2024 Top Rated Allergy-Friendly Airlines

We thank Jack Fowler for sharing his recent experience flying with food allergies, while we acknowledge how difficult it is to watch, we’re very grateful that he shared his negative experience flying Emirates and we’re appreciative to BBC News, Good Morning Britain, and other media outlets for covering his story which helps raise much needed awareness. Today we publish the 2024 guide of the 10 most Allergy-Friendly Airlines. The rankings are based on reviews shared on the Spokin app. 


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1. JetBlue Airways

“JetBlue was great on my flight today. They allowed me to preboard to clean my seat. They came over and checked in with me and asked if I carry EpiPens and if my allergy is airborne. When I said yes to both, they went row by row around me to notify everyone of my nut allergies and made sure everyone was listening like they do for the exit row notification. Never seen an airline put that much effort into the buffer zone. They also had plenty of nut-free brands for snacks! Great experience!”
@nycallergygal who manages peanut, tree nut, mustard, fruit and celery allergies

2. Southwest Airlines

“Ever since they got rid of peanuts several years ago this is my favorite airline to fly! They let you pre-board and wipe down your seat and only serve pretzels as snacks on flights. While occasionally I get some ‘you’re the one who took away our peanuts…’ comments, staff is willing to help and make me feel safe (especially when I fly by myself). I always let them know about my allergies when I pre-board, that I am flying alone, and carry EpiPens. One time they even made an announcement for me! However, not necessary for me, and I have always been safe! (I only eat my own food from home on planes though!)”
@emsnutfreeeats who manages peanut and tree nut allergies and a gluten intolerance

3. Delta Airlines

“Delta made it easy to add a special accommodation to my passenger information a week before my trip, and ‘peanut allergy’ was already there with a checkbox next to it. On the outbound flight, they made one brief announcement on the plane about not opening any products with peanuts onboard. On the return flight, they called me over the intercom at the gate to ask questions about my allergy (airborne, cold/hot nuts, etc). They relayed the severity on the phone to the flight attendant and mentioned it again to a crew member who scanned my boarding pass. He pulled me aside before boarding and said the first class lunch for the flight did contain nuts, and they will not serve it at all. They made announcements and reminded everyone three times to not open any nut products onboard. They went above and beyond to keep me safe and served chips, pretzels, and biscuit cookies instead.”
@nikkiinthecity who manages peanut, tree nut, fish, shellfish, fruit, vegetables, red dye number 40, and carrageenan allergies

4. British Airways

“Staff on our flight were incredibly helpful and made it possible for our daughter with a severe egg allergy to have a safe meal on our 5+ hour flight. After informing the airline, we also spoke with our flight attendant upon boarding who helped us triple check food labels and even provided multiple options for main meals as well as snacks for our daughter. It was so comforting to have this additional support onboard the flight to make sure we were 100% safe!”
@ekmwarren who manages an egg allergy

5. Alaska Airlines

“I have never flown with Alaskan before and it was the best experience I have had while flying. They were very accommodating and allowed pre-boarding, and announcement on the flight as well as let
me talk to the entire cabin crew. They understand how serious it is.”
@diyachab who manages peanut, tree nut, egg, soy, fish, shellfish, seed, fruit, grain, meat, legume, and mushroom allergies

6. IcelandAir

“Booked airline tickets through IcelandAir today and was able to notate my peanut allergy when booking! This is the first airline I’ve seen this on and I’d love to see more follow suit! I did notice every single meal item that you could pre-purchase had something I was allergic to in it (either nuts, sesame, shellfish, or mustard), but luckily they are labeled and now I know to bring my own food. I flew with this airline years ago and don’t remember anything negative. Hopefully this trip will be great too!”
@khriv who manages peanut, tree nut, fish, shellfish, and seed allergies

7. Air Canada

“The flight attendants create a buffer zone row in front of you and row behind you. They also ask passengers not to eat nuts (due to nature of possibility of it being airborne).”
@food1 who manages peanut, tree nut, egg, wheat, seed, vegetable, fruit, legume, and black bean allergies

8. EasyJet

“First time we’ve flown with EasyJet, and I was blown away by the allergy service. Nut allergy was a specific assistance selection on the website when booking, and on board staff were aware of my allergy and the protocols required. An announcement was made in English and in Spanish (we were traveling to and from Madrid), so I felt completely at ease. Would definitely recommend.”
@nickappleyard who manages peanut and tree nut allergies

9. WestJet Airlines

“We have flown a ton of different airlines and this is by far the best with allergies. We put the allergy on the reservation and on the first leg of our flight, the flight attendant in our cabin immediately came up to us and acknowledged the allergy and let me come check the breakfast items they were serving. She was going to make an announcement, but we’ve found that it angers people and said it wasn’t necessary since our kids were just sitting next to us. On the second leg of our flight, the two attendants in our cabin acknowledged the allergy and came over with an iPad that had all the allergen information about both meals that would be served. Incredibly friendly, thorough and thoughtful. Would fly them again in a heartbeat!”
@lbedwell who manages peanut and tree nut allergies

10. Virgin Atlantic Airways

“Very understanding staff who try to help you through food choices. They have one of the best ingredients list and it is on every meal. I have not seen this anywhere else.”
@arunsiyer who manages celiac and peanut, tree nut, wheat, seed, and legume allergies

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