62 Allergy-Friendly Cocktail Spots

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We’re raising a glass to safe cocktails, wine, and beer! See our guide featuring 62 places Spokin users have toasted with allergy-friendly drinks including breweries, wine bars, cocktail bars, and restaurants. Cheers to reviews covering 9 countries and highlighting some of the best spots for attentive service and thorough labeling! If you’ve found an allergy-friendly cocktail spot, please share a review on the Spokin app.

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O.H.S.O. Brewery

Location: Gilbert, Arizona

“One of the coolest restaurants in Arizona to meet up with friends or just enjoy happy hour. It is a brewery and not 100% gluten free but they do have a gluten free menu and a gluten free distillery with amazing cocktails. They have a dedicated fryer if you ask for chips and fries. The salads and burgers are amazing!”

@eatglutenfreeaz, who manages milk, egg, wheat, and celiac-gluten allergies


City Beer Store

Location: San Francisco, California

“Really cool and trendy spot with a wide beer selection. For Christmas they had some specialty beers, some of which contained nuts (I want to say it was walnuts and pecans). I stuck to wine and cider to be safe (they have different glasses for those, which are even differently shaped). I was impressed by the menu! Not only did they clearly call out the nuts, but they specifically noted which beers contained dairy as well.”

@samsafeeats, who manages peanut, tree nut, shellfish, wheat, vegetable, fruit, pea, and vanilla allergies

The Double Standard

Location: Oakland, California

“Fun spot! Was just here for drinks on first Friday. I had a shot and a beer in a can, so I wasn’t too worried and all was fine!”

@samsafeeats, who manages peanut, tree nut, shellfish, wheat, vegetable, fruit, pea, and vanilla allergies


Location: Berkeley, California

“I’ve been coming here for years with no problem! It’s a cute spot that makes small fancy pizzas with a super large beer selection. They’ve always been wonderful about my nut allergy and I always have a great time!”

@samsafeeats, who manages peanut, tree nut, shellfish, wheat, vegetable, fruit, pea, and vanilla allergies

Southern Pacific Brewing

Location: San Francisco, California

“Came here for a happy hour with friends yesterday! I didn’t have any food but I did check out the menu—it looked like minimal nuts with pine nut being the only one I saw (on a salad + one pesto pizza). The drink menu was interesting and had lots of fun beers and a few ciders! I had a cider which was safe for me but the online menu did mention rotating guest beers so I would always double check the online menu against the posted menu when you get there! The online menu included a detailed list of beer ingredients which was great!”

@samsafeeats, who manages peanut, tree nut, shellfish, wheat, vegetable, fruit, pea, and vanilla allergies

SB Biergarten

Location: Santa Barbara, California

“Super fun outdoor bar! We didn’t get food here but they had standard bar food and nothing looked gluten free but also didn’t look like any nuts. None of the drinks had nuts either! They did not have gluten-free beer but did have hard kombucha and seltzer options. I love the Boochcraft Pomegranate Grapefruit hard kombucha!”

@emsnutfreeeats, who manages peanut, tree nut, wheat, and celiac-gluten allergies


Location: San Francisco, California

“Fun bar with a cute outdoor seating area! Plenty of bottled options and wines, and my peanut and tree nut-allergic friend I was with got a mixed drink with no problems (I stuck to wine). Great atmosphere in a great location!”

@samsafeeats, who manages peanut, tree nut, shellfish, wheat, vegetable, fruit, pea, and vanilla allergies

The Butcher’s Daughter

Location: Los Angeles, California

“One of my favorite spots to grab a cup of coffee during the day or a cocktail at night with dinner or on the patio. If you stay for a meal, the menu clearly lists their nut-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free options. Grab a cardamom rose latte before exploring the shops in Venice. If you’re staying in, don’t miss out on the blackberry mule cocktail or get a little spicy with a hot beets mocktail.”

@andglutenfree, who manages oyster and Celiac-gluten allergies

401K Food & Wine

Location: Los Angeles, California

“If you’re looking for a great dinner spot on the west side, make a reservation at 100% gluten-free 401k Food and Wine. This wine bar is owned by the same owner as Sinners and Saints Bakery two doors down. 401k has a great wine menu and an inventive and different food menu to pair. Make sure to sit on the back patio then start your meal with the buttermilk biscuits and finish it with mini corn dogs, beef sliders, or carne asada quesadilla. For dessert, grab an order of churros or go next door to Sinners and Saints and pick up their tres Leches cake that can’t be beat.”

@andglutenfree, who manages a Celiac-gluten allergy.

21st Amendment Brewery & Restaurant

Location: San Francisco, California

“Haven’t gone there for food in about a year but went again last night for drinks. Last year we’d always get the totchos (tater tot nachos) which made everyone very happy! The Hell or High Watermelon beer is fantastic (*note: it is a wheat beer) and served with a fresh slice of watermelon! It is right next to AT&T park, and a perfect spot to stop for snacks/a drink if you’re on your way to a game. Update: came back and actually had a meal here! Had a burger (and of course) the totchos. Was safe and was yummy!”

@samsafeeats, who manages peanut, tree nut, shellfish, wheat, vegetable, fruit, pea, and vanilla allergies


Toro Taberna

Location: West Hartford, Connecticut

“This restaurant has a completely gluten free menu. The staff is so educated about celiac and gluten allergies, right down to their cocktail menu. Many pescatarian and vegan options as well.”

@ttom1028m who manages milk, egg, wheat, celiac-gluten, and meat allergies

Maggie McFly’s

Location: Glastonbury, Connecticut

“Best restaurant for a huge selection of gluten-free options. Staff comes out and even a manager will come out to make sure everything is right. Never have a problem here and never get sick! Even the cocktails are labeled fully.”

@aaa, who manages almond, soy, wheat, celiac-gluten, bell pepper, fruit, barley, and rye allergies


Raglan Road Irish Pub

Location: Orlando, Florida

“Eating at Raglan Road was one of the most exciting dinners I have been blessed to eat at! I ordered the fish and chips and onion rings. Both were so surprisingly fresh and delicious! The entertainment and atmosphere where a major plus and they even served my favorite gluten free beer called Redbridge!”

@ninisglutenfreem who manages milk, shellfish, wheat, and celiac-gluten allergies

Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant

Location: Tampa, Florida

“They offer everything from gluten free pasta, burgers (gluten free buns included), chicken, seafood, beef, salads and some amazing desserts. They also have wine pairings suggested with each menu item…I love the way they think! With many locations across the east coast and midwest, they are probably considered a franchise, but I can only speak for the location in Tampa, Florida. It has a great bar scene in addition to a large restaurant and an extensive gluten free menu. They also indicate which items are vegan and vegetarian on the menu. The servers have always been knowledgeable and careful to check with the chef each time I’ve been in. They seem to take food allergies seriously from my experience.”

@athomewithshay, who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, egg, wheat, and celiac-gluten allergies

The Back Porch

Location: Destin, Florida

“They had great frozen cocktails! They didn’t use peanut oil or any peanut products in the menu. They did not have a dedicated vegan menu but were able to prepare a meal from piecing together a few things.”

@the1bre, who manages a peanut allergy

Nobu Miami

Location: Miami Beach, Florida

“I had an absolutely AMAZING time at Nobu Miami! Our waiter Mauricio asked about allergies when we first sat down, and off the top of his head was able to recommend multiple meals that worked for me/could be adjusted for me. I went with what I knew was safe, and he had my allergens memorized and made sure that I stayed safe and comfortable the entire time! He even replaced the soy sauce on our table with tamari as soon as he knew I couldn’t have wheat. The quality of the food was superb and the atmosphere was incredible. They had multiple vegan wine options and the Prosecco I went with was incredible! I can’t wait to go back.”

@samsafeeats, who manages peanut, tree nut, shellfish, wheat, vegetable, fruit, pea, and vanilla allergies


La Barra

Location: Riverside, Illinois

“Gluten free items are not marked in the menu, but our server knew exactly what to recommend. They have gluten free pasta and flatbreads. Food was delicious and cocktails were good.”

@lisamichal, who manages a celiac-gluten allergy

Marcello’s Father and Son Restaurant

Location: Chicago, Illinois

“REALLY well prepped menu with a lot of gluten free options—and gluten free beer!”

@kejone, who manages a celiac-gluten allergy

City Winery at the Chicago Riverwalk

Location: Chicago, Illinois

“Such a beautiful outdoor spot to grab a bottle of wine and enjoy the Chicago riverfront in the summer.”

@alyssabauder, who manages peanut, tree nut, fish, shellfish, and chickpea allergies


Location: Chicago, Illinois

“Amazing experience at Cindy’s Rooftop! Their standard menu is labeled for nut-free, gluten-free, and vegan dining options. Our waiter used a paper menu to clearly label what was and wasn’t safe for my allergies. Safely enjoyed cocktails + chocolate chip cookies and banana pudding for dessert! Amazing views, incredible ambiance.”

@alyssabauder, who manages peanut, tree nut, fish, shellfish, and chickpea allergies

Pizza Lobo

Location: Chicago, Illinois

“At first glance, it looks like there’s nothing gluten free on the menu. However…the crispy cauliflower IS gluten free! It’s fried in a batter of rice flour and corn starch! I’d give it a 7/10 for taste honestly. And the antipasti salad is also gluten free! The dressing was so good, but this is a HUGE salad, so definitely share or just be really hungry. The frozen hibiscus marg is delicious if you order a cocktail! Overall, safe for those seeking gluten free options. The staff was knowledgeable!”

@gfreebasicb, who manages a celiac-gluten allergy

Chef’s Special Cocktail Bar

Location: Chicago, Illinois

“I’m the significant other of a tree nut allergy individual. Proactive waitstaff: first question asked after we were seated was if there are any food restrictions or allergies. We were told there was a clean food prep space. Tree nut and peanut are present in the menu but we were guided on what to avoid. Delicious food, great cocktails, and inviting space.”

@kramer1720, who manages a tree nut allergy


Location: Chicago, Illinois

“Homeslice is owned by the same group that runs Happy Camper and Paradise Park, and they have so many delicious cocktails, appetizers, and pizza that are gluten free! The gluten free pizzas are all the same size (small), BUT that just means you can try multiple types! I didn’t experience any cross contamination reaction, but that’s definitely a risk given that the restaurant itself isn’t gluten free. But the staff are all super nice and make note to tell the kitchen of celiac when you order.”

@glutenfreebasicb, who manages a celiac-gluten allergy

Small Cheval

Location: Chicago, Illinois

“The most delicious burger and fries (and milkshakes and beers). And all seed and nut-free. The patio is amazing in the summer too. A go-to for our family!”

@sheberhard, who manages peanut, tree nut, sesame, and seed allergies


Location: Chicago, Illinois

“We loved everything about Split Rail. It is so great going to a restaurant with a nut-free kitchen that takes allergies so seriously. And the food was soooo good. Best matzoh ball soup and fried chicken and biscuits—my 17 yo tree nut/peanut/seed-allergic son wants to go back tomorrow night! And the cocktails are delicious, decor is so cute and music is great. Run don’t walk to Split-Rail.”

@sheberhard, who manages peanut, tree nut, sesame, and seed allergies

Chicago Athletic Association

Location: Deerfield, Illinois

“The bar here had gluten free beer which was awesome.”

@kejone, who manages a Celiac-gluten allergy


The Slice House

Location: Leonardtown, Maryland

“The best pizza! It’s like NY pizza and such cool vibes. They have craft beer, ciders and it’s a cool spot to grab a slice and even eat outside. They were aware of food allergies and do not use nuts but mentioned they use sesame at their other location because they make bagels there but not at the slice house where they only serve slices.”

@theallergictab, who manages peanut, tree nut and legume allergies


Lolita Fort Point

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

“I love love love this restaurant! The ambiance in this restaurant is very cool and it’s a very funky place. They ask when you are seated about allergies and dietary restrictions and confirm each item you want to order with the chef (including cocktails!!) Their fryer is also gluten free sooo chips and Guac YES PLEASE! They are able to alter items to accommodate allergies! I like the fish tacos on corn tortillas! Thank you Lolita for being a fun, go-to spot that when I suggest it to my friends people are excited to go, and I can eat anxiety free!”

@allergytravelr, who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, soy, shellfish, wheat, celiac-gluten, fruit, grain, msg, xanthan, and guar gum allergies



Location: East Lansing, Michigan

“LOVE the food at Hopcat! The fries and are excellent, I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad meal here. Only concern here with a severe peanut allergy is with the beer on tap—once they brought in a peanut butter beer (they have beer on tap from tons of local breweries), but they assured me they clean the lines thoroughly and only use one for the peanut butter beer. I was fine with it at the time, but depending on your level of severity, maybe stay away from the tap lines or talk to the bartender before ordering?”

@sabudama, who manages peanut, tree nut, and legume allergies

Jolly Pumpkin Café & Brewery

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan

“Nice and yummy variety on their gluten free menu from apps to salads to sandwiches and even a couple of desserts. Since they are a brewery they did have a gluten free beer and listed ingredients! Also offer wine and full bar. Fun place to go with the kids!”

@betsymarie, who manages a tree nut allergy

Rusty Bucket Restaurant and Tavern

Location: Northville, Michigan

“With a flavorful and varied gluten free menu, we do enjoy eating here. And two options for gluten free beers.”

@betsymarie, who manages a tree nut allergy


Saltaire Oyster Bar and Fish House

Location: Port Chester, New York

“Beautiful setting in an old warehouse. Great selection of cocktails and seafood. Amazing raw bar.”

@kummell, who manages a celiac-gluten allergy

Risotteria Melotti NYC

Location: New York, New York

“One of my favorite 100% gluten free restaurants in NYC. It’s always a hit when I bring friends here. Amazing food and wine, and they have another location in Rome!”

@tastymeditation, who manages wheat, celiac-gluten, and some oats (purity protocol only) allergies

Jajaja Plantas Mexicana

Location: New York, New York

“This restaurant is entirely vegan so there’s no dairy at all! It’s one of the best vegan restaurants I’ve been to, the food is delicious. It’s also nice to be able to order cocktails and desserts without worrying about dairy. They have gluten free items marked on the menu but I’m not sure about gluten cross contamination.”

@rd144, who manages a milk allergy

Thyme & Tonic

Location: New York, New York

“100% gluten free and amazing cocktails! Love this place!”

@tastymeditation, who manages wheat, celiac-gluten, and some oats (purity protocol only) allergies


Location: New York, New York

“A trendy, upscale little fondue/tapas spot with no dairy?! I promise it’s true. This vegan spot is certainly not cheap but it’s WORTH IT. They serve tapas style dishes and fondue (both a dinner and dessert version). Located in the East Village and has a late night menu with discounted tapas and wine. This is my go to for special occasions and whenever I’m feeling fancy.”

@dairyfreeeats, who manages a milk allergy


Lincoln Social Rooftop

Location: Columbus, Ohio

“Super fun and trendy rooftop overlooking the Short North Arts District. Completely nut-free kitchen with cool cocktails and great appetizers. Put your name in well in advance for a table! It gets very busy on the weekends.”

@alyssabauder, who manages peanut, tree nut, fish, shellfish, and chickpea allergies


Ground Breaker Brewing and Gastropub

Location: Portland, Oregon

“The first 100% gluten free brewery! The most popular beer is the IPA No. 5 but they have tons of other beer on tap. All of the beers are vegan too! The kitchen is no longer open, but they do serve slices of pizza from New Cascadia and plan to have gluten free food trucks in August.”

@eatglutenfreeaz, who manages milk, egg, wheat, and celiac-gluten allergies

Bierly Brewing

Location: McMinnville, Oregon

“100% gluten free brewery located in McMinnville about 45 minutes from Portland. Tons of beer on tap, food options, and fried donuts on the weekend! Corn dogs, soft pretzels, and donuts are also dairy free.”

@eatglutenfreeaz, who manages milk, egg, wheat, and celiac-gluten allergies

Mutantis Brewery & Bottle Shop

Location: Portland, Oregon

“100% gluten free brewery and bottle shop located in Portland. Tons of unique gluten free beers on tap as well as bottles/cans from the other local 100% gluten free breweries such as Evasion, Bierly, Moonshrimp, and Ground Breaker.”

@eatglutenfreeaz, who manages milk, egg, wheat, and celiac-gluten allergies


Louie Louie

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“I have eaten at Louie Louie several times safely and the food and cocktails are great. The waitstaff will ask the table if anyone has food allergies without prompting and takes note for the chef to be cautious for cross-contact in the kitchen. Minimal nuts on the menu also makes me feel safe eating here as well.”

@mfrantz, who manages peanut and tree nut allergies

Con Alma

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“The cocktails are so tasty and the food is DELICIOUS! The waiters were able to answer all questions and willing to check with the chef. The best part is the music. I went and listened to an organ trio that was insane. Definitely check out who is playing on the night you reserve and be sure to sit in the dining room.”

@gluttenous, who manages egg, wheat, and celiac-gluten allergies


The Landing Restaurant

Location: Newport, Rhode Island

“Staff willing to help make substitutions. Limited menu for those with shellfish allergies. Not too many options because of my egg and tree nut allergies but was able to order safely. Great specialty cocktails”

@foodallergygrl, who manages tree nut and egg allergies

Newport Vineyards

Location: Newport, Rhode Island

“Wine is not clarified with egg products”

@foodallergygrl, who manages tree nut and egg allergies

TwoTen Oyster Bar & Grill

Location: South Kingstown, Rhode Island

“TwoTen Oyster Bar and Grill offers a large assortment of gluten free food. You can have calamari, clam cakes, fish and chips, oyster Rockefeller, homemade gluten free pasta and many other delicious choices. The bartenders are knowledgeable about alcohol choices that are gluten free if you choose to have a cocktail. The food is served with an allergy stick. Wonderful food, service and atmosphere.”

@tricia, who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, soy, shellfish, wheat, celiac-gluten, mustard, sesame, and legume allergies


Location: Newport, Rhode Island

“Diego’s cocktail menu specifies which drinks have egg/nut in them which was so nice, as I can’t even count the number of times when a bartender has looked at me like I have 3 heads because I mention my allergy when ordering a drink (hello, bitters are sometimes made with nuts AND there are nut liqueurs out there)! So it was nice that Diego’s was proactive about that. Our bartender was also attentive to my peanut/nut allergy when putting in our food order. Everything we got was great!! Definitely recommend.”

@lecrosano, who manages peanut and tree nut allergies


Butcher & Bee

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

“This restaurant was recommended by multiple locals. The food is artisanal and Israel themed. Great hip atmosphere and decor. They offer dairy free, gluten free, and kosher meals. Extensive cocktail menu. The hummus, trout, avocado rice, and desserts were stellar.”

@bellavoix67, who manages a milk allergy



Location: Austin, Texas

“This is the restaurant in the Four Seasons Hotel! So allergy protocol is great! Breakfast here is awesome and if you eat outside you look out on the river! I had everything from breakfast tacos, to truffle fries and very yummy cocktails! Safe, delicious eating!”

@allergytravelr, who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, soy, shellfish, wheat, celiac-gluten, fruit, grain, msg, xanthan, and guar gum allergies

Down On Grayson

Location: San Antonio, Texas

“Great indoor or outdoor dining options! Tasty appetizers, sandwiches, and entrees. Awesome spot for happy hour with lots of wine, beer, cocktail, and mocktails.”

@theurbenlife, who manages milk and egg allergies


Ghostfish Brewing Company Taproom + Restaurant

Location: Seattle, Washington

“100% gluten-free brewery and restaurant in the Seattle industrial district! I went in not knowing anything about nuts, but was super happy to find out they only had one nut in the kitchen: cashew cream that goes on the vegan tacos and is completely separate in the kitchen! I sampled some of their gluten-free beer (loved the cranberry one!) and also split their fish + chips and bacon mac + cheese with my boyfriend! The fried fish is amazing here! They have a wide variety of lunch/dinner options including tacos, burgers, apps, fried food, and everything looked delicious! All their desserts are also nut-free! You have to try the gluten-free churros!”

@emsnutfreeeats, who manages peanut, tree nut, wheat, and celiac-gluten allergies


Chaplin’s Restaurant

Location: Washington DC

“Chaplin’s is a Charlie Chaplin themed ramen bar with great cocktails. They have no peanuts or tree nuts in any of their food. The food is great and I’m comfortable eating there as none of their food has my allergens, but don’t believe they take any specific allergy precautions so I may be wary if I had different allergies.”

@lechillton, who manages peanut and tree nut allergies


Asilia Camps And Lodges

Location: Arusha, Tanzania, Africa

“Oliver’s camp in Tanzania is, aside from being one of the most beautiful places, extremely accommodating for special food requests and needs. It’s as if they’re waiting to focus on each patron’s requirements right when you walk in. This African luxury tented camp exceeded anything my imagination could conjure. The cocktails on the deck was so spectacular you feel like you are the only people on the planet right there in the African bush. Amazing.”

@ktfcohen, who manages peanut and tree nut allergies


Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

“They have gluten free bread, their cocktails are fire and their steakhouse is phenomenal! Eating here was easier than expected because the only thing there really is to worry about is dairy (cheese and butter mostly). I had steak, lots of veggies, octopus, potato wedges and lots of Malbec during my stay here. There is also a rooftop pool right in the middle of the city for a little retreat!.”

@allergytravelr, who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, soy, shellfish, wheat, celiac-gluten, fruit, grain, msg, xanthan, and guar gum allergies


3 Brasseurs Grande Allée

Location: Québec, Canada

“A talk with the manager and access to allergen menu was easy! Good food and good beer.”

@jamisonv, who manages a tree nut allergy

Fresh Restaurants

Location: Toronto, Canada

“This was my all-time favorite place to get food from while I went to the University of Toronto St. George campus! It’s only a couple blocks away and is fully vegan with tons of gluten-free options as well. Their portions and prices are fair and they even offer a 10% student discount when you show your ID card for takeout orders which was super helpful for me! My favorite dishes were the BBQ burger, cobb salad, and squash tacos but I’ve seriously tried everything on the menu and am obsessed with all of it. They have awesome vegan desserts from local vegan bakeries as well and bomb cocktails! This place has it all (even a grab and go section). It’s a must-try!”

@jennatso8, who manages milk, egg, beef, and pork allergies


GiGi Tavola

Location: Nice, France

“LOVE LOVE THIS RESTAURANT! I have Celiac and couldn’t believe how incredible they are. Nearly everything on the menu can be made gluten free and it is all very clearly marked. The waitstaff are also very knowledgeable, which is always great. Their pizza crust is incredible—nothing compares unless you’ve had gluten free pizza in Italy itself. Highly recommend the penne in a truffle cream sauce and their goat cheese salad as well. My sister is dairy-free and was able to get the clam spaghetti since it’s tossed in oil, but there’s less options that are dairy-free as well. Oh, and gluten free beer!”

@sustainablygfre, who manages wheat and celiac-gluten allergies

FOAM – Port

Location: Nice, France

“There’s two Foam locations—the smaller one is by the port but the larger is not too far away, and also calls itself a “coworking” space. Love the atmosphere of this place, it’s super cute! They don’t have a ton of food, but we got their Buddha bowl with lentils and it was very good! Gluten free items are clearly marked. Spoke to the waitstaff and they’re knowledgeable, and told us the same people who started Foam also started Gigi Tavola, which makes sense! They also have two gluten free beer options.”

@sustainablygfre, who manages wheat and celiac-gluten allergies


Hofbräuhaus München

Location: München, Germany

“Asked for and received a highly detailed allergen menu. Was able to track down head waiter and ask clarifying questions. Our anaphylactic peanut-allergic daughters drank beer, ate pretzels, and had 5 different dishes on 2 visits. Highly recommend. No reservations—arrive and find an empty seat and they come to serve you.”

@djcostanzo, who manages a peanut allergey

Schiller Bräu

Location: München, Germany

“I had the pork schnitzel, and it was amazing! The staff made my schnitzel gluten free by not breading it. The schnitzel came with cranberries and a side of crispy fries. This was a local brew house, but I enjoyed a glass of wine. This was my favorite restaurant in Munich because the food was delicious, they accommodated my allergies, and the ambiance was super cool. The aesthetic is very warm, cozy, and welcoming. Make reservations in advance!”

@passportmemoirs, who manages tree nut, celiac-gluten, sesame, avocado, and fruit allergies


Santo Spirito White House

Location: Florence, Italy

“Allergy-friendly and educated staff with great variety of wine too.”

@jbass12, who manages tree nut and shellfish allergies

La Divina Enoteca

Location: Firenze, Italy

“As part of the wine tasting, we got to try cheese, olive oil and bread. The staff were really understanding of my allergy and got me safe crackers to eat instead of the bread.”

@em44411, who manages tree nut and fruit allergies


Maito Restaurante

Location: Panamá, Panamá

“Top 40 restaurant in central and southern America. Tuna tartare was out of this world, as was the sweet and sour sea bass. Great with allergies. Great wine too.”

@jbass12, who manages tree nut and shellfish allergies


Mr Fogg’s Residence

Location: London, United Kingdom

“A unique experience for drinks! Limited food menu, but they were extremely careful with my peanut/tree nut allergy for my drinks (ate before going) even within a large group. Super whimsical and fun setting for cocktails!”

@vpizz, who manages peanut and tree nut allergies

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