Vivian’s Top Peanut, Tree Nut, Milk, and Shellfish-Free Paris Picks

Hi! I’m Vivian and I recently studied abroad in Paris, France! Thanks to the Spokin App and Equal Eats card I was able to find many spots to eat safely at with my allergies peanuts, tree nuts, milk, shellfish, and kiwi. I am excited to share my favorite finds and one of my absolute favorites was Au Bourguignon du Marais, where I safely had their famous beef stew! Follow me on Spokin @viviancrabbe to see all of my allergy-friendly reviews and on Instagram @vivian.crabbee

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Chez Francis

“This restaurant has an incredible view of the Eiffel Tower, along with amazing food. I ended up going for a burger with no cheese but it had a great sauce that elevated the taste so much. Fantastic food and an amazing view, a must-visit.”

Dumpling House 川江号子 牛肉板面

“A friend introduced me to this little dumpling place she found in Paris and I am in love. You can chose to get your dumplings fried or in soup. They have multiple flavors but I just got the beef dumplings. The restaurant is small and family-owned. They speak okay English, but personally did not have any issues when discussing allergens.”

Le Café de la Mairie

“This salad is to die for. I think about this salad constantly—it is that good. I came upon this cafe when I was at a flea market, and I am so glad I found it. I unfortunately have not been back, so I can’t recall the name of the salad, but I do remember it being amazing, and the staff was good about my allergies. They even put my dressing on the side just as an extra cautionary even though it was safe for me. Will be going back as soon as possible!”

Gigi Paris

“Went to the popular Gigi for a nice dinner with a view of the Eiffel Tower. I got the rigatoni al pomodoro without cheese. I will say there weren’t many allergy-friendly options for me or weren’t many options of dishes I could alter. The pasta was amazing and the staff was accommodating, and the overall environment of the restaurant is so fun.”


“Located in the Galleries Lafayette Gourmet, this restaurant caught my eye because they sold ‘orange chicken.’ I can’t remember what they call it exactly but it was similar to that. I also ordered dumplings and ramen to share with my mom. You can actually see the chefs cooking the food, so when I asked the waiter about my allergens, she was able to ask the cook, and he told me himself that I was fine but noted cross-contamination.”

Café de la Régence

“Wanted to switch up my order for once and went for some pasta. This place was by the Louvre and had many options. The vegetarian options were marked. I got the pasta without cheese and the waiter was very understanding of my allergies.”

Au Bourguignon du Marais

“This restaurant might just be at the top of my list for favorite restaurants in Paris. They are a popular restaurant and are well known for their beef stew. We almost missed out on the chance to eat here because they were booked for the night but they were able to squeeze us in so definitely make a reservation. When I asked about my allergies and if the stew was safe for me, the waiter got a manager and she came out with an allergen list and told me there was a chance of cross-contamination, but I had no issues. It was so good I think about it often. I felt so safe in eating there and knew I’d be safe.”

Le Valois

“I went to this restaurant in Montmartre. The food was great, and I loved that the menu had an allergen list, and the waiter was understanding and even pointed out things I could and couldn’t have. They are pretty well known because of some cheese dishes they serve such as fondue and even a cheese wheel so take note of that and be prepared for it to smell bad.”

Les Baux de Paris

“The waitstaff was on top of my allergies. I could eat the same meals as the rest of my group just without certain things such as cheese or sauce on the steak. Server remembered my allergies and consistently double-checked on my allergies, which made me feel safe.”


Land&Monkeys Turenne

“I have never been more excited for something than I was after finding dairy-free pastry options. Coming to Paris to study abroad, it was my goal to find as many dairy-free alternatives to typical Paris foods as I could. Of course a croissant and pain au chocolate is a Paris staple. They had so many options; dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan options. They have their full allergen list on their website so I checked it out beforehand to get an idea of what I could eat because they do use nuts in their products. I also got a cinnamon roll which was okay but probably wouldn’t get it again. Going to miss this place when I have to leave.”

GoodNews Saint Germain

“Cute little coffee shop with milk alternatives, gluten-free bakery items, and boosters you can add into your drink.”

Ice Cream Shops


“Amorino is a gelato shop I have noticed throughout many places in Europe. They always have dairy-free flavors, even nontypical ones like chocolate, banana, etc. The flavors are labeled vegan, which is extremely helpful. They also allow you to choose multiple flavors no matter the size of the cone you get, and it’s always made into a pretty flower look! The flavors are amazing and you can see on the label where the fruit comes from.”

La Crème de Paris Notre-Dame

“Came across a dessert shop while walking around late at night. Decided to stop in for a sweet treat, they have many dessert options except for just ice cream, but ice cream was the only option suitable for me. They had your basic dairy-free sorbet flavors, raspberry, strawberry, and mango. I loved it so much, and definitely a place I will continue to go back to when wanting a late-night sweet treat!”

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