South Korea Allergy-Friendly Cafe Guide

In the midst of South Korea’s high-tech cities and ancient palaces, you’ll find a vibrant cafe scene with the most Insta-worthy interiors and drinks you’ve ever seen. Audrey’s guide features 26 cafes where she safely enjoyed bubble tea and lattes with flavors from strawberry cotton candy to banana milk. With themed cafes, cat and dog cafes, classic coffee shops, and even a cafe with trees and a waterfall, there’s a cafe for everyone! Follow Audrey @audreycha on Spokin to see all of her reviews and on Instagram @allaboutallergies.

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Koriko Cafe

Location: Mapo-gu, South Korea

“A super famous Studio Ghibli cafe! Themed like Kiki’s Delivery Service, there are many things around the cafe that make you feel like you’re in the movie. On the first floor, there’s also a gift shop where you can purchase various Studio Ghibli movies. I ordered a strawberry cotton candy latte. Definitely one of the most extravagant drinks I’ve had, with an ombré cloud of cotton candy and a little Kiki paper cutout riding it! Staff were very kind when I asked to confirm my drink was safe of my allergens.”


Location: 서울, South Korea

“Found this cafe online because it was so highly rated and it didn’t disappoint! It’s a three floor cafe with the pastries and ordering station on the first floor and different themed seating on the second and third. The pastries here were really cute and they’re known for their bunny cakes. I ordered a caramel latte and it was really good!”

Cafe Onion Anguk

Location: Jongno-gu, South Korea

“Cafe Onion was really close to the Gyeongbokgung Palace and is a super famous cafe chain across Korea. There was a short wait, but it was definitely it really worth it! There are a lot of seating options and the cafe is decorated very well to give off a serene nature vibe. I got their best seller drink, a berry ade, and it was really good! The drink was so beautiful, and they have a wide variety of fresh pastries as well.”

카페 추자리

Location: Gwangju-si, South Korea

“This is a cafe in my grandma’s neighborhood where I was staying. Such a hidden gem, and glad we found it! They have such a diverse menu here as well. I got a cube Dutch vanilla latte. The ice cubes are made of coffee and not water so when they melt, your coffee doesn’t taste watered down! So innovative and I had a very good experience here.”


Location: Jung-gu, South Korea

“Stopped by here to grab a drink before our flight back from Incheon Airport! Was astounded to see their drinks menu, there were so many amazing options! I got my mom and I dolce lattes from here and it was the perfect morning pick-me-up. They use condensed milk in these drinks and it made it taste so delicious.”

Paik’s Coffee

Location: Seodaemun-gu, South Korea

“This is another popular chain coffee shop in Korea that sells huge drinks for a great price! The menu was so diverse and had so many delicious things that I had trouble choosing what to order. I chose a banana milk coffee latte and my cousin ordered a peach iced tea with espresso! For my drink, they add banana milk to espresso shots, and it was such a great combo! Banana milk is really popular in Korea, and I really enjoyed this drink.”

Another Side

Location: Gangseo-gu, South Korea

“This was such a beautiful cafe! The interior is decorated to look like a majestic forest, with huge tree pillars, a waterfall, and plant displays everywhere. The vibes are truly immaculate and the drinks are so amazing! I got a sparkling blackberry ade with real fresh fruit that was really delicious and so well-crafted. There’s an outdoor seating section as well, with a mini fountain and a veranda.”

텐퍼센트커피 양재역점(Ten-Percent Coffee)

Location: Gangnam-gu, South Korea

“This is another popular coffee chain in Korea! I got an orange-ade, and it was so good! The orange flavor was perfect and there was so much fruit purée in the drink. Absolutely loved it!”

Cafe Layered Bukchon

Location: Jongono-gu

“We stopped by this cafe for a drink after a hot day of exploring the popular Bukchon Hanok Village. I got a vanilla latte. The coffee they use here was particularly good and strong. I enjoyed the taste of my latte!”


Location: 서울, South Korea

“This is a popular dog cafe in Hongdae! Korea is known for their various animal cafes. Here, you get to play with so many different dogs and the entrance fee is to buy a drink. I got a caramel macchiato that was super sweet and had a great coffee taste to it. It was such a fun experience and very well-managed here! Super sanitary, as they provide you with indoor slippers to wear and require you to wash and sanitize your hands before playing with the dogs.”


Location: Dongjak-gu, South Korea

“I got a brown sugar bubble tea here! This is one of my favorite drinks to order wherever I go, so I was glad to find a boba tea place in South Korea! The specific location I went to was in Hongdae Street. Super convenient, lots of menu options, and great for a summer treat!”

Coffee DZ

Location: Eunpyeong-gu, South Korea

“I got a green tea brown sugar boba drink from here, and it was SO GOOD! One of my favorite green tea-flavored drinks I got in Korea. The drink was huge and the pricing was so affordable! We confirmed with the owner here regarding my food allergies and she was super friendly and helpful in explaining what went in the drink. Absolutely loved this little cafe.”

Cheong Su Dong

Location: Mapo-gu, South Korea

“This was my top favorite cafe throughout the whole trip! The interior and exterior design was so gorgeous. You enter the cafe through a stone path layer down above water, and there are mini waterfalls and water/plant arrangements throughout the cafe. It’s in a super fun cultural neighborhood called Insadong. I ordered a tangerine ade and it was so delicious! The drink looked like a sunset; it was so pretty I didn’t want to mix it! The flavors in this drink were so intense, fruity, and perfectly sweet and tart. Absolutely recommend this cafe.”

Homestead Coffee

Location: Jongno-gu, South Korea

“Ordered a strawberry milk here that was super rich and delicious! This is a classic drink made with strawberry purée and milk. We stopped by because it was right next to a theater we were going to for a show. Glad we did because it was a perfect sweet afternoon treat! Safe and yummy cafes for the win!”

Booter (부터)

Location: Suwon, South Korea

“I love Cafe Booter and the grapefruit ade I got here! Topped with fresh grapefruit and a basil leaf, it was visually aesthetic, too. Fruit sparkling ades we’re one of my favorite safe drinks in Korea, and this was no exception! Perfect level of sweet and tart. Such a refreshing beverage!”

Lotte World

Location: Songpa-gu, South Korea

“Lotte World is a must go amusement park when you’re visiting Korea! It is also super tourist-friendly and allergy-friendly! The places we stopped by for drinks all had an allergen chart right next to the ordering counter that listed out their menu items and if any contained the top allergens. It was super helpful when choosing drinks and I felt safe having that confirmation! In the park, I got a dalgona latte from Misobe Cafe and a green grape ade from Con Fruta! Both were so yummy.”

쿠오레 에스프레소 CUORE espresso

Location: Seocho-gu, South Korea

“This cafe also tops my list for favorite beverages. They have a famous drink here called the apple berry ade, which was so good. The drink had pineapple, blackberries, and raspberries and the base was some sort of sparkling cider. It wasn’t too sweet and I loved the added fruit! It was not only so pretty, but also fun to drink. I love ades because they are a safe option always!”


Location: Gumi, South Korea

“There are tons of these coffee chains in South Korea that serve a huge variety of drinks and in very big cups! They are also super affordable and very popular. I tried one of my favorite drinks, a green grape ade, at this Mega Coffee. We stopped by in the middle of a long shopping trip, and this drink was the perfect fuel! So bubbly and really great green grape flavor to it.”


Location: Goyang-si, South Korea

“This is a famous yubuchobap restaurant, which is a Korean version of inari sushi. They had a nice drinks menu too, in which I ordered my first green grape ade in Korea! Green grape ade is one of the most popular drinks and is sold in almost every popular cafe. I got my drink to go in a cute soda can bottle and it was so fizzy, sweet, and delicious! These drinks are allergy-safe for me as they are based with fruit, sugar/flavor syrups, and sparkling water.”

Super Matcha

Location: Seongdong-gu, South Korea

“Super Matcha is Korea was one of the best matcha drinks I’ve ever had! I got an oat milk matcha latte. Unlike the U.S, oat milk is not as easy to find in cafes and coffee shops, so I was super excited they had this drink on their menu! They hand whisk the matcha powder in front of you for every order and it was such a cool experience. Would definitely recommend!”

산리오 러버스 클럽

Location: Mapo-gu, South Korea

“Sanrio Lover’s Club is an absolute heaven if you like Sanrio! The entire cafe is decorated so cute with tons of different rooms and photo ops with your favorite characters. They even have gacha machines and a store where you can purchase Sanrio goodies. There are a lot of seating options, although if you want to sit inside, you either have to make a reservation or wait in line because this cafe is super popular. We chose to drink our beverages outside, which was also decorated so cute! I had a green tea latte here that was safe for me. Not only are the drinks top tier, but so were the overall vibes and experience.”

Cats’ Playground

Location: Jung-gu, South Korea

“This is a cat cafe located in one of the most popular neighborhoods in Korea, Myeongdong! Animal cafes are super popular in Korea, and this one is super popular and was a blast. You have to pay an admission fee of around 10 USD and you get a free drink and can stay as long as you want to play with dozens of cats. I ordered a green tea latte but for those who are allergic to dairy, they have tons of other options. My friend, for example, ordered a strawberry black tea. The menu also offers various sodas, juices, and has a soy milk substitute.”


Location: Seongnam-si, South Korea

“I absolutely LOVED Lazy Mint Cafe. The cafe is named after the owner’s cat, Mint, which you can find roaming the cafe. I got a cube latte drink, which is a new popular trend for cafes in asia! The ice cubes are made of coffee and were shaped like characters. The coffee here was safe, smooth, and delicious! The aesthetic of the cafe was also so unique, it was like a palace. A lot of famous Korean celebrities have also visited this cafe and it’s very well-reviewed for having delicious menu choices.”

Cafe Knotted Jamsil

Location: Songpa-gu, South Korea

“Located inside of Lotte Department Store in Jamsil is this very famous donut and cafe chain called Knotted! The cafe at this branch was especially huge and almost like an exhibit, with several different photo ops, merch stands, and freebies like stickers. I got a vanilla latte here that was super sweet and delicious. I would be cautious because they do serve a lot of desserts that have wheat in them, so make sure to note your allergy when you order!”

Tiger Sugar Myeongdong

Location: Jung-gu, South Korea

“Bubble tea is one of my favorite sweet drinks, so I was super excited to find this popular shop in Korea! The store was very busy, but our order was definitely worth the wait! I got their famous brown sugar milk tea, and checked with staff to make sure that the drink was made with gluten-free pearls. The drink base is made with brown sugar, milk, and tapioca pearls. This drink had an amazing caramel flavor and was also so so pretty!”


Location: Mapo-gu, South Korea

“The Pink Pool Cafe is located on the 5th floor of the Stylenanda Pink Hotel (a popular makeup and clothing shop with a different theme on each floor)! I ordered their signature cotton candy strawberry slush, which comes with a perfect cloud of cotton candy on the drink! I checked the ingredients of the drink with the staff, and they confirmed it was safe for me. The sixth floor also has an outdoor pillow and lounge area to enjoy. I loved the cafe, with its pink/blue pool theme. The atmosphere with the tiles, umbrellas, and pool lounge-like chairs made the experience so much more fun!”

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