Allergy-Friendly Montreal Guide

Montreal is the perfect destination for anyone looking for European Charm outside of Europe. As the largest French speaking city behind Paris with cobblestone streaks and historic architecture, it’s sure to make you say ooh la la. Our Top Rated Montreal guide features the Spokin Community’s finds including vegan and gluten-free bakeries, nut and gluten-free croissants, vegan pizza, a celiac certified restaurant, and more! 


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1. Arepera

“The restaurant is free from nuts, peanuts, and sesame, as well as gluten. We also manage dairy allergy, which is present, but we felt comfortable selecting safe items that did not contain dairy.”

@elbee who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, egg, and seed allergies

2. Aux Vivres Plateau

“This restaurant is vegan so there is no dairy (and no cross-contamination, as the waitress told me!). For other allergies, I’m not sure how they would do.”

@beckyd144 who manages milk allergy

3. Bevo Bar + Pizzeria

“Came here for lunch and shared pizza! Not many nuts or seeds on the menu, and the restaurant is in such a great part of Old Montréal! We sat on the street and had great views”

@izzytri12 who manages tree nut, fish, and sesame allergies

4. Burger Fiancé

“This restaurant is vegan so they were great with my dairy allergy. Not sure how they’d be for other allergies. This was probably the best vegan food I’ve ever had (burger, chicken sandwich, fries).”

@beckyd144 who manages milk allergy

5. Crêperie du Marché

“This gluten-free crepe shop is located in Little Italy of Montreal. They have both savory and sweet crepes, some with unique flavor combos. I had a crepe with a sunny side up egg, ham, cheese, potatoes, and maple syrup. The savory crepes are made with buckwheat flour. Some of the sweet crepes use oat milk so check on those specifics if you can’t tolerate oats. It’s also in a cute market with lots of shops to explore! The staff was really helpful and took time to answer my questions.”

@gflivingbk who manages celiac

6. Estiatorio Milos Montreal

“We didn’t eat there with our allergic family member tonight but they answered all of the questions I asked about protocols for the future and they have different prep areas for the meat and fish. Same with their other locations—they take allergies seriously”

@eem who manages tree nut, peanut, fish, and legumes allergies

7. Iberica

“Great and fun Spanish spot!! They don’t use many nuts but the waitress made a note on every item we ordered. Get a few tapas to share and then the paella!!”

@izzytri12 who manages tree nut, fish, and sesame allergies

8. La Banquise

“They have no seafood or nuts on site, but they still noted my allergies on the order. I got an original poutine and it was delicious! There were allergy signs on the walls and in the menu. The fries share a fried with gluten containing products, so may not be great for people with celiac.”

@hallelauren who manages tree nut, fish, and shellfish allergies

9. Maynard

“I didn’t get to snap a photo of my food, but I enjoyed an Impossible cheeseburger, fries, and Pogos aka corn dogs from this fast casual vegan spot. Everything was dairy-free and egg-free and delicious! I have nothing but good things to say. If you want vegan fast food, stop here!”

@jennatso8 who manages milk, egg, and meat allergies

10. Montreal Poutine

“Montreal Poutine is the name of the restaurant. This poutine and caesar salad were great!! The staff was very knowledgeable about allergies and was able to accommodate everything! To my understanding, they are completely nut-free. They are located in old Montreal.”

@juleseats who manages tree nut allergies

11. Ohana Sushi Vegan

“Ummm, by far the best vegan sushi I have ever had! This restaurant is in an excellent location and so adorable inside (albeit small and cozy). Get here early!! We got the 30 piece sushi platter and I cannot recommend that enough. Everything we had was divine. There are nuts, soy, and sesame in this restaurant but those are not an issue for us. The rolls that contained nuts were labeled as containing cashew cheese. I highly recommend this place!”

@jennatso8 who manages milk, egg, and meat allergies

12. Ottavio Vsl

“As always the best of all, with service, food and ambiance. Plus they are celiac certified!!”

@alex0liac who manages celiac

13. Pasta E Pasta

“Small place in the combined space with Poutineville and super easy to miss as there is only a small sign. No nuts on their menu and though they had green peas and sesame in the kitchen, they assured us there was no risk of cross-contact. We had their nut-free pesto and the build your own pasta option was perfect for our food-anxious little one. She ordered penne with nut-free pesto, bacon, and zucchini but there were many safe options for us.”

@eggfreemama1 who manages peanut, tree nut, seed, and legume allergies

14. Pizza Bouquet

“Pizzeria is entirely free of peanuts and tree nuts and staff answered all my questions when I ordered at the counter. The menu when I went had none of my other allergens so cross-contamination wasn’t a concern (though they do have rotating specials that could contain different ingredients, which you can check online or by calling).”

@delta who manages peanut, tree nut, seed, and legume allergies

15. Pizzeria Zac Végane | Vegan Pizza

“I had a delicious pizza and calzone here last night. The restaurant is fully vegan and dairy-free. The server reassured me that everything was safe for me. We had an awesome experience here. Also, they label what on the menu contains nuts! To the server with the woman’s names tattooed on his arms—you are the best!”

@jennatso8 who manages milk, egg, and meat allergies

16. Pub Quartier Latin

“This place is a MUST VISIT if you are gluten-free and in Montreal!! They have a separate gluten-free menu and we’re incredibly responsive to all of our other allergies and restrictions. Eating here was an incredible experience, would highly recommend!”

@elise who manages celiac and peanut and tree nut allergies

17. Restaurant Kamúy

“This Haitian restaurant has no peanuts or tree nuts in the menu, confirmed in advance and again with the waitstaff. Food was DELICIOUS and it’s right in the heart of Quartier des Spectacles.”

@ragrag13 who manages peanut and tree nut allergies

18. St-Viateur Bagel & Café Mont-Royal

“I got several bagels with a side of peanut butter. The staff was incredible. I told the manager about my allergy before I ordered and he took it extremely seriously. He immediately told all of the staff at the counter and then got a staff member who has allergies herself to prepare my food. Everyone was very careful and respectful. I felt so safe!”

@beckyd144 who manages milk allergy

19. The Keg Steakhouse + Bar – Place Ville Marie

“I’ve never felt so safe at a restaurant. The server brought over the manager after I told her about my allergies (that’s their protocol). The manager read off my allergies and explained how my food would be cooked separately. I had a steak, baked potato, and veggies. They even knew that the bread was made in a facility with nuts. So good! And not too expensive for a steak house (~$120 USD for two steaks, apps, and a glass of wine).”

@hallelauren who manages tree nut, fish, and shellfish allergies

20. Venice Mtl

“On my first night in Montreal stumbled upon Venice restaurant right across from my hotel. The restaurant is a California vibe on the inside with a European vibe on the outside. The menu was labeled with items that were gluten-free. I tried one of their poke bowls that use gluten-free tamari sauce. Some salads looked safe as well. A couple tacos were labeled gluten-free but not all of them so there may be a chance for cross-contact, I didn’t ask tonight. The food was really good! They had a couple desserts labeled gluten-free as well!”

@gflivingbk who manages celiac


1. Le Marquis Signature santé

“Gluten-free croissants that you can buy to freeze. They are delicious and nut-free!”

@jcrents who manages celiac and peanut, tree nut, fish, fruit, and grain allergies

2. Parc Sans Gluten

“Parc Sans Gluten is an entirely gluten-free bakery in Montreal. My gluten-free family members enjoyed gluten-free croissants, eclairs, and tarts! For those with nut allergies, would avoid as they use some nuts, including peanuts, and do not separate items.”

@elise who manages celiac and peanut and tree nut allergies

3. Vegâteau

“Popped into this adorable vegan bakery and got a mango passion fruit tart! So yummy and highly recommend. They also had coconut soft serve that I didn’t get to try!”

@jennatso8 who manages beef, egg, milk, pork allergies

4. La Beignerie

“I got a box of four donuts from this place and was OBSESSED. The best donuts I’ve ever had! Everything is vegan and the staff is so friendly and helpful (and English speaking). They even have ice cream that looked amazing! I got the crème brûlée, smores, passion fruit caramel, and apple fritter. They were so good! Everything is dairy-free and egg-free and they do have nuts and sesame in the shop.”

@jennatso8 who manages milk, egg, and meat allergies

5. Sophie Sucrée

“This bakery is completely vegan so they were amazing with my dairy allergy. (Not sure about other allergies.) This is the only time in my life I’ve ever had real pastries (croissants, scones, spinach & feta savory pastries, etc) so it was amazing!!”

@beckyd144 who manages milk allergy


1. Delta Hotels by Marriott Montreal

“Rooms have kettles and mini fridges and the restaurant staff was amazing. We were able to eat breakfast—they cooked our food in separate pans, checked on us constantly, and even brought disposable cutlery for us. They also gave us packaged yogurt from the buffet despite us ordering al la carte so the kids would have some options.”

@eggfreemama1 who manages peanut, tree nut, seed, and legume allergies

2. Hôtel Bonaparte

“For my stay in Montréal I chose Hotel Bonaparte located in Old Montréal. Love the neighborhood so far. French feel with cute restaurants and cafes. The hotel includes a breakfast basket each morning delivered to your room. They were very accommodating with gluten-free options. They even asked if I was celiac! The breakfast included a croissant from a gluten-free bakery down the street, a yogurt, cheese, clementine, and juice. The basket even came with a sign that said sans gluten and the croissant was sealed in a package. Highly recommend this spot!”

@gflivingbk who manages celiac

3. Hotel Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth

“I stayed here during a recent trip to Montreal. The rooms are pretty small. We got room service one night and I could have some delicious French fries that were safe. I do not typically order room service at hotels, but they seemed pretty allergy-aware, so I was comfortable.”

@tpgordon who manages peanut, tree nut, and milk allergies

4. Hotel Nelligan

“We had breakfast here multiple times and they were very knowledgeable. I was able to eat eggs, potatoes, and bacon, which was exactly what we needed before our days full of walking”

@hallelauren who manages tree nut, fish, and shellfish allergies

5. Hyatt Centric Montreal

“Beautiful clean hotel. Amazing rooftop pool that overlooks the city Restaurant was not comfortable serving someone with food allergies but you are close enough to other restaurants to eat elsewhere”

@mindfuleating who manages peanut, tree nut, and legume allergies

6. SpringHill Suites by Marriott Old Montreal

“Beautiful suites with kitchenettes on the same block as the Main Street for shopping and dining in Old Montreal. Staff discussed complimentary breakfast with us and there were options that were safe such as pieces of fruit, sealed yogurts, eggs, etc. Rooms are large and immaculate.”

@mindfuleating who manages peanut, tree nut, and legume allergies

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