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Food guru Catherine McCord knows how to get kids excited about nutritious food and she’s no stranger to accommodating food allergies and specialized diets. She balances food blogging, judging on Food Network’s Guy’s Grocery Games, cookbook writing and co-founding a meal delivery service, all while raising three children, ranging from her youngest who has a dairy allergy, to her oldest, who is a vegetarian. Catherine is an Instagram health food goddess as well as the inclusive, empathetic mom we all want to have a smoothie with!

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You’re a food allergy mama?!

Gemma, our youngest, has suffered from severe eczema pretty much from birth. I cut everything from my diet when I was breastfeeding and we learned she has a dairy sensitivity, eczema, and asthma. She tests positive for a dairy allergy, as well as other allergens. It’s really tricky with eczema and asthma to pinpoint the culprit.

Your allergy section in Weelicious Lunches warmed our hearts.

Even before I was an allergy mom, I knew how prevalent food allergies were becoming. You should always be able to cook healthy meals regardless of dietary needs and restrictions and I included many substitutions and omissions in Weelicious Lunches.  You can have a delicious, healthy meal and keep everyone safe. Allergies shouldn’t limit having fun in the kitchen together!

The apple doesn’t fall from the tree.

My son Kenya has been a vegetarian since he was five and his friends are very conscious of him, making sure he is comfortable and has food to eat. Years ago, I accidentally put a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in his lunch, he said ‘You can’t do that—my friend has a nut allergy!’ Kids are growing up more conscious of allergies and they want to protect their friends.

What’s one of your favorite allergy-friendly recipes?

These Vegan Cowgirl Cookies are heaven, plus they’re dairy, gluten, and egg-free. You would never know, though! We have food sensitivity filters including dairy, egg, nuts and gluten on Weelicious to make finding safe recipes easier.

You are always hosting—advice?

I understand the fear of ‘the peanut butter smudge’ on the table! I’m the right house to come to. If it’s a food allergy, you need to make sure you’re not serving anything that will cause them any harm. I always ask if guests have food allergies or preferences.

Your smoothies are legendary. What are some food allergy substitutions?

My family and I drink a smoothie every morning. There are so many alternatives if you have food allergies or a specialized diet. Try incorporating smoothies into your daily routine and make sure your body is getting exactly what it needs!

If you’re allergic to nuts but not seeds…

I’d suggest hemp, chia and pumpkin seeds. 

If you’re allergic to nuts and seeds…

Collagen peptides are fantastic because they’re easy to digest and high in protein. You can also use protein powder or cow’s milk if you don’t have a dairy allergy. 

If you have a dairy allergy…

I’d use pea milk, which has more protein than almond milk! Soy milk is another option. There are endless options and lots of fruits and vegetables actually have protein in them.

When hidden ingredients are a good thing…

I love including cauliflower in smoothies! People are always shocked by that. You can’t even taste it and it boosts protein. I like Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides and I’ve been using Vital Proteins Marine Collagen. It’s great for hair, skin, ligaments, tendons and gut health. It’s the same benefits as bone broth and the results are incredible.

Favorite spot to get dairy-free ice cream? 

Gemma loves Jeni’s for their insanely delicious dairy-free ice cream flavors.

Best place for a dairy-free breakfast?

Hugo’s makes amazing dairy-free pancakes. 

What is your favorite place for dairy-free pizza?

Lucifer’s pizza makes delicious dairy-free cheese pizzas.

What is your favorite place for dairy-free dessert?

Yoga-urt for any flavor of frozen yogurt and dye-free toppings.

Hot Off the Presses

My Smoothie Project cookbook is coming out December 17. It’s so exciting! I have three children with different diets and smoothies are such a great way to fit fruits and vegetables into their days because they can be personalized to fit any dietary restrictions.

Who’s busier than a mom? 

Both Weelicious and the meal delivery service I co-founded, One Potato, are all about supporting families—you can’t have a business for families if you don’t consider food allergies. We want to make sure that families are having good food and they don’t have to worry about finding any nuts in their box if they order a nut-free box. Learn more about One Potato in our 13 Allergy-Friendly Meal Delivery Services and enjoy 30% off your first order!

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