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Spokin’s mission is to make managing food allergies and celiac easier by connecting the community to safe foods, restaurants, bakeries, travel, recipes, and each other. We hope you’ll find our content and iOS app beautiful, modern, and fun. If you have an Android, please add your email to our list so you can start receiving our content and be first to be notified when our app is available for Android.

Once you’ve had a chance to explore, we hope you’ll consider adding your own reviews (tap share to get started) and join us in building a resource to make managing food allergies and celiac easier!

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Abouttheapp findsafefood

Find safe food

Discover your next food allergy win. Find new products that are already filtered by your allergens and see reviews from people who’ve tried them. Explore Spokin’s Verified Brand partners who provide facility details in our 24 question allergen FAQ.

Abouttheapp discovernewplaces

Discover new places

Explore over 73,000 reviews across 80 countries and filter by allergies and cuisine to find safe restaurants, bakeries, ice cream shops, hotels, and more in your own neighborhood or on your travels.

Abouttheapp meetyourcommunity

Meet your community

Follow other app users who live in your area or share your same allergies. See what others are recommending and DM to say hi, thank you, or ask a question.

spokinverified foodbrands

Verified Food Brands

Discover your next favorite food allergy-friendly brand! Find Verified food products and explore our Brand Partners who’ve provided package, label, and facility information, answered our 24 question allergen FAQ, and agreed to update us in a timely manner if changes occur.

spokinverified bakeries

Verified Bakeries

From what allergens they are dedicated free from to what kind of chocolate they use, we didn’t miss a crumb! Find donuts, cookies, cakes, and more from Spokin’s Verified Bakery Partners, whether you’re visiting in person or shopping online.

spokinverified healthwellness

Verified Health + Wellness

Meet the organizations, research centers, and healthcare brands changing the landscape! Whether they’re working to raise awareness, researching, or creating products, each Health + Wellness Partner is leading the way to improve our lives.


Recipe Filter

Find the perfect recipe sorting by allergies, category, blogger and even Verified Brands! Explore cookies, cakes, breakfasts and more that exactly match your allergies or customize to any allergy combination.

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