Food Allergy Innovations: Preventative Treatments

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Introducing infants to potential allergens can be stressful for any mom or dad, especially if that baby is classified as “high risk.” Check out three new companies striving to simplify parents’ lives.


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Before Brands

Food Allergy Innovations Before Brands

This health and wellness company hopes to put a stop to food allergies before they start. CEO Ashley Dombkowski, Ph.D. and co-founder Dr. Kari Nadeau seem uniquely qualified for the task. Ashley was the Chief Business Officer at 23andMe as well as an active investor and serial entrepreneur in the healthcare industry. Dr. Nadeau is a pediatrician and director of the Sean N. Parker Center for Allergy Research at Stanford University and the woman behind the breakthrough oral immunotherapy (OIT) trials. Together, they are developing ways to work allergens into children’s lives at a very early age, and while specific products are still in development, there may be both edible and topical options.


Hello, Peanut!

Food Allergy Innovations Hello, Peanut

Since the LEAP (Learning Early About Peanut) study found that an early introduction of nuts into an infant’s diet could prevent an allergy from developing, parents – and companies – have been searching for safe, effective solutions. This system enables parents to gradually introduce peanuts to babies as young as 5 months. The powder, which is organic and allergist recommended, can be mixed into baby food over the course of seven days. Introduction kits are currently sold at $25.    



Food Allergy Innovations Aralyte

Using precise doses of liquified peanut protein, Aralyte’s goal is to introduce a common allergen into the diets of babies as young as 4 months old as conveniently as possible. This liquid can be mixed into breast milk, formula or pureed foods without presenting a choking hazard. A two-week supply is now available for $29 on Amazon.


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