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You had us at allergy-friendly cookie dough! Loren Brill set out to make the impossible, a healthy and great tasting chocolate chip cookie. After listening to requests from the food allergy community, she reformulated her recipe so the whole family could enjoy the same warm cookie. Sweet Loren’s cookies are top 8 plus sesame-free and made in a facility dedicated free of gluten, dairy, peanuts, and tree nuts. Now the #1 natural cookie dough in the U.S., she’s proving that making a clean, delicious and allergy-friendly product isn’t just great for the consumers, it’s good for business too.

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What’s better than a warm cookie?

Growing up, there was always a salad on the dinner table but my mother understood that kids need treats too. I was diagnosed with cancer at 22 and I was on a mission to eat as healthy as possible to ensure a recovery. However, I have such a sweet tooth and there was nothing delicious on the market made of clean ingredients. I was determined to make my own whole grain, clean and non-GMO chocolate chip cookies.


Feeding the whole family?

While our original product was dairy-free, whole grain and non-GMO, we started getting requests for nut-free, vegan, gluten-free cookies. I made a gluten-free cookie recipe that was allergen friendly, and it became our best-seller overnight. I worked on creating more flavors and recipes. We stopped making our original line including a peanut butter flavor, removed all gluten, eggs, nuts, and soy from our recipes and became much more inclusive. Food is love and now even more people can enjoy the same treat with their family.


How did you get so sweet?

My cousin has a nut allergy and so many of my friends’ kids have allergies. My fiance is strictly gluten-free and we both avoid dairy—I really understand what it’s like to avoid certain foods. Every day I get emails and phone calls from people with allergies thanking us and that’s what keeps us going.

What is your facility dedicated free of?

What is your facility dedicated free of?
Our facility is dedicated free of dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, including coconut, gluten, wheat, fish and shellfish.
The facility is gluten-free certified, non-GMO, vegan certified, and Kosher Pareve. Our cookies and edible dough are free of the top 8, plus sesame and mustard. We are proud that are facility is a dedicated allergen friendly facility


The Ingredients for Success

Our ingredients are truly the foundation of our success. We are very picky about our ingredients and I personally give the final approval for every single ingredient that goes into our products. We have tested hundreds of ingredients, choosing only the best tasting ones that meet our stringent standards. Our dairy free chocolate chunks are just the right balance between dark and semi-sweet making them loved by both kids and adults. Also, we only use sustainably sourced RSPO certified palm oil because it is plant-based, better for the planet, and mimics butter perfectly so none of our products taste “vegan”.

Speaking of Ingredients

We also love to use our dough in recipes like the Mini Brookie Cereal, Snickerdoodles and holiday recipes!


Why did you join Spokin’s Verified Brands program?

When you have someone in your family with food allergies, it changes everything. I love the transparency of Spokin’s Verified Brand program and the goal to help people feel safer. There are so many people, especially with food allergies, that are starving for a product like ours that we can make happy. With Spokin’s VB program, we can reach the people that would appreciate and need what we are doing the most.

#Drooling! Where can we find your cookies?

We are sold in the refrigerated dough section of over 10,000 supermarkets such as Whole Foods, Publix, Kroger, Wegmans, and Stop and Shop. Our website has a store locator map to make finding nearby locations easy. We are also the sole cookie dough provider for the restaurant chain, Modern Market.


Will you be rolling out new cookies or products?

I am always in the kitchen working on what’s next and while we are not ready to share those details, let’s just say we have only just begun our journey on our delicious, clean food mission. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter on our website to be the first to hear what’s next from Sweet Loren’s.

One Smart Cookie

I am very proud of the work we have done at Sweet Loren’s. This year we were recognized as #114 in the 2019 Inc.’s fastest growing private companies in America. I believe this underscores the importance of the allergen friendly, plant-based, clean food movement we are leading. And we did this with just cookie dough, so I can’t wait to see what we can do when we launch into more products. I attribute this success to our incredible products, talented and hard-working team, and of course our amazing fans without them none of this would be possible. 


Favorite product?

They are all so good! I love them all, they’re my kids. My favorite flavor this time of year is the fudge brownie.

Team baked or team raw?

I think there’s nothing better than a warm cookie out of the oven, especially if it’s slightly under baked. But I need a little bit of it raw. I love both!

Do you eat cookies every day? 

I miss cookie dough if I haven’t had it in a day or two…it gives me energy and makes me happy, perfectly satisfying my sweet tooth. I’ll never get sick of it. 


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