Best food allergy app ever.

  • Customize your news feed to match your food allergies, interests and location.

  • Find new resources from people who share your same allergies.

  • Explore restaurants, food products, summer camps, hotels and more.




Get to know the Spokin app! We picked 6 of our favorite features, each bringing you the very best food allergy-friendly resources faster than ever before.

Food Products

  • Find the top-rated products with ingredients that match your allergens

  • Discover, evaluate and buy with labels, reviews and buy now button

Location and Maps

  • Explore cities to see places reviewed by Spokin users - down the street or across the globe

  • See the top rated resources in each city like restaurants, ice cream shops, hotels, and more


  • See recipes that only include ingredients that match your allergens

  • Bookmark your favorites to save them in your profile

Top-Rated Lists

  • See the top-rated lists across the U.S. like airlines and hotels, 18 categories in all

  • Explore each category to find the places nearest you and sort reviews by your allergens

Spokin Community

  • Connect with other users. Find people with the same allergies, regardless of where they live, or people who live nearby, regardless of their allergies. Filter to find people in similar situations such as other teens who manage for themselves or parents of food allergic newborns

  • Follow other people and we’ll notify you when they share a new recommendation  

Auto-Injector Manager

  • We'll remind you when your auto-injectors are expiring

  • We’ll notify you if your lot has been recalled (or not)

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