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Products + Gadgets

From pocket-sized food testers to high-tech bracelets for kids, discover inventions that are providing practical solutions to everyday problems.


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Allergy Amulet

Food Allergy Innovations Allergy Amulet

Abigail Barnes, the co-founder and CEO of Allergy Amulet, has suffered from several life-threatening food allergies since childhood. After teaming up with a chemistry professor at Dartmouth who also has food allergies, this line of sleek, wearable food allergen and ingredient detection devices was developed. Their USB-sized reader and disposable test strips will detect peanuts initially, with plans to expand to dairy and other common allergens and ingredients shortly thereafter. Pre-orders are set to begin in 2017. The reader will cost somewhere between $100 and $250, and disposable test strips will cost between $1 and $3 each.



Food Allergy Innovations Nima

This pocket-sized gluten sensor, which will be shipping out to consumers in the spring of 2017, can detect minuscule amounts of gluten in foods in less than 3 minutes. They plan to offer devices that test for peanuts and milk in the near future. Currently, Nima starter kits cost $279. 



Food Allergy Innovations AllerGuarder

Allergy bracelets are getting a high-tech upgrade, thanks to AllerGuarder. This colorful children’s wrist band creates a virtual defense shield around the wearer using Bluetooth technology and a free mobile app. First, select a color and a charm that lists the allergen. Then, invite friends, family, school faculty and other caregivers to download the app on their smartphones. When a child wearing this bracelet is nearby, adults will get an alert on their phones that details the child’s allergens and any other information the parent chooses to share, reminding caregivers to stay vigilant when a parent isn’t present. AllerGuarder is available now on Amazon for $80.95 and additional charms can be purchased on their website.


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