Food Allergy-Friendly Ice Cream Shops By State

Finding a food allergy-friendly ice cream shop is truly sweet — and having a list of one in every state is the cherry on top. In order to make our list of the top food allergy-friendly shops, each one had to be knowledgeable about their ingredients, offer allergen-free options, and take steps to reduce the risk of cross-contact by using sanitized scoopers and scooping from a fresh bin.

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Editorial note: Looking for safe soft serve? See our guide of 50 Allergy-Friendly Soft Serve Ice Cream Shops!

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Cammie’s Old Dutch Ice Cream Shoppe

Location: Mobile, Alabama

Cammie’s Old Dutch Ice Cream Shoppe is the neighborhood hot spot for a reason. With options free of soy, gluten, egg and dairy, you’re sure to find something to cool you down on a hot day. This family business has plenty of experience dealing with peanut allergies and are ready to serve you from a new bin, with a clean scoop.

Available Options: Egg-Free  |  Milk-Free  |  Peanut-Free  |  Soy-Free  |  Tree Nut-Free  |  Wheat/Gluten-Free

Spokin Tip: All sorbets are free of milk, egg and soy. Flavors without cake are gluten-free. 



Hot Licks

Location: Fairbanks, AK

Over the past 30 years, Hot Licks has come up with an infinite amount of flavors. Pick between their traditional ice cream, honey-sweetened ice cream, sorbets, sherbets and non-dairy options. If a flavor isn’t being served that day, leave a note and number, and they’ll let you know next time it’s served in the shop!

Available Options:
Egg-Free | Milk-Free | Peanut-Free | Tree Nut-Free




Location: Scottsdale, AZ
Other Locations: California, Texas and Arizona

Science meets ice cream at Creamistry, where custom ice cream flavors are crafted using liquid nitrogen and all-natural, organic ingredients. Because each scoop is made-to-order, there is less risk of cross-contamination, and the staff is willing to custom-clean equipment for those with food allergies.

Available Options:

Egg-Free  |  Milk-Free  |  Peanut-Free  |  Soy-Free  |  Tree Nut-Free  |  Wheat/Gluten-Free

Spokin Tip: Coconut milk-based ice cream and non-dairy sorbets are available.



Maggie Moo’s Ice Cream

Location: Little Rock, AR

We are over the moon about Maggie Moo’s Ice Cream! Contrary to the name, they have two sorbet flavors that are free of gluten, dairy and soy. To avoid cross contact, Maggie Moo’s pulls out a completely new slab and scoop to prepare any peanut-free ice cream orders.

Available Options:

Egg-Free  |  Milk-Free  |  Peanut-Free  |  Soy-Free  |  Tree Nut-Free  |  Wheat/Gluten-Free

Spokin Tip: All flavors are egg-free and soy-free. Flavors without cake are gluten-free, and they offer a variety of milk-free sorbets.



Salt & Straw

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Other Locations: San Francisco, CA and Portland, OR

This small-batch ice cream parlor scoops up a daily rotating assortment of fun flavors like black tea coconut stracciatella, honey lavender and salt-cured backyard citrus creamsicle. The staff have ingredient lists ready to share and are more than happy to scoop from a fresh bin for customers with food allergies.

Available Options:

Egg-Free  |  Milk-Free  |  Peanut-Free  |  Soy-Free  |  Tree Nut-Free  |  Wheat/Gluten-Free

Spokin Tip: There is typically one dairy-free flavor available with either a coconut milk or juice base.


Mr. Dewie’s Cashew Creamery

Locations: Albany, CA and Emeryville, CA

Mr. Dewie’s began when two brothers set out to find a dairy-free ice cream alternative that didn’t compromise any creaminess. Their cashew milk ice cream proved to be the perfect solution for customers with dietary restrictions, as all flavors are free of peanuts, dairy, soy and gluten.

Available Options:

Egg-Free  |  Milk-Free  |  Peanut-Free  |  Soy-Free  |  Wheat/Gluten-Free

Spokin Tip: All flavors are free of peanut, soy and gluten. Any flavor that contains egg is cleary labeled on the website’s menu.


Smitten Ice Cream

Location: San Francisco, CA

Get Smitten! This Bay Area ice cream shop is on a mission to elevate the ice cream industry with superior ingredients and quality practices. Their innovative flavors like Earl Grey with chocolate chips and blueberry lavender are made in-house, and detailed ingredient lists are readily available for customers to view.

Available Options:

Egg-Free  |  Milk-Free  |  Peanut-Free  |  Tree Nut-Free  |  Wheat/Gluten-Free

Spokin Tip: They offer egg-free and milk-free popsicles made with coconut milk.



Sweet Action Ice Cream

Location: Denver, CO

Sweet Action set out to push boundaries and break conventions with their small-batch, hand-made ice creams made in an entirely wind-powered sustainable shop. They offer a variety of dairy-free options, and the staff is well-trained to accommodate food allergy requests.

Available Options:

Egg-Free  |  Milk-Free  |  Peanut-Free  |  Soy-Free  |  Tree Nut-Free  |  Wheat/Gluten-Free

Spokin Tip: None of the flavors contain egg. They have soy and coconut milk-based ice creams and sorbets that are milk-free.



Main Street Creamery

Location: Wethersfield, CT

Come to Main Street Creamery for a variety of allergen-friendly desserts in a quaint little town. Their team has a completely separate station to prepare peanut-free orders, taking every precaution to ensure that each customer feels safe.

Available Options:

Egg-Free | Milk-Free | Peanut-Free | Soy-Free | Tree Nut-Free | Wheat/Gluten-Free




Location: Wilmington, DE

Talk about peanut allergy-friendly! Finish off dinner with a variety of sweet ice cream treats, all prepared upon request in a separate area to avoid cross contact. Since 1935, Friendly’s has truly been a restaurant for the whole family.

Available Options:

Egg-Free | Peanut-Free | Soy-Free | Tree Nut-Free | Wheat/Gluten-Free




Location: Naples, FL
Other Locations nationwide

With more than 30 locations in the Sunshine State, a scoop of Kilwins’ ice cream is never that far away. At the Naples store, the friendly staff will scoop from a fresh bin upon request. Common allergens are clearly labeled, and there are dairy-free sorbets on the menu.

Available Options:

Milk-Free | Egg-Free | Peanut-Free | Tree Nut-Free | Wheat/Gluten-Free



Leopold’s Ice Cream

Location: Savannah, GA

Leopold’s has been a Savannah staple since 1919 when three brothers became famous for their secret ice cream recipes and legendary soda fountain. The staff at Leopold’s is willing to take every precaution possible for people with food allergies, and is trained to ask about allergies and alert customers about flavors with nuts. All flavors are soy-free and any that contain nuts are clearly labeled on their website.

Available Options:

Milk-Free  |  Egg-Free  |  Peanut-Free  |  Soy-Free  |  Tree Nut-Free  |  Wheat/Gluten-Free

Spokin Tip: All flavors are soy-free, and they offer a Vegan Vanilla made with coconut cream that is available in-store and online all year round! 



Lappert’s Hawaii

Location: Honolulu, HI
Other Locations Across Hawaii

Bring a little Aloha into your life at Lappert’s Hawaii. Walter Lappert and his wife saw a need for high quality ice cream on the islands — and used it as a reason to finally make their move. With 25 flavors of ice cream and six vegan sorbets, Lappert’s makes sure there is something for everyone who visits — or stays!

Available Options:

Milk-Free  |  Egg-Free  |  Peanut-Free  |  Soy-Free  |  Tree Nut-Free  |  Wheat/Gluten-Free

Spokin Tip: Only the flavors with added mix-ins contain soy.



Abi’s Artisan Ice Cream

Location: Couer D’Alene, ID

Abi’s Ice Cream & Cafe is all about high-quality ingredients with intense flavor. Since Abi has a nut allergy herself, it is a completely peanut- and tree nut-free facility. There are dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan ice cream options so every customer can taste the difference of locally sourced and organic products.

Available Options:

Milk-Free  |  Egg-Free  |  Peanut-Free  |  Soy-Free  |  Tree Nut-Free  |  Wheat/Gluten-Free

Spokin Tip: All flavors are peanut- and tree nut-free. The only flavors that contain soy are ones with chocolate and chocolate chips.



Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream

Location: Chicago, IL

We can’t get enough of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream. Their innovative flavors are made with the freshest, most natural ingredients available. The highly educated staff will insist on scooping with a clean scoop from an unopened bin if you notify them of an allergy.

Available Options:

Milk-Free  |  Egg-Free  |  Peanut-Free  |  Soy-Free  |  Tree Nut-Free  |  Wheat/Gluten-Free


Glenview Dairy Bar Ice Cream Palace

Location: Glenview, IL

This ice cream institution in the suburbs of Chicago has a walk-up window where you can order hand-dipped soft serve cones, slushies, milkshakes and more. Since 1955, this has been a gathering spot for families on hot summer nights. Ingredient lists are readily available, and if a customer has a food allergy, they will wash their hands, use new gloves and pull new cones from the back.

Available Options:

Milk-Free | Egg-Free | Peanut-Free | Soy-Free | Tree Nut-Free | Wheat/Gluten-Free




Location: Indianapolis, IN

BRICS, short for Broad Ripple Ice Cream Station, is an environmentally-friendly sweet spot located in a 100-year-old railway station. Their ice cream, which is manufactured by Sherman’s Dairy in South Haven, Michigan, is kept in separate cases, and one case houses all the nut-free selections. They also offer a rotating assortment of vegan flavors made with coconut milk.

Available Options:

Milk-Free  |  Egg-Free  |  Peanut-Free  |  Soy-Free  |  Tree Nut-Free  |  Wheat/Gluten-Free

Spokin Tip: Four vegan flavors are available, made with coconut milk



Over The Top

Location: Pleasant Hill, IA

Over the Top sets a new standard for allergen-friendly machine use. They choose to make sorbets first to avoid any contact with dairy, then continue with nut-free flavors at the end of the cycle or on their own specific days. Peek through the window in the store to see all the different ice cream cycles being made!

Available Options:

Milk-Free  |  Egg-Free  |  Peanut-Free  |  Soy-Free  |  Tree Nut-Free  |  Wheat/Gluten-Free

Spokin Tip: All flavors are soy-free and egg-free.




Location: Overland Park, KS

End your meal at Winstead’s with a delicious ice cream dessert of your choosing. Ask for an ingredients list of the soft ice cream, which can be made into a shake, a malt, or a soda float! The soft serve ice cream and several flavors of the regular scooped ice cream are nut, soy, gluten and egg-free — all produced by Belfonte Ice Cream, which dedicates production days to allergen-free flavors and does allergen testing to prevent cross-contact.

Available Options:

Milk-Free | Egg-Free | Peanut-Free | Soy-Free | Tree Nut-Free | Wheat/Gluten-Free



Annie May’s Sweet Cafe

Location: Louisville, KY

Louisville may be best known for its horse races and baseball bats, but their food scene offers a little something for everyone. Locals and tourists alike can stop at Annie May’s for vegan soft serve ice cream that’s top 8 allergen-free! As their website says, “We understand the difficulties of living with food allergies. But, we believe all people are created equal and therefore deserve all the delicious treats life has to offer!” Hallelujah, Annie May’s!

Available Options:

Milk-Free  |  Egg-Free  |  Peanut-Free  |  Soy-Free  |  Tree Nut-Free  |  Wheat/Gluten-Free

Spokin Tip: All soft serve flavors are top 8 allergen-free.



Creole Creamery

Location: New Orleans, LA

Beat the New Orleans heat at this small-batch ice cream parlor. Creole Creamery, which has been featured on the Food Network and Travel Channel, is famous for its insane sundaes and unique flavors like Peach Riesling and Lavender Honey. The ice cream is made at their Uptown location, and fresh bins and sterilized scoops are always available for food allergic customers.

Available Options:

Milk-Free  |  Egg-Free  |  Peanut-Free  |  Soy-Free  |  Tree Nut-Free  |  Wheat/Gluten-Free

Spokin Tip: The caramel flavor contains gluten.



Downeast Ice Cream

Locatoin: Boothbay Harbor, ME

Don’t let the line deter you. Downeast Ice Cream is efficient and prepared to serve any and all customer needs. With more than 60 flavors, you’re bound to find an option you enjoy. If you alert them of your allergy, they are happy to pull a new bin of ice cream from the back and serve it with a fresh scoop. We recommend trying the Wild Maine Blueberry if you’re there for a visit.

Available Options:

Milk-Free | Peanut-Free | Tree Nut-Free | Wheat/Gluten-Free



The Charmery

Location: Baltimore, MD

The motto of this Baltimore ice cream parlor says it all: Happiness through ice cream. Every day, they hand-craft new flavors using as many local ingredients as possible. The ice cream base is egg-, soy- and nut-free, but be sure to ask about the ingredients used in the mix-ins. They also offer pre-packaged popsicles in the freezer.

Available Options:

Milk-Free  |  Egg-Free  |  Peanut-Free  |  Soy-Free  |  Tree Nut-Free  |  Wheat/Gluten-Free

Spokin Tip: They offer dairy-free apricot sorbet and sell pints of coconut milk-based ice cream. All ice cream bases are egg-free and soy-free.



New City Microcreamery

Location: Hudson, MA

This Massachusetts ice cream parlor makes its mission very simple: Ice cream the way it used to be. The milk, which comes fresh from the farm once or twice a week, serves as the base for flavors like Baklava, Vegan Chocolate Avocado and Cake Baller. They have vegan and nut-free options, and make ingredient lists readily available to the servers and customers.

Available Options:

Milk-Free | Egg-Free | Peanut-Free | Soy-Free | Tree Nut-Free | Wheat/Gluten-Free



Love’s Ice Cream

Location: Grand Rapids, MI

Fall in love with Love’s wholesome vegan gelato, and ice cream produced only from grass-fed dairy and local, organic ingredients. Love’s will go the extra mile to ensure that those with a gluten, peanut, milk or egg allergies leave with a safe scoop and a smile.

Available Options:

Milk-Free  |  Egg-Free  |  Peanut-Free  |  Soy-Free  |  Tree Nut-Free  |  Wheat/Gluten-Free

Spokin Tip: Any flavor with chocolate contains soy.



Izzy’s Ice Cream

Location: Minneapolis, MN and St. Paul, MN

When Izzy’s opened its doors in 2000, owners Lara Hammel and Jeff Sommers were making small batches of ice cream in their store’s small kitchen. Only five years later, Reader’s Digest named it the Best Ice Cream Shop in America. Izzy’s has a strict sanitation protocol designed for customers with allergies, along with dairy-free options and gluten-free cones.

Available Options:

Milk-Free  |  Egg-Free  |  Peanut-Free  |  Soy-Free  |  Tree Nut-Free  |  Wheat/Gluten-Free

Spokin Tip: Egg is used in the base of all dairy ice creams, but they always offer a dairy-free and egg-free option.



Area 51 Ice Cream

Location: Hernando, MS

While you won’t find any aliens at this Area 51, you will find bold flavors and owners with a passion for ice cream and their customers. Although they don’t have an ingredients list available in-store, the well-trained and friendly staff will be ready to answer any questions and take preventive measures with you in mind.

Available Options:

Milk-Free  |  Egg-Free  |  Peanut-Free  |  Soy-Free  |  Tree Nut-Free  |  Wheat/Gluten-Free

Spokin Tip: There is no soy, egg, gluten, peanuts or tree nuts in the ice cream itself, only in certain chocolate and baked good mix-ins.




Location: Columbia, MO

If you see your favorite bulldog sitting in front of an eccentric shop, stop in for a refreshing scoop of lavender honey or green tea ice cream. Located in the heart of downtown Columbia, Sparky’s is a local favorite. A family owned shop, Sparky’s tries to have a vegan flavor available every day, and they sanitize their equipment after any batch made with an allergen.

Available Options:

Milk-Free  |  Egg-Free  |  Peanut-Free  |  Tree Nut-Free  |  Wheat/Gluten-Free



Sweet Peaks Ice Cream

Location: Whitefish, MT

If you’ve ever wanted to try unique flavors like Strawberry + Rhubarb Jam, Sweet Peaks has got you covered! With different flavors each month, you can stick to a classic sorbet or try one of their unique creations. Every flavor available in-store and online is listed on their website along with the allergens they contain.

Available Options:

Milk-Free  |  Egg-Free  |  Peanut-Free  |  Soy-Free  |  Tree Nut-Free  |  Wheat/Gluten-Free

Spokin Tip: All ice cream without baked good mix-ins are gluten-free.




Location: Omaha, NE

Shark Tank fans will love walking inside the parlor that was featured in 2012. Along with their wide selection of flavors, their website lists their corresponding ingredients and allergens. They even offer gluten-free and dairy-free options.

Available Options:

Milk-Free  |  Egg-Free  |  Peanut-Free  |  Tree Nut-Free  |  Wheat/Gluten-Free

Spokin Tip: You can order custom ice cream from their website according to your allergens.



Perfect Scoop

Location: Las Vegas, NV

If you want to take a break from the slot machines and casinos in Vegas, head over to Perfect Scoop. Open 24 hours with delivery services, get a gluten-free or vegan ice cream sent straight to your door. Perfect Scoop separates their peanut flavors and doesn’t allow peanuts to touch their ice cream machine.

Available Options:

Milk-Free | Egg-Free | Peanut-Free | Tree Nut-Free | Wheat/Gluten-Free


Rock Salt Creamery

Location: Sanbornton, NH

Starting as a dairy-farmer, it was a bit of a surprise when current owner, Tom Morrison, went completely vegan. Growing up with a love of ice cream, Morrison created a way to still enjoy his favorite childhood snack. Rock Salt Creamery ice cream is made with cashew-based liquid instead of dairy and can be bought online or at the original farm.

Available Options:

Milk-Free  |  Egg-Free  |  Peanut-Free  |  Soy-Free  |  Wheat/Gluten-Free

Spokin Tip: All flavors are plant-based, dairy-free and soy-free.


Cool Scoops

Location: North Wildwood, NJ

A life-sized Elvis welcomes customers to this ‘50s-style diner. Sit in a car booth and rock out to the retro juke box as you enjoy timeless treats like ice cream, hot dogs and hamburgers. Cool Scoops says they specialize in food allergies, offering to clean the tables, get a new scoop and open a fresh bin of ice cream upon request.

Available Options:
Milk-Free | Egg-Free | Peanut-Free | Soy-Free | Tree Nut-Free | Wheat/Gluten-Free



La Lecheria

Location: Santa Fe, NM

With flavors like buttered popcorn and green chile, La Lacheria is perfect for the adventurous eater. The store never uses peanuts in their ice cream, and they always have one scoopable vegan flavor. If you’re on the go, they also have two vegan flavors available in pre-packaged pints!

Available Options:
Milk-Free  |  Egg-Free  |  Peanut-Free  |  Tree Nut-Free  |  Wheat/Gluten-Free

Spokin Tip: All flavors are peanut-free.



A La Mode

Location: New York City, NY

A La Mode specializes in small-batch ice cream made in a nut-free facility, and also offers gluten-free and dairy-free options. The shop is almost as cute as the names of their flavors including Pink Sprinkle, Wired and Speed Bump.

Available Options:
Egg-Free  |  Peanut-Free  |  Soy-Free  |  Tree Nut-Free  |  Wheat/Gluten-Free

Spokin Tip: All flavors are 100% free of peanut, tree nut, egg and sesame.


Ample Hills Creamery

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Every flavor — from Classic Vanilla to Salted Crack Caramel — is made the old-fashioned way at this ice cream shop. Their Oh Fudge! flavor is dairy-free, made with organic coconut milk and dark chocolate sorbet. Flavors that use nuts are stored on one side of the freezer, and employees will use clean scoops if asked.

Available Options:
Milk-Free  |  Egg-Free  |  Peanut-Free  |  Tree Nut-Free  |  Wheat/Gluten-Free

Spokin Tip: They always carry at least one dairy-free or vegan flavor.



Scammell’s Corner Surf Shop & Ice Cream Parlor

Location: Nags Head, NC

At this family-owned shop, going to Scammell’s will feel like going home. The sense of community is highlighted by the staff’s willingness to accommodate customers with food allergies. Scammell’s keeps their peanuts locked in a cabinet separate from other Hershey’s ice creams, and they also offer a dairy-free sorbet.

Available Options:
Milk-Free  |  Egg-Free  |  Peanut-Free  |  Tree Nut-Free  |  Wheat/Gluten-Free



Pride Dairy

Location: Bottineau, ND

Pride Dairy began making ice cream in 1940, and their dedication to dessert is impressive. Named one of North Dakota’s best ice creams, this old school shop retains both charm and utility, with ingredients and allergens labeled on all their products.

Available Options:
Milk-Free  |  Egg-Free  |  Peanut-Free  |  Soy-Free  |  Tree Nut-Free  |  Wheat/Gluten-Free

Spokin Tip: Popsicles are the best food allergy-friendly option.




Location: Cinncinnati, OH

For more than 145 years, the Graeter family has been selling ice cream in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. They are the only ice cream manufacturer in the world that still uses old-world, 2 1/2 -gallon French Pot freezers. In addition to regular sanitation, the Graeter’s team says they take extra precautions with common allergens — like swabbing product surfaces for milk and peanut proteins — to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. The stores also have binders that detail allergen and ingredient information, available upon request.

Available Options:
Milk-Free | Egg-Free | Peanut-Free | Soy-Free | Tree Nut-Free | Wheat/Gluten-Free




Location: Oklahoma City, OK

With almost 300 stores, Braum’s desserts are delicious and convenient. Check out for all the ingredients and allergens in each ice cream flavor before heading over to your local shop!

Available Options:
Egg-Free | Peanut-Free | Soy-Free | Tree Nut-Free



Back To Eden

Location: Portland, OR

This bakery is a little paradise, where everything is both vegan and gluten-free. While there are flavors with nuts and soy, employees are trained to prevent cross-contact between allergens, so there is an option for everyone!

Available Options:
Milk-Free  |  Egg-Free  |  Peanut-Free  |  Soy-Free  |  Tree Nut-Free  |  Wheat/Gluten-Free

Spokin Tip: All of the Coconut Bliss flavors sold at Back To Eden are soy-free, dairy-free and gluten-free. Some soft serve contains soy.



Little Baby’s Ice Cream

Location: Philadelphia, PA

It all started with three former musicians scooping hand-crafted ice cream from a custom-built tricycle. Now, Little Baby’s has two locations in Philly and is expanding to other cities. They offer a variety of dairy-free options because, as they say, ice cream is for everyone. They’re also used to accommodating food allergies and rarely use peanuts in their outrageous flavors (think: Pizza, Thai Iced Tea and Everything Bagel).

Available Options:
Milk-Free  |  Egg-Free  |  Peanut-Free  |  Soy-Free  |  Tree Nut-Free  |  Wheat/Gluten-Free

Spokin Tip: All flavors are soy-free and rarely contain nuts. Non-dairy ice creams are made with a coconut cream base.



Like No Udder

Location: Providence, RI

With both a storefront location and a food truck, Like No Udder provides Rhode Island with some of the best vegan ice cream and soft serve. There are options for every diet, and strict sanitation procedures keep the quality high and the customers happy.

Available Options:
Milk-Free  |  Egg-Free  |  Peanut-Free  |  Soy-Free  |  Tree Nut-Free  |  Wheat/Gluten-Free

Spokin Tip: Only the Cookies and Cream and Malt with Chocolate Cake contain wheat/gluten.



Park Circle Creamery

Location: North Charleston, SC

Park Circle Creamery is nestled in North Charleston’s booming restaurant district, where they churn out artisan ice cream using local ingredients. While they do not currently have egg-, milk- or soy-free ice creams, they hope to release their first dairy-free ice cream next month!

Available Options:
Peanut-Free  |  Tree Nut-Free  |  Wheat/Gluten-Free

Spokin Tip: Ask for the manager, Maurice, who has a nut allergy and can’t wait to help you find your new favorite flavor.



Leones’ Creamery

Location: Spearfish, SD

If you’ve ever wanted to try flavors like Blueberry Goat Cheese or Avocado, Leones’ Creamery is the place. They provide eight flavors at a time, and they switch it up often. One vegan option is always available, which is made from a coconut base.

Available Options:
Milk-Free  |  Egg-Free  |  Peanut-Free  |  Tree Nut-Free  |  Wheat/Gluten-Free

Spokin Tip: The cones contain almond extract.



Pied Piper Creamery

Location: Nashville, TN

In 2007, self-proclaimed ice cream lover Jenny Piper decided to open her own shop. This family-owned neighborhood ice cream parlor has flavors ranging from classic to unbelievably inventive. Stop by for a tasty, food allergy-friendly adventure assisted by a staff that loves what they do.

Available Options:
Milk-Free | Egg-Free | Peanut-Free | Tree Nut-Free | Wheat/Gluten-Free



Sweet Ritual

Location: Austin, TX

This completely dairy-free ice cream shop will be a new part of your everyday ritual. Owners Amelia Raley and Valerie Ward see ice cream as more than just a sweet treat, and their vegan options are meant to include everyone with an allergy in life’s celebrations. Have some piece of mind knowing that Sweet Ritual prides itself on keeping its customers safe.

Available Options:
Milk-Free | Egg-Free | Peanut-Free | Soy-Free | Tree Nut-Free | Wheat/Gluten-Free


Juice Girl

Location: Houston, TX

Juice Girl is the organic pride of Houston, known for the best acai bowls and “juice cream” in the city. Their juice-based ice cream is free of dairy, eggs, nuts and soy — served in individual containers that help prevent risk of cross contact.

Available Options:
Milk-Free | Egg-Free | Peanut-Free | Soy-Free | Tree Nut-Free | Wheat/Gluten-Free


Melt Ice Cream

Location: Fort Worth, TX

At Melt Ice Cream, creative flavors are made from scratch using local sources, and the best methods and ingredients possible. Melt is also committed to making a positive difference in the world and is currently partners with a company that empowers women in South Africa. With many allergen-free ice cream options available, everyone can find a flavor to melt his or her heart!

Available Options:
Milk-Free | Egg-Free | Peanut-Free | Soy-Free | Tree Nut-Free | Wheat/Gluten-Free



Sweetaly Gelato & Custom Cakes

Location: Salt Lake City, UT

Although it’s located in Salt Lake City, this gelateria will transport you directly to Italy. Through traditional Italian cooking techniques and premium ingredients, Sweetaly Gelato has garnered rave reviews and loyal fans. Extra points for providing allergen information for each flavor on its website.

Available Options:
Milk-Free | Egg-Free | Peanut-Free | Soy-Free | Tree Nut-Free | Wheat/Gluten-Free



Ben & Jerry’s

Location: Waterbury, VT

A renowned favorite, Ben & Jerry’s does not disappoint. Known for their crazy indulgent flavors, this brand does not exclude anyone based on dietary restrictions. Whether it’s an almond-based, dairy-free scoop, or a bowl of dairy- and soy-free sorbet, everyone is going to find a flavor that they love.

Available Options:
Milk-Free | Egg-Free | Peanut-Free | Soy-Free | Tree Nut-Free | Wheat/Gluten-Free



Brown Dog Ice Cream

Location: Cape Charles, VA

Named after the owners’ chocolate lab, Foster, Brown Dog Ice Cream has inventive flavors for you and homemade treats for your furry pals. Devoted to making customers smile, the staff is committed to making sure you have the best experience possible at their shop.

Available Options:
Egg-Free | Peanut-Free | Tree Nut-Free | Wheat/Gluten-Free



Frankie & Jo’s

Location: Seattle, WA

Frankie & Jo’s has mastered the art of mindful ice cream artistry. All of their plant-based flavors are vegan and free of milk, egg, peanut and gluten. Allergens are clearly labeled on the menu, and their expert staff is able to help anyone with food allergies find the perfect flavor.

Available Options:
Milk-Free | Egg-Free | Peanut-Free | Soy-Free | Tree Nut-Free | Wheat/Gluten-Free



Ellen’s Homemade Ice Cream

Location: Charleston, WV

For 15 years, Ellen Beal and her team have been making the classic flavors that you love. Her friendly and well-trained staff will be happy to make a non-dairy smoothie or give you a scoop of their homemade sorbet.

Available Options:
Milk-Free | Peanut-Free | Tree Nut-Free | Wheat/Gluten-Free



South Pier Parlor

Location: Sheboygan, WI

This old-fashioned soda fountain has been winning awards in the Chicago area since the early 1900s. The staff is willing to take time to help every customer find a safe scoop of Peterson’s Old-Fashioned Ice Cream.

Available Options:
Milk-Free | Egg-Free | Peanut-Free | Soy-Free | Tree Nut-Free | Wheat/Gluten-Free



Location: Milwaukee, WI

Culver’s is known throughout the Midwest for its custard and butter burgers. Their rotating custard flavors offer plenty of nut-free options, and they provide an allergen grid on their website, which you can check before you go.

Available Options:
Milk-Free | Egg-Free | Peanut-Free | Soy-Free | Tree Nut-Free | Wheat/Gluten-Free



Big Dipper

Location: Laramie, WY

When you’re craving something sweet to eat, look no further than Big Dipper Ice Cream. With 24 flavors served regularly, there’s bound to be a favorite for everyone. Choose from ice cream, gelato or sorbet — and experience the kind staff as they assist you with any food sensitivities.

Available Options:
Milk-Free  |  Peanut-Free  |  Tree Nut-Free  |  Wheat/Gluten-Free

Spokin Tip: Sorbettos are typically dairy-free, but some are made with powdered milk.



Pitango Gelato

Location: Washington, D.C.

Looking for an Italian getaway? Head over to Pitango Gelato, where they use authentic techniques and some ingredients imported from Italy to create delicious gelato. With a variety of allergen-free options and a staff that’s ready to help, the ice cream here is sure to please.

Available Options:
Milk-Free  |  Egg-Free  |  Peanut-Free  |  Soy-Free  |  Tree Nut-Free  |  Wheat/Gluten-Free

Spokin Tip: All of the flavors are peanut-free and only chocolate flavors contain soy.

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