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Spokin is creating an easier way to find allergy-friendly ice cream shops. We’ve partnered with Ice Cream Shops that are dedicated free of at least 1 of the major food allergens and each shop has answered our 29 question allergen FAQ, giving Spokin users the scoop on allergy information! Our ice cream shop filter helps users explore ice cream shops by which allergens they’re dedicated free of and which allergens they can accommodate. Fill out the form below to become a Spokin Verified Ice Cream Shop!

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Ice Cream Shop Name *Email Address *Website *

http://Instagram Handle *Location *What allergens is your restaurant dedicated free of?

Check any allergens your restaurant is dedicated free of Peanut Tree Nut Milk/Dairy Egg Soy Fish Shellfish Wheat Gluten/Celiac Sesame MustardWhat allergies can you accommodate?

Check any allergies you are able to accommodate at your restaurant Peanut Tree Nut Milk/Dairy Egg Soy Fish Shellfish Wheat Gluten/Celiac Sesame Mustard NoneMessage

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