3 Top Rated Allergists in Washington, D.C.

The 3 best allergists in the D.C. area! These doctors won the Spokin community over with their kind, helpful, and dedicated care. If you have a great allergist in the D.C. area, please share a Spokin app review to thank them and help someone who’s looking for a recommendation.

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1. Dr. Hermant P. Sharma

Children’s National in Washington, D.C.

“Such a kind-hearted and dedicated allergist.”

@brettafox who manages peanut, tree nut, egg, and legume allergies

2. Dr. Nithya Swamy

Allergy Partners of Metro D.C. in Washington, D.C.

“Dr. Swamy is the best! She’s very helpful and friendly, and is good at explaining/answering any questions I have. After just one appointment with her, I suddenly had a blood test done that confirmed that I may not be allergic to almonds! After the second appointment, I’ve successfully completed my almond challenge and I’m about to move on to the peanut challenge! I’m so glad we came to Dr. Swamy, she has definitely helped me manage my allergies.”

@bakerkitten who manages a tree nut allergy

3. Dr. Theodore Kim

Allergy Partners of Northern Virginia in Chantilly, Virginia

“Love Dr. Kim! He is very dedicated to food allergies and his patients.”

@brettafox who manages peanut, tree nut, egg, and legume allergies

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