Allergy-Friendly Campus Guide: Central Michigan University


Central Michigan University has a Pure Eats section in each dining hall that is free from the top 8 allergens, and they serve it themselves to avoid cross contamination. There are gluten free sections as well, including a dedicated waffle machine! They have an app that lists every item on the menu and it’s ingredients! I will say that sometimes the ingredients have been vague (ex. “sugar cookie dough”) but for the most part I have a wide variety of safe eating options!

Location: Mount Pleasant, Michigan

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Maria Evola – Spokin User @mevola475

Allergies: Peanut, Tree nuts
Class: 2025
Major: Psychology with a double minor in English and ASL
Future Plans: I plan to become a Clinical Psychologist, and I love to study around the nature on campus!
Instagram: @m.evola847

Maria’s Central Michigan University Campus Guide

Ponder Coffee Company – Central

The staff was super friendly! I love the coffee, especially the iced lavender vanilla latte and hot americano. They don’t put peanuts on the grill or waffle machine, but they do have peanut butter in the kitchen. However, they were super helpful in avoiding cross contamination as much as possible! Had a DELICIOUS black bean burrito!

Doozie’s Ice Cream Place

They are so nice with a variety of flavors! They clean any machines, so I can get items I never have before! Cute spot in town to go to with friends!

Mountain Town Station Restaurant and Brew Pub

Love this place for good pizza, burgers, and more! They have kind staff that are educated on allergens in different dishes, and they always check with the kitchen! Really tasty eats too! (If it fits your dietary restrictions, i recommend the fried onion app!)

Los Aztecas Mexican Grill and Bar

They have no peanuts and had a clear protocol! Fairly priced food and a really good time with my roommate!

Taichi Bubble Tea

I have gone here many times for bubble tea with friends! I haven’t gotten their ramen or sushi burritos, but they look good and have limited nut use!

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