Top-Rated Allergy-Friendly Paris Bakeries

What’s more Parisian than pastries? Find nut-free crepes, dairy-free Pain au chocolat, egg and dairy-free macarons, gluten-free bakeries, and more in our Allergy-Friendly Paris Bakery Guide. If you have room after all the sweets for some classic French food, see our Top-Rated Nut-Free Paris Restaurant Guide, Top-Rated Dairy-Free Paris Restaurant Guide, and Top-Rated Celiac-Safe Paris Restaurant Guide!

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“I was very hesitant to try any pastry items in Paris but I found this place with a very helpful menu which listed out most allergen warnings. Each item is labeled with icons what it contains and I was able to work with the staff to go over ingredients and safely try the butter croissant. It was AMAZING and overall a great shop, very allergy aware. There was a lot of cross-contamination and the staff was able to use gloves to serve me instead of tongs, and helped me understand what I could and couldn’t have. Very delicious! I was AMAZED.”

@rachelkrams who manages tree nut allergies


“They had a completely gluten-free menu and a chart available both online and in store about all the allergens that are in their products, and what could contain traces. They were also willing to go through all my allergens on all the things I wanted to make sure I could have everything (and I wanted a lot of things)! For the first time I got to try many kinds of pastries and breads, and I thought they were delicious (though I didn’t have anything to compare them to).”

@thezestyeel who manages celiac and peanut, tree nut, grain, sesame, and legume allergies


“100% gluten-free bakery in Paris. They also have vegan options. Staff is very knowledgeable about allergies. Everything tastes delicious. They have a couple of locations in Paris. Highly recommend visiting.”

@bianca124 who manages celiac

GoodNews Saint Germain

“Cute little coffee shop with milk alternatives, gluten-free bakery items, and boosters you can add into your drink.”

@viviancrabbe who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, and shellfish allergies

L’Éclair de génie

“These eclairs were AMAZING! The man selling them spoke English, which was very helpful, and assured us that the eclairs we wanted didn’t have nuts. They were giving out free cookie samples, but unfortunately they had nuts (the rest of my family enjoyed them though). We brought the eclairs to a nearby park and ate them there, they were quite possibly the best eclairs I have ever had! (Though I haven’t had many eclairs, to be honest.) I got the lemon-yuzu-meringue, which I loved, and my mom got the passion fruit-raspberry one. They were both absolutely delicious!”

@bakerkitten who manages tree nut allergies

Ladurée Paris Champs Elysées

“We went to the location at 21 Rue Bonaparte. Staff was educated and spoke English and was able to tell us there were no peanuts in the bakery and what tree nuts were in the bakery (which were also labeled on each item in the case as well). There was even a vegan macaron!”

@the1bre who manages a peanut allergy

Land&Monkeys Turenne

“I have never been more excited for something than I was after finding dairy-free pastry options. Coming to Paris to study abroad it was my goal to find as many dairy-free alternatives to known Paris foods as I can. Of course a croissant and pain au chocolat is a Paris staple. They had sooo many options; dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan options. They have their full allergen list on their website so I checked it out beforehand to get an idea of what I could eat because they do use nuts in their products. I also got a cinnamon roll which was okay but probably wouldn’t get it again. Going to miss this place when I have to leave.”

@viviancrabbe who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, and shellfish allergies

Shakespeare and Company Café

“The cafe is super cute and everyone speaks English, so no translation worries! Also plenty of choices without allergens and the bakery items list all ingredients!”

@awissink who manages peanut, sesame, squid, and fruit allergies

Happy Caffé

“Great place for coffee, pastries and crepes! Only almonds and hazelnuts on the menu, so no issues for us. Super friendly as well!”

@lbedwell, who manages peanut and tree nut allergies

Creperie Parisienne

“When we got to Paris, we were determined to find safe crepes. We found this spot near the Louvre with buckwheat crepes. A very nice man (maybe the owner?) answered all of our questions and showed us all of the labels. They do not use peanuts, they do use a chocolate hazelnut drizzle (but is not spread or cooked with in the prep area), and use sunflower oil on the crepe griddle. They also have a smaller selection of crepes available for takeaway. We loved our crepes, we came here twice in two days!! Would highly recommend giving Crepes Parisienne a visit if you are near the Louvre, the staff will make sure you are accommodated and safe!”

@elise, who manages celiac and peanut and tree nut allergies

Noglu Paris

“AMAZING gluten-free heaven. It looks like croissants and pain au chocolat arrive by 9:30 or 10am, so I recommend going by 9am, getting coffee and tea and getting in asap when the pastries arrive. Because the shop is tiny and fills up FAST. The pastries are TO DIE FOR. Like so flakey, they don’t taste gluten-free.”

@gfreebasicb, who manages celiac

Du Pain et des Idées

“Got a warm fresh croissant here! It was so good but definitely a chance of cross-contamination given they have nut pastries. He said the plain croissant was nut-free, though.”

@gracekennard, who manages peanut, tree nut, and poppy allergies

Breizh Café

“All Breizh locations in Paris are worth visiting. They have sweet and savory gluten-free crepe options!”

@jessiegraber, who manages celiac

Boulangerie-Pâtisserie Terroirs d’Avenir

“This was one of the best croissants I’ve ever had. She said there was a chance of cross-contamination since they have nut pastries, but for what it’s worth, I didn’t see any almond croissants, which personally made me feel better. And I also got a baguette to go for my train ride.”

@gracekennard, who manages peanut, tree nut, and poppyseed allergies

LE BON Patisserie

“I really like the pastries here and the staff are really nice and speak English. They are helpful. There isn’t really a consistent menu though it does change the pan on the day and time.”

@rocio, who manages shellfish allergies


“They have lots of delicious dairy-free beverages and yummy pastries with ingredients listed! The woman that runs it is so sweet and knowledgeable!”

@awissink, who manages peanut, squid, sesame, and fruit allergies

Bretteau Sébastien

“Croissants and Pain au chocolat okay for nuts and peanut allergy. Staff knew allergen content and could explain what was and was not okay. Staff mentioned bread was not okay.”

@sprosp5, who manages peanut, tree nut, and shellfish allergies

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