2019 Peanut Allergy-Friendly Baseball Games

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Hit a home run with a peanut allergy-friendly baseball game this season. The MLB is hitting an all-time high score with 26 of the 30 Major League Baseball teams offering peanut allergy-friendly games or seating.

A huge high-five to the Oakland A’s, Arizona Diamondbacks and Tampa Bay Rays who go above and beyond and make their ballparks safe for peanut allergies for most or every game! A special shout out to the Chicago Cubs for adding a peanut allergy-friendly day for 2019!

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Arizona Diamondbacks
Chase Field in Phoenix, AZ

For almost every home game in 2019, the Diamondbacks reserve a suite for fans with peanut allergies and their guests. The suite and its private bathroom receive a general cleaning the night before a game, but they can’t guarantee that fans in neighboring suites will not be eating peanuts. There is a minimum purchase of 4 tickets for access to the suite.

Upcoming Dates: Peanut allergy-friendly suite 6 available for most home games.
Ticket Info: Contact Diney Ransford at 602-462-6818 or [email protected].
Price: $40 per ticket


Los Angeles Dodgers
Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, CA

The Dodgers are hosting their Peanut Allergy-Friendly Night on August 1 this year. Seats will be available in the Executive Club section. Before the game, the seats are pressure washed and a general cleaning of the area is conducted.

Upcoming Dates: August 1
Ticket Info: Contact Daniella Baltazar at [email protected] or 323-224-1594.
Price: TBA

Oakland Athletics
Oakland Coliseum in Oakland, CA

The Oakland Athletics hit a home run with food allergy families when they became the first team in the major league to offer a peanut-controlled zone for all home games in 2018! No peanuts are allowed in Loge 3, the designated seating area, and signs alert other fans to respect this request. Before the gates open, the area is cleaned, but it doesn’t have a separate bathroom or concessions.

Upcoming Dates: All home games March-September
Ticket Info: Visit the A’s website
Price: Varies from $20-50

San Francisco Giants
AT&T Park in San Francisco, CA

The Giants will be holding a Peanut Allergy-Friendly Day this year on June 28 at Oracle Park. More information on game details and pricing will be available soon!

Upcoming Dates: June 28
Ticket Info: Visit the Giants’ Peanut Allergy-Friendly Day page or email [email protected].
Price: TBA

San Diego Padres
Petco Park in San Diego, California

The Padres will be opening up a peanut-controlled seating area on July 14. Preparations for the game include power washing the the seating section and removing items with peanut related ingredients in the area, with emergency responders nearby and “No Peanut Zone” signs.

Upcoming Dates: July 14
Ticket Info: Contact Jenna Sain at [email protected] or 619-795-5147 for more information.
Price: $25

Los Angeles Angels
Angel Stadium in Anaheim, CA

Ticket Info: Contact [email protected] for more information.


Colorado Rockies
Coors Field in Denver, CO

The Rockies’ peanut-controlled game day will be on May 28th against the Arizona Diamondbacks, hosted in the Mezzanine Party Suites. All fans who attend are required to fill out and submit signed waivers to the Colorado Rockies Baseball Club. Fans should note that “peanut-controlled” does not mean “peanut-free.” Coors Field is an open air ballpark, and peanuts will be present in other areas of the ballpark.

Upcoming Dates: May 28
Ticket Info: Visit the Rockies’ Peanut Allergy-Friendly Game page.
Price: $35 per seat


Tampa Bay Rays
Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, FL

The Rays can accommodate fans with peanut allergies for most home games. Call ahead to see if Suite 41 can be reserved and designated peanut allergy-friendly for a specific date. If Suite 41 has already been booked for your chosen game, the Rays can open up another suite and make it peanut allergy-friendly as well. Prior to the start of the game, the reserved suite will be cleaned, but there is no private bathroom.

Upcoming Dates: Peanut allergy-friendly suites are available at most home games.
Ticket Info: To order tickets, contact Victor Hagenbucher at 727-825-3345.
Price: $40-80 per ticket


Chicago Cubs
Wrigley Field in Chicago, IL

As the long-awaited restoration and expansion of Wrigley Field nears completion, the Chicago Cubs are now equipped and thrilled to hold the very first peanut allergy-friendly game in the stadium’s 104 year history. Part of the restoration includes a new enclosed premier entrance and suite level, which will allow the Cubs to host their peanut allergy-friendly game in two of the newly renovated suites.

Upcoming Date:
Ticket Info:
Tickets are currently sold out. For more information on the game or to be added to the peanut allergy-friendly list, call 800-THE-CUBS or email [email protected].
Prices vary

Chicago White Sox
Guaranteed Rate Field in Chicago, IL

On June 1st and August 25th, tickets to peanut allergy-friendly areas of the Club level will be sold for $35, and tickets to a reserved area of the Upper Level will be sold for $18-22. The area will be cleaned thoroughly before the game, and a service representative will make sure that only people with tickets for the peanut allergy-friendly section are allowed into the area. All guests will be allowed to park in the Red Lot and enter through the Chicago Sports Depot for direct access to the Club Level.

Upcoming Dates: June 1, August 25
Ticket Info: Contact Sean Dwyer at 312-674-5354 or [email protected]
Price: $18-35 per ticket


Baltimore Orioles
Oriole Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore, MD

For select games during the 2019 season, a Peanut Allergy Suite will be available. The suite is reserved for peanut allergic fans and their families. Limit six tickets per order.

Upcoming Dates: May 10, May 27, June 11, June 25, July 12, August 9, August 19
Ticket Info: To purchase tickets, call 888-848-BIRD or contact [email protected]
Price: $30 per person


Boston Red Sox
Fenway Park in Boston, MA

Tickets are going fast for the Boston Red Sox’ upcoming Peanut Allergy-Friendly games! For these games, the Red Sox designate a section in the Right Field Roof Terraces. The area is cleaned 12 hours before the game, and the surrounding concession stands will not sell peanut products during the game. Tickets are sold directly through a special link and are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

Upcoming Dates: April 28, May 12, June 9, June 23, July 16, August 11, August 18
Ticket Info: To purchase tickets, email [email protected].
Price: $20-$40 for standing room and $55-$65 for seats


Detroit Tigers
Comerica Park in Detroit, MI

The Tigers’ peanut allergy-friendly games will be held in sections 150-153. To purchase a ticket, families are required to fill out and submit a waiver. They will be doing a thorough cleaning of the area but Comerica Park is an open-air ballpark, and peanuts and other nut products will be present in other areas of the ballpark. Limit 4 tickets per family.

Upcoming Dates: April 20, May 19, September 1
Ticket Info: Visit the Tigers’ Peanut Friendly Days page.
Price: $60


Minnesota Twins
Target Field in Minneapolis, MN

This season, the Minnesota Twins are helping to make baseball games more accessible for fans with peanut allergies. The Twins’ private, open-air balconies above left field will be the peanut-controlled zone on specific dates, and families will be able to purchase peanut-free ballpark concessions in this area.

Upcoming Dates: April 28, May 12, June 11, June 16, June 25, July 16, July 21, August 6, August 11, August 25, September 8, September 20
Ticket Info: Contact Luis Breazeale at 612-659-3575 or [email protected].
Price: $18-$24 per ticket plus a $10 service charge


Kansas City Royals
Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, MO

The Royals go the extra mile to accommodate food allergy families at Kauffman Stadium. During select regular season games, the Joe Burke Suite will be reserved for people with peanut allergies and their families. The suite, which is cleaned extensively before the gates open, has a private bathroom and select items from the team store, limiting the need to leave the suite. The ticket price, which ranges from $65 to $75, also includes a peanut free menu consisting of food and beverages. Limit 5 tickets per order.

Upcoming Dates:  May 11, June 9, July 16, August 18, September 15
Ticket Info: Visit royals.com/peanutfriendly or contact Hannah Albregts at [email protected] for tickets.
Price: $65-$75

St. Louis Cardinals
Busch Stadium in St. Louis, MO

For one game this season, section 228 will have restrictions on peanuts. The section will be thoroughly cleaned before the game and the sale and consumption of peanuts in the section will not be allowed.

Upcoming Dates: April 28th
Ticket Info: Visit the Cardinals’ peanut-free page.
Price: $20 per ticket


New York Mets
Citi Field in Queens, NY

The Mets will host their Peanut-Controlled Suite Day on April 7. No peanuts are allowed in the Porsche Party Suites, which are power-washed and cleaned thoroughly before the games. The ticket price includes a peanut-free menu.

Upcoming Dates: April 7
Ticket Info: Contact Mark Phillips at 718-565-4350 or email [email protected].
Price: $125 per ticket

New York Yankees
Yankee Stadium in Bronx, NY

Peanut allergic Yankees fans can watch all the action from the Party City Party Suite. Tickets include nut-free ballpark snacks and non-alcoholic drinks. Please note: the Yankees require a signed and notarized waiver prior to ticket pick-up.

Upcoming Dates: April 20, May 19, August 30
Ticket Info: Contact Cristina Campana at [email protected] or 646-977-8048.
Price: $100 per ticket


Cleveland Indians
Progressive Field in Cleveland, OH

Peanut allergy-friendly games return to Progressive Field in 2019. Fans with peanut allergies can buy tickets to a peanut allergy-friendly suite for $52 per ticket. Before each peanut allergy-friendly suite night, the entire suite is detailed, and the carpet and furniture are cleaned to ensure they are free of peanut residue. Fans with tickets to the suite are not able to bring food into the suite so guests can enjoy the game and area free of peanuts.

Upcoming Dates: May 17, May 26, July 21, August 4, August 23, September 13
Ticket Info: Visit the Indians’ peanut-free page and use special offer code peanut. Call 216-420-4162 with questions.
Price: $52 per ticket

Cincinnati Reds
Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati, OH

The Reds score extra points with peanut allergic fans by setting aside a private, indoor seating area in center field away from the concession stands and regular ballpark seating on their Peanut Sensitive Days. Before these special events, all hard surfaces, furniture and baseboards are wiped down and sanitized. They also conduct a detailed cleaning of the private restrooms. Nut-based products will not be allowed in the area, and the Reds’ staff encourages people with peanut allergies to bring their own food from home.

Upcoming Dates: July 18, August 6, September 25
Ticket Info: Visit https://groupmatics.events/group/peanutsensitive to purchase tickets and for more information.
Price: $30 per ticket


Philadelphia Phillies
Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, PA

This season, the Phillies are designating Corporate Party Suites 2 and 3, located on EMC Dell Suite Level, as their peanut-reduced suites for select games. Peanuts will not be allowed in these suites for these games. Tickets include a peanut-free menu of food and non-alcoholic beverages. To pick up your tickets, head to the desk outside of the West-Suite and Club Entrance. Limit four tickets per order.

Upcoming Dates: May 18, June 7, August 16
Ticket Info: Visit the Phillies’ peanut-free page. For more details, please contact Jackie Morrisette at 215-218-5104 or [email protected].
Price: $60 per ticket


Texas Rangers
Globe Life Park in Arlington, TX

The Texas Rangers will be holding a Peanut Allergy-Friendly Day this year at Globe Life Park. More information on game date and pricing will be available soon!

Upcoming Dates: TBA
Ticket Info: For more information, call 972-RANGERS or email [email protected].
Price: TBA



Seattle Mariners
T-Mobile Park in Seattle, WA

Fans with peanut allergies and their families can score seats in sections 313, 314 and 315 in the lower view level. No peanuts will be allowed in these sections, and signage will alert other fans of the peanut allergy-friendly zone. The concession stand closest to these sections will not be selling peanuts during these games, but since Safeco Field is an open-air ballpark, fans should take their usual precautions as peanuts will be present in other areas of the park.

Upcoming Dates: April 28, May 18, June 21, July 3, August 27
Ticket Info: Visit the Mariners’ peanut-free page and use PEANUT as the special offer code.
Price: $14 per ticket


Milwaukee Brewers
Miller Park in Milwaukee, WI

The Brewers have designated Club Outfield Box Sections 306 and 307 as the peanut-controlled areas for select games this season. These sections and nearby areas will be power washed, wiped down and inspected before each game. Escalator handrails will also be wiped down. For fans in these sections, the gates will open 15 minutes early to limit peanut exposure. The Brewers will also provide people in nearby sections who buy peanuts plastic bags to contain their shells. Limit 8 tickets per order.

Upcoming Dates: June 4, June 20, July 12, August 23
Ticket Info: To order tickets, visit the Brewers’ peanut-free page or contact Jacob Mentch at [email protected] or 414-902-4523 with any questions.
Price: $21-$22 per ticket


Washington Nationals
Nationals Park in Washington, DC

The Washington Nationals are offering a peanut-sensitive seating area at numerous home games. This suite is swept before the game and has a private restroom. Outside food may be brought in through the Media and Suites Entrance if needed. Limit 6 tickets per game.

Upcoming Dates: April 13, May 25, June 16, July 6, August 18, September 28
Ticket Info: Purchase tickets by emailing Caleb Bohan at [email protected].
Price: $35 per ticket


Toronto Blue Jays
Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Once again this season, the Toronto Blue Jays are offering peanut- and nut-reduced seating during several home games. Sections 204L and 205R of the Rogers Centre will be reserved for people with peanut allergies and their families, and a special ticket pick-up desk will be set up outside of the John Street Terrace entrance. The suite is cleaned and checked before the gates open, and additional staff will be on hand to help prevent other fans from bringing nut-based products into the zone. Limit 6 tickets per order.

Upcoming Dates: March 30, April 26, May 12, May 24, May 26, June 8, June 20, June 30, July 7, July 22, August 10, August 27, September 1, September 24, September 29
Ticket Info: Visit the Blue Jays’ peanut-free page and use the promo code 2019NUT.
Price: $29-$70

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