Madison, Wisconsin Dairy and Egg Allergy-Friendly Travel Itinerary


Hey there, I’m Jenna and I’m 23 years old! I live in Los Angeles and I’m allergic to dairy, eggs, beef, and pork. I recently spent a few days in Madison, Wisconsin to visit my parents! I was surprised to find some amazing dairy-free spots in Madison that included Miko Poke (vegan Dole Whip, yes please!) and Sookie’s Veggie Burgers. I loved getting to explore the lakes and spend time in nature as well! Check out all of the places I ate at on Spokin @jennatso8 and keep up with the rest of my adventures on Instagram @tsoyum!


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Dinner: Sora Japanese Cuisine

I always struggle to find dairy-free meals at airports that are safe from cross-contamination, but was pleasantly surprised to stumble across this restaurant in the Delta terminal. I had an amazing meal here and felt safe! I got the salmon and yellowtail rolls! I highly recommend stopping by if you have dairy, egg, or nut allergies.

Shopping: Woodman’s

Woodmans is an awesome, large grocery store with affordable prices that offers a wide selection of allergy-friendly and natural foods. I love how I can find products that I haven’t seen in years here like Tofutti ice cream! The staff is very friendly as well.


Lunch: Miko Poke

I love this poke place! Not only are the ingredients fresh, the Dole Whip is delicious, and the drinks amazing, but it is dedicated-free of dairy and everything is clearly labeled! The staff is very knowledgeable about what contains nuts and eggs as well. They have plenty of vegan options and I loved that the Dole Whip was fully vegan as well! I highly recommend this place if you are in Madison! I ordered a regular bowl with salmon, rice and greens, cucumber, seaweed salad, poke sauce, and ginger.

Cocktails: Eno Vino Downtown

This is a gorgeous cocktail bar with a perfect view of the Capitol! I loved getting to order delicious cocktails here with knowledgeable bartenders that take allergies seriously.


I visited Olbrich Botanical Gardens!


Shopping: Willy Street Co-Op

This is an awesome co-op in Madison that offers tons of fresh produce, allergy-friendly items, and ready-to-go lunches. Their sushi and salads are delicious and I love how you can fill up your own kombucha growler here! Love this place!

Lunch: Sookie’s Veggie Burgers

This is a fully vegan burger spot that is also attached to a vegan juice/salad bar! I got the chicken burger with sweet potato fries. They have a variety of burgers and the staff was super knowledgeable about allergies. This is one of the few fully-vegan restaurants in Madison and has tons of nut-free options so if you are avoiding animal products, I highly recommend checking out this spot off of State Street in downtown Madison!


I went for a walk on State Street, listened to live music on The Terrace at UW Madison, and explored Henry Villas Zoo!


Coffee: Mother Fool’s Coffeehouse

This is a coffee shop with a 98% vegan menu (they do have cream cheese and butter on the premises). I only got a kombucha when I was there but I appreciated how knowledgeable they were about allergies!

Dinner: RED

RED is a higher-end sushi restaurant in downtown Madison, perfect for special occasions. The sushi is so fresh and they have tons of vegan options as well! I loved how when I shared my allergy with the staff, the chef specifically made sure to prepare my meal in a dedicated prep area free of all dairy, as they use cream cheese in some of their other rolls. I felt so safe and taken seriously. I highly recommend this place!


I went for a swim in Lake Mendota and saw the lily pads at Villas Park!

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