Allergy-Friendly University of California: Berkeley Campus Guide

Overall I would say my allergies at the UC Berkeley dining halls were pretty manageable. As they say on the website, the Big-8 allergens are listed on the menu signage in units and the online menu. If you have severe allergies, I would always ask, just to be safe. In terms of restaurants in the area, I would check those specific reviews on Spokin! For the most part, I have had a pretty safe experience, but if there’s a dish that I am suspicious might have something I am allergic to, I will double check on that dish specifically.

Location: Berkeley, California

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Anjali – Spokin User @allergyanj

Allergies: Peanut, Tree Nuts, Shrimp, Sesame, and Legumes
Class: 2025
Major: Intended Computer Science/Business
Post Graduation Plans: Biotech innovation/entrepreneurship
Instagram: @foodallergyincproj

Moe Sushi & Grill

This restaurant is super good about allergies. The lady who served us was so nice and made sure that my sesame allergy was taken care of. Since the spicy tuna had sesame, she made sure I could get a roll with the same toppings I ordered but with a fish that did not have sesame, which was super nice.

Cupcakin Bake Shop

I love these mini cupcakes! I come here all the time to get a little snack. Some of the cupcakes might have nuts in them but when I ask, they always know which one and there’s another option that is safe for me to eat.

Berkeley Social Club

The waiter made sure none of my dishes had any nuts or sesame in them, which was great! They were super good about allergies. My friends and I split the waffle & chicken, French toast, and Florentine. It was delicious.

Katsumi Sushi

They’re pretty good with allergies. The only thing is that if you order on Snackpass, make sure you’re clear about allergies. I have a sesame allergy. Sometimes when I order on Snackpass with an allergen, it still comes with sesame, so I’d recommend ordering in person. Also, the spicy tuna is made in sesame oil.

Little Gem Belgian Waffles

I have a severe nut allergy and I have had a pretty good experience eating here. They do have Nutella, but I have never had any issue with cross contamination.


When I told them about my allergies, they were very diligent and made sure the other people working with the blenders knew about my allergy. They also said they wash the blenders after they make each drink, which made me feel safer.

Almare Gelato

There are some nut flavors, but they’re pretty safe about scooping.

Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt

I appreciate that they have allergen labels!

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