Allergy-Friendly Boston University Campus Guide

Each semester at Boston University, the nutrition center met with each student with dietary restrictions to figure out meal plans and safe options. A separate dedicated pantry in each dining hall is available to anyone with allergies.

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

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Bella Fong – Spokin App User @nutfreefun

Allergies: Peanut, Tree Nuts
Class: 2021
Major: Philosophy, Political Science, and Classical Music
Post Graduation Plans: Animal-welfare legislation
Instagram: @nutfreefun

Boston University Dining Halls

Each semester the nutrition center met with each student with dietary restrictions to figure out meal plans and safe options. A separate dedicated pantry in each dining hall is available to anyone with allergies.


This chain is incredible and I wish there were more branches across the US. CAVA is entirely nut-free and has an amazing array of food options. I love their bowls and loading up on all the veggies and sauces and hummus! Huge portions and relatively inexpensive—there are 2 locations by BU’s campus: one by Fenway Park and one by Copley Library.

Andala Coffee House

With a cozy atmosphere, beautiful decor, and irresistible and homey Middle Eastern food, teas, and cakes, be sure to check out Andala Coffee House. If I had to choose an absolute favorite (and affordable!) restaurant in the Greater Boston area, this would be it! My go-to is a Moroccan mint tea (note that their portion sizes for teas are quite small) and hummus ajami with chicken (without the almonds). I also always ask for extra Arabic bread. This is definitely a great place to go family-style to try out all the amazing salads, rice plates, sandwiches, and specials, like the Shrimp Ma’ali. While this is not a nut-free establishment, they are always very understanding and accommodating. The only nut in the savory dishes is almonds, which are typically only used as a sprinkle. I do, however, stay clear of the cakes to avoid potential cross contamination with pistachios.

A4Cade/Roxie’s Grilled Cheese

I usually avoid bars due to the risk of cross-contamination in drinks and contaminated counters, but A4cade is so amazing at managing nut allergies. Located in the back/through what would be the kitchen of Roxy’s Grilled Cheese, the bar counters do not serve nuts and bartenders have a separate shaker for those with nut allergies. All menu items also have allergy labels. I definitely feel safe eating and drinking here and what a fun speakeasy-type arcade/bar hangout spot! Two notes: I’ve found the drinks to be extra sweet, the place gets extremely packed around 8pm, and you have to explicitly ask for the fun character cups. If you have little ones or underage friends, they also have all age-inclusive days that are free of alcohol so you can just play games and order Roxy’s grilled cheeses!

The Friendly Toast

Highly recommend their avocado toast and succotash! Giant portions and everything on the menu is clearly labeled. The waitstaff was extremely helpful and reassured me that my plate was nut-free when they brought my table’s food.

New City Microcreamery

With the warmer weather and humidity settling into Boston, ice cream explorations have become a necessity and I have nothing but the highest praises for New City Microcreamery. New City Microcreamery makes the smoothest and yummiest ice creams, vanilla bourbon being my absolute favorite. They are extremely cautious with allergies, selecting a new, clean scooper, a new tub in the back, new gloves, and separate toppings for those with allergies. Each item on their menu is also marked with each of the top 9 allergens. And they also carry Barrington Coffee! You can also order ice cream cakes and indicate allergies.

Sakana Sushi

If you’re visiting Harvard or MIT, this is a cute little spot by the undergraduate houses. It is on the pricier end, especially given the size of the sushi, but the quality of fish is great and there are no nuts in this establishment! We ordered their Sakana roll and a couple pieces of nigiri (salmon, ikura, tamago, unagi) Great for date night!

Dumpling Daughter

Entirely nut-free restaurant!

Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers

Located right on Commonwealth Ave and next to West campus dorms is Raising Cane’s and yes, you can use your BU dining points here! Completely nut-free (no nut oils). Great quick and easy fast food option.

Blaze Pizza

Completely nut-free, Blaze is always a great safe option. I love loading up on veggies and asking for the balsamic vinegar glaze. There are 2 locations by Boston University’s campus: one on Commonwealth by West Campus dorms and one by Fenway Park.

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