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I would 100% recommend Colorado College to someone with food allergies. Get in touch with disability services, food services or a nutritionist at the school to work out a plan so you can use the dining halls with ease.

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado


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Griffin (left) with a friend
Griffin (left) with a friend

Griffin McEnry

Allergies: Milk, Eggs
Class: 2019
Major: International Political Economy
Post Graduation Plans: Undecided
Dining Hall: I get one-on-one help whenever I go to the dining halls to let me know what’s safe to eat.

Top Picks Around Campus

La-au’s Taco Shop

They answer all of my food allergy questions.

πŸ“ 830 N Tejon St #110, Colorado Springs, CO 80903  |  πŸ“„ La-au’s Menu

Ola Juice Bar

Lots of vegan options.

πŸ“ 27 E Kiowa St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903   |  πŸ“„ Ola Juice Bar’s Menu

Rabbit Hole

More expensive but really good at answering food allergy questions and making accommodations.

πŸ“ 101 N Tejon St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903   |   πŸ“„ Rabbit Hole’s Menu


Located: Colorado Springs, CO
Disability Services:
🌐 offices/accessibilityresources/
πŸ“ž (719) 227-8285
βœ‰οΈοΈ [email protected]

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