggah Cafe

This is my favorite bagel spot in STL! They are always super willing to make modifications for any bagel and the food is delicious. The menu doesn’t label allergens, but the staff is knowledgeable about the menu items.

Insomnia Cookies

I love all of their vegan cookie options!! They have birthday cake, chocolate chunk, and double chocolate chunk. It’s nice to be able to eat cookies with friends without feeling left out

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Kaldi’s Coffee on Skinker

The staff here has always been so accommodating and willing to check on ingredients for me. The menu labels gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, dairy free, and items that contain nuts. I recommend the breakfast bowl which is gluten free and can be dairy free if the hot sauce vinaigrette is left off!

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My favorite Korean food around the WashU campus! Their bowls are super simple but so delicious. Even with my allergies, I can eat everything on the menu.

Mission Taco Joint – Delmar Loop

The online ordering system is really helpful because it allows you to check off any items you don’t want in the food and has a text box dedicated to listing allergies and dietary restrictions for each menu item you add to your bag. I love the tacos here, especially the Baja fish and the carne asada!


I love PokeDoke because I can build my poke bowl from scratch, so I know exactly what’s going in it. Everything is so fresh and tastes amazing!

Peacock Diner

I will say the menu at Peacock Diner is not the most allergen friendly, but when I communicated my needs, they offered to cook my meal on a clean grill with oil instead of butter. I appreciate how flexible they were to make me feel safe.

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