Allergy-Friendly Campus Guide: Ohio State University

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Ohio State did an amazing job accommodating my allergies! I registered with Disability Services for housing accommodations because I was worried about living in the dorms with someone else who didn’t have allergies. That process really paid off for me in the long run and I highly recommend doing so. Their dining facilities also have a great labeling policy for allergens that are visible and easy to follow. Certain cafeterias even have dedicated gluten free/allergy-friendly sections. I always felt safe eating on campus and had a dining plan all four years!

Location: Columbus, Ohio

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Alyssa Bauder – Spokin App User @alyssabauder

Allergies: Peanut
Class: 2019
Major: Psychology
Post Graduation Plans: I am currently pursing my doctorate in Clinical Psychology in Chicago, Illinois.
Instagram: @allthingsallergies

Alyssa’s Ohio State Campus Guide


Ohio Stadium

Despite being the home of the Buckeyes, Ohio Stadium does not actually sell peanut products in general concessions! I hate going to crowded stadiums with peanut shells all over the ground, so this made my four years at Ohio State that much better!

Michael’s Goody Boy Diner

The wait staff reassured me that the owners’ children have nut allergies, so the entire menu was safe for me to have! Really yummy comfort food. Good for kids during the day and fun at night for adults! One of my favorite spots.

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Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

I had heard good things about Jeni’s so I decided to give it a try. The staff was knowledgeable about allergies, and were happy to use a clean scooper and get a fresh carton from the back of the store. I even got to have a waffle cone! Definitely will be back.

Condado Tacos

All Condado locations advertise their allergens on a sign at the hostess stand, and all locations are 100% peanut and tree nut free. Regarding my seafood allergy, the waitstaff is always proactive with telling the kitchen, and the manager often is the one who delivers my meal. A really great and safe stop!

Goodale Station

Limited nuts on the menu, knowledge waitstaff, and GREAT VIEWS!

Cap City Fine Diner + Bar

Cameron Mitchell restaurants always go above and beyond to accommodate allergies. Cannot thank them enough!

Lincoln Social Rooftop

Super fun and trendy rooftop overlooking the Short North Arts District. Completely nut free kitchen with cool cocktails and great appetizers. Put your name in well in advance for a table! It gets very busy on the weekends.

Hot Chicken Takeover

One of my Columbus favorites! Great allergen menu on their website. Their waffles are labeled as “may contain nuts” but otherwise, the whole menu is safe for me!

Brassica in the Short North

Brassica offers customizable mediterranean salads and sandwiches with fresh and local ingredients. They have an easily accessible allergen guide on their website with honest FAQs about their kitchen. Best of all, Brassica is a completely nut free kitchen! Cannot say enough good things about this place!

RH – Restoration Hardware

The waitstaff at Restoration Hardware are always so knowledgeable and attentive. They took special care to keep us safe. Amazing food and beautiful venue! I devoured the Smoked Ribeye sandwich and the Délice de Bourgogne Cheese.


Cameron Mitchell restaurants are the best! We have eaten here dozens of times safely. The staff is proactive, helpful, and educated on allergy protocols. When ordering takeout, they paid special attention to my allergies and labeled our takeout boxes with allergy stickers.

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