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Overnight camp is a place for kids with food allergies to gain independence and self-advocacy skills. This opportunity is only made possible by the wonderful camp owners and directors that have created safe environments — a second home for so many kids.

See camps reviewed by families managing your same allergies – the ultimate buddy system.


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1. Lake of the Woods & Greenwoods Camps

Location: Decatur, Michigan
Allergy Information

“Overnight camp was one thing I thought would never be an option for my daughter. Lake of the Woods was patient times 10! They are nut-free and even sent me a list of every item offered at their canteen plus every food option for 2 off-camp trips they take.”
Spokin user natsmom, a parent of a food allergic middle school child who is manages peanut and tree nut allergies


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2. Camp Emerson

Location: Berkshire Mountains, Massachusetts
Allergen Information

“Absolutely fantastic experience at this well-run and super fun camp. Every counselor is trained in the seriousness of food allergies. They have full-time nurses on staff. They have a dedicated allergy section in the kitchen and a special window for serving. They go above and beyond to make kids safe, but more importantly they make kids with allergies feel completely normal and included!
– Spokin user kcec, a parent of a middle school child who manages peanut, tree nut, egg, and milk allergies


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3. Camp Blue Spruce

Location: Portland, Oregon
Allergen Information

“Top 8 allergen (and gluten) free! This camp provides an amazing opportunity for allergic kids tave a terrific camp week. Mine spent the week swimming, singing, hiking, and having the must fun all while being loved on by a dedicated staff that totally gets it! Can’t say enough good things!
– Spokin user hollygillj, a parent of a middle schooler who manages celiac


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4. Hannaberry Farm

Location: Crete, Illinois

“This is a horseback-riding camp which is very aware of my food allergies and contacts all the other campers’ families to be conscious of my allergy and please not to bring any nuts. The owners of the camp are incredibly kind and thoughtful. I’m lucky to have found Hannaberry!”
– Spokin user natalie, a teen adult who manages tree nut and peanut allergies


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5. Point O’Pines Camp for Girls

Location: Brant Lake, New York
Allergen Information

“Point O’Pines went nut-free a few summers ago. They are meticulous in their care for children and they have taken on the task of making their camp nut free with great enthusiasm and dedication.”
Spokin user Roxyp171, a parent of a food allergic high school child and a food allergic college college student who manages tree nut and peanut allergies


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6. Camp Wingate*Kirkland

Location: Yarmouth Port, Massachusetts
Allergen Information

“Completely peanut, tree nut and sesame free! Willing to accommodate all food allergies. Chef Tom cares for each child individually with great detail and attention!”
Spokin user sandybog, a parent of food allergic middle school child who manages milk allergies



7. Camp Ojibwa For Boys

Location: Eagle River, Wisconsin

“They not only take peanut and tree nut allergies very seriously and have an excellent trained staff of doctors, nurses, and counselors, but they also provide an entirely nut free menu that any parent can have access to should you ask for it. I am comforted by th efact that Ojibwa cares about my son’s health in the same way I do.”
Spokin user swolff1076, a parent of a high school child who manages peanut and tree nut allergies


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8. Pine Forest Camp

Location:  Greeley, Pennsylvania
Allergen Information

“Nut Free Camp-Great staff very concerned for the campers and all around well-being.”
-Spokin user akaplan14, an adult with food allergies and a parent of middle school and elementary children who manages peanut allergies


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9. Camp Wekeela

Location: Hartford, Maine
Allergen Information

“Camp Wekeela accommodates every allergy. The chef will make custom meals to make sure every person at camp (staff or camper) can have not only a good meal but a safe meal. The camp also is nut-free which is great for people with nut allergies. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a sleepaway camp!”
-Spokin user adamwood, a parent of a middle school child who manages tree nut and peanut allergies


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10. Kanakuk K-Kauai Family Kamp

Location: Branson, Missouri
Allergen Information

“You can request a special menu when you enroll and their dedicated chef will make all your meals allergy-free. We had Top 8 free meals 3x a day for our son and placed a “allergy” marker on the table for higher visibility. There is a table off to the side that contains peanut butter but that is it. The staff really protects and looks for ways to keep the kiddos safe and included.”
– Spokin user allergylicious, a parent of food allergic middle school child who manages peanuts, tree nut, shellfish, egg, milk, and soy allergies


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