Allergy-Friendly Campus Guide: University of Toronto


I recently graduated from the University of Toronto in June 2020. In my first year, I had to live on campus and struggled so much with my allergies. The dining hall that I was assigned to (Morrison Hall at University College in University of Toronto) had very limited dairy-free options. I was basically on my own for food for my entire time at University of Toronto.

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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Jenna Tso – Spokin User @jennatso8

Allergies: Milk, Egg, Beef, Pork
Class: 2020
Currently Doing: Currently in my first year of my Master’s in Social Work program at California State University Long Beach and working as a therapist intern!
Instagram: @tsoyum

Jenna’s University of Toronto Campus Guide

Fresh Restaurants

This was my all-time favorite place to get food from while I went to the University of Toronto St. George campus! It’s only a couple blocks away and is fully vegan with tons of gluten-free options as well. Their portions and prices are fair and they even offer a 10% student discount when you show your ID card for takeout orders which was super helpful for me!

Fennel Organic Eatery

This is a hot food bar located inside of a natural foods store super close to the University of Toronto St. George campus! It is fully vegan and run by a small family. They’re super kind and hardworking. They offer a student discount as well! The prices are amazing and the food is freshly made every day.

Sushi Inn

This was my go-to sushi spot during college because of its proximity to University of Toronto, the fair prices, good quality, and knowledge among waitstaff about allergies. Many restaurants use cream cheese which is not safe for me and I appreciated that this place always took my milk allergy seriously and used minimal cream cheese (if any) in their restaurant.

Globally Local

*THIS RESTAURANT RECENTLY REBRANDED TO THE NAME ODDBURGER* This was my favorite vegan fast food spot in college! It is a short streetcar ride from the University of Toronto campus and has affordable vegan fast food. They offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts and are completely dairy-free. My favorite was their Maple Crunch breakfast sandwich with their onion rings—simply amazing!

Calii Love

This restaurant has a second location close to Universty of Toronto Campus off of Bay St.! I used to come here all the time for poke bowls and customizable salads. They have tons of vegan options and also serve fish and tofu I believe. They take allergies seriously if you speak to the staff and I never had an issue with cross-contamination after doing so.

bloomer’s Queen

This place has the best donuts I’ve ever had! Everything is vegan. Be aware, they do have some donuts with nuts in them but their labeling is very clear and they take extra cautions. I highly highly recommend this place! They also clearly label what is gluten-free and what isn’t! The staff is very communicative and aware.


Apiecalypse Now!

This place is the best for vegan pizza!! They also have amazing vegan donuts. A must try if you’re in Toronto. They have a great understanding of food allergies.

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