Brooklyn, New York
Food Allergy-Friendly Sweets

Brookly Food Allergy Friendly Guide


Ample Hills Creamery

ample hills creamery food allergy friendly

Every flavor – from classic vanilla to salted crack caramel – is made the old-fashioned way at this ice cream shop. Employees hand-churn hormone-free milk and organic cane sugar to create a rotating assortment of flavors. Their Oh Fudge! flavor is dairy-free, made with organic coconut milk and dark chocolate sorbet. Flavors that use nuts are stored on one side of the freezer, and employees will use clean scoops if asked.


Clementine Bakery

clementine bakery food allergy friendly brooklyn

This vegan corner bakery is a go-to spot for egg-free and milk-free sweets. The cakes, cupcakes, brownies, scones and muffins are made with organic ingredients, and when possible, the bakers avoid using soy. To ensure everyone has a safe option, especially those with multiple allergies, guests are encouraged to place custom, allergen-specific orders online to pick up at the bakery. The staff at Clementine is experienced at accommodating food allergies as many of their guests have dietary restrictions.


People's Pops

people's pops brooklyn

When the temperatures start to climb, Brooklynites cool down with these gourmet popsicles. Every pop and shave ice syrup is free of dairy, eggs, soy and gluten. The ingredients are simple: locally-grown fruit, organic cane sugar, water and whatever flavoring is listed on the ever-changing menu. They don’t use fillers or preservatives, but cream-based flavors are made with coconut.