First Steps With Food Allergies

Whether you’ve been managing food allergies for six months or six years, you probably still remember the people who dropped everything to answer your questions. Now, you may be the one sharing your wisdom with friends of friends about their newly diagnosed food allergy, outlining those crucial first steps and helping them come up with a plan. You take the call or meet for coffee because you remember what it’s like to be scared and searching for answers.

To help parents coping with their child’s first allergic reaction, as well as anyone who is responsible for your child's care, we’ve created a step-by-step plan that lets you move forward. Now take a deep breath – you’ve got this.


7 Best Allergists in Chicago

An allergist plays a vital role in a life with food allergies, from the inevitably overwhelming initial diagnosis and annual updates to, hopefully, eventually introducing us to the latest treatments and therapies. We want a doctor who has a skilled medical professional side and who will also handle us with care, even holding our hands when needed. Spokin is excited to unveil Top Recommended Allergists – this list represents the most recommended allergists from Spokin users. Our inaugural list features the 7 best Chicago-area allergists, and we look forward to bringing you our picks from other cities soon.  
Dr Ciacco Updated

Prepare For An Allergy Emergency In 3 Steps

Dr. Christina Ciacco is an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine at the University of Chicago and a faculty member in the Section of Allergy/Immunology. The news of a food allergy-related death shocks us to our core. First and foremost, our hearts break open for those families.  The news of anyone losing their life too soon, most recently
Oakley Debbs, painfully reminds us of our worst fear. Soon after, we naturally seek to know how it happened in order to ensure it never happens again. Our research shows that the majority of food allergic related deaths have occurred because either the auto-injector was not present or it was not used early enough.  These tragic events are invariably accidents but accidents do happen in life and you need to be prepared. A person with a mild allergy should be just as vigilant. According to Dr. Christina Ciacco with the University of Chicago, past reactions are not an indicator of future reactions. So even if prior reactions have been mild, future reactions have the equal potential to be severe. Don't let your guard down. We honor Oakley by promoting awareness. Here is what you need to know.  

Managing Multiple Food Allergies

Managing one food allergy can be daunting but managing "multiples" and living a robust life is downright admirable. Jennifer Keller, an active and dedicated mother of 3 young children, generously shares some of her best advice and top picks. Her youngest, Elliott, is allergic to dairy, egg, peanuts and several, but not all, tree nuts. She navigates it all with grace and optimism. A self-proclaimed non-cook, Jennifer manages to safely feed her son and her family's soul.  
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