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From the 1st day of kindergarten to heading off to college and everything in between (we’re looking at you, field trips!), a case to hold your epinephrine is on everyone’s school shopping list. Our guide features 27 cases to hold your EpiPens and Auvi-Qs, with options including insulated carriers and ones that are perfect for going for a run or running around town.

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Why we love it: So easy to use and convenient. You’ll always have your Auvi-Q and phone with this adhesive case!

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Allergy Apparel On The Go Convertible Auvi-Q Carrying Case

Why we love it: This neutral belt bag will be perfect for storing your Auvi-Qs and inhaler. Bonus: it’s insulated!

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AllerMates Auvi-Q Case Travel Medical Bag

Why we love it: Compact and and insulated! This cute pouch can go anywhere you do. Just throw it in your bag or clip it to your pants and you’ll be good to go.

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Allergy Apparel Auvi-Q Ject Clip Pouch

Why we love it: Water repellant and compact, this Auvi-Q holder is great to slip into your pockets, bag, or lunchbox!

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Running Buddy Magnetic Buddy Pouch

Why we love it: No belt loops? No problem! Easily attached, this magnetic pouch is great for runners, walkers, and the like.

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Allergy Apparel Leather Wallet for 2 Auvi-Q Injectors

Why we love it: This leather wallet offers a discreet way to carry your Auvi-Qs. You’ll never forget to bring them with you in this wallet!

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EPI-TEMP EpiPen Insulated Case

Why we love it: Great for keeping your epis at the right temperature in both hot and cold climates, this teal cutie is perfect for hitting the slopes or spending the day on the beach.

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PracMedic Insulated EpiPen Case

Why we love it: Keep all of your essential allergy meds in one place with this convenient and compact holder. Bonus: a portion of every sale is donated to an allergy non profit!

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Rescue Shot EpiPen Case

Why we love it: Stay on the move with this essential epi holder, ruggedly built with ballistic nylon for anywhere your adventures take you.

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Frio Cooling Wallet Duo

Why we love it: No ice packs needed for this insulated case! Your epis will stay at just the right temperature, even on a hot summer day at Disney.

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AllerMates Children’s Medical Allergy Carrying Case

Why we love it: This playful case is perfect for your child’s school medical kit! The convenient carabiner clip makes it easy to keep secure on a backpack.

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MyMediBag Hardcase EPIPEN Medication Bag

Why we love it: Don’t let extreme temperatures stop your next vacation. Keep your auto-injectors safe in this insulated and easy to spot carrier!

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PracMedic Insulated EpiPen Carry Case

Why we love it: This adorable, kid-friendly design will help keep all of your allergy meds in one place—perfect for trips to the zoo or for sending to school!

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Vivelle EpiPen Sports Fanny Pack

Why we love it: Get this for the runner or athlete in your life. This water resistant epi holder is discreet and great for any sport!

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Activaide EpiPen Carrier for Runners + Sports

Why we love it: Run your next race with this breathable epi arm or leg band! This adjustable holder is great for any age or sport.

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Spi belt Kids Pocket Belt

Why we love it: For those who self-carry, having a low profile carrier can make all the difference. The Spi belt can be hidden under your shirt and stays tight to your body if you want to wear it on a run.

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AllerMates Medicine Carrying Bag

Why we love it: This bag is the ideal size to fit everything you need and more. The extra space will help keep everything organized and the bright color makes it easy to spot anywhere in the house!

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Breezy Packs Breezy Extra

Why we love it: Small and sleek, this cooling case will keep your EpiPens and Auvi-Qs safe in hot weather for at least 8 hours!

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AllerMates EpiPen Deluxe Carrying Case

Why we love it: With a removable carrying strap, this case is ideal for keeping your medical kit on hand. Bonus: it comes with an emergency contact and allergy info card!

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Mdot Canada Insulated Vinyl Coated EpiPen Case

Why we love it: This vinyl coated case is perfect for keeping your emergency kit safe and dry!

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Zippered Zebra Insulated Personalized EpiPen Case

Why we love it: Perfect for school, this personalized case can hold your EpiPen, Auvi-Q, and more!

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E Tronic Edge Running Belt

Why we love it: Durable and lightweight! This running belt will hold all of your allergy needs.

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lululemon everywhere belt bag

Why we love it: This bag is effortlessly chic and convenient for your allergy needs!

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Bandolier Expanded Zip Pouch

Why we love it: When your auto-injector carrier makes a fashion statement, it’s a win in our books! This pouch is the perfect size for holding 2 Auvi-Qs but we would want it even if it didn’t have an auto-injector in it!

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A New Day Wristlet Pouch Clutch

Why we love it: Whether it’s a day of errands or a night out, this clutch serves both looks and a purpose.

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GoPacka Cantini Insulated Fanny Pack Cooler

Why we love it: Perfect for summer and beyond, this insulated fanny pack can help keep both your auto injectors and safe foods at just the right temp.

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Igloo 90’s Retro Collection Fanny Pack

Why we love it: The ’90s are back and we are here for these colors! Keep your emergency kit and more safe in this fresh fanny pack.

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