Florida Food Allergy-Friendly City Guide

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Florida — where the sun, beach and fun take center stage. Luckily, if you are traveling to the Sunshine State with food allergies, Spokin users have shared hundreds of reviews, all searchable in seconds with our map feature. Explore our top rated cities in Florida.

Featured Review: Bunnie Cakes

"They have Cupcake Wars award-winning cupcakes. Everything is vegan. Some things are gluten free. Most things are soy free. I got to try my first real milkshake here, and it was delicious. They also have donuts and a large selection of cupcakes and regular cakes. Everything about this place is amazing!!" 

@katyg719 who manages tree nut and milk allergies

Featured Review: Stacy’s Gluten Free Goodies

"This is a top 8 free bakery that takes allergens extremely seriously. Their baked goods are delicious, and I have no worries about cross contamination because no allergens are even present." 

@frances who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, egg and grain allergies

Featured Review: Bar Tulia

“This is the perfect place with great food and a casual atmosphere. Our daughter safely ate several appetizers ― wings, chips and hummus ― and then had the meatball appetizer for her dinner. She also ate some of her sister's fried chicken and french fries. The food was so good, and we will definitely be back."

@adamwood who manages peanut and tree nut allergies

Featured Review: Fresh First

"This is an 100% Gluten Free restaurant with many vegan options too. They have an amazing staff and fabulous food." 

@celiacmama who manages milk and celiac-gluten allergies


Featured Review: Kara Lynn’s Kitchen

"This is a small, quaint place that is HUGE on taste and quality. Everything there is made from scratch. I made the trip on a Saturday to try their paleo pancakes...light and airy. Delicious!"

@pennylee19 who manages soy, wheat and celiac-gluten allergies

Featured Review: Nobu Miami

"AWESOME! This is such a cool restaurant, and the staff is great with allergies and will go the extra mile to accommodate. I went here for my birthday, and it was the best restaurant dinner to ask for. P.S. The Kardashians go here :) " 

@amandamouse567 who manages a peanut allergy

Featured Review: Soho Juice Co.

"All items are GF. And most items are even vegan. I love the Açaí bowls and different juices. The Soho Açaí bowl and Cashoo Mylk are my favorites. Everything is flavorful and filling!" 

@kwood22 who manages egg, wheat and celiac-gluten allergies


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