The Best and Worst Airlines for Traveling with Food Allergies


Airlines and food allergies have been making headlines. Now more than ever we can empower ourselves  β€” with Spokin, know before you fly!

From First Class to Grounded and everything in between, we present our first ever 2018 Spokin Airline Rankings!


Airline rankings are generated from user reviews on the Spokin app. The methodology considers the following factors:

  • Total reviews
  • Ratio of positive to negative reviews
  • Review attributes selected
    • Positive attributes - Accommodating Staff, Makes Announcement, Pre-Board Available, Safe Snacks, Auto-Injector Onboard and Safe Meals.
    • Negative attributes - No Special Accommodations, Won't Make Announcement, Serves Nuts, No Pre-Board Option, Untrained Staff, Insensitive Staff.


First Class


JetBlue received positive reviews across the board. 

Pros: Spokin users love that JetBlue has accommodating staff, will make an announcement about food allergies and offers safe snacks en route.

Cons: None. Over 75 reviews and no negative feedback!

Spokin user says: "JetBlue has been consistent with its allergy management policy. Pre-boarding available, auto injector on board and trained staff, nut free snacks, announcements and buffer zone enforced. Highly recommend." - Marcar411. Parent of a food allergic middle school child. Allergies: Tree nuts

Business Class


Southwest received the most positive reviews of any airline on the Spokin app. 

Pros: The airline was praised by many for allowing those with food allergies to pre-board and for their accommodating staff.

Cons: Some didn't like that they still serve peanuts on some flights and others found no special accommodations were made. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 9.54.48 AM.png

Spokin user says: "We love SWA. They always let us pre-board (a necessity since they don't assign seats) and have a special boarding pass to hand the crew indicating the allergy. They will offer a different snack (not peanut) if you tell them ahead of time - it can be too late when you are already on the plane, so you need to ask ahead of time!" - Lynn. Parent of a food allergic middle school child. Allergies: Peanuts


Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 10.11.33 AM.png
Delta image.jpg

Delta received overwhelmingly positive reviews in the Spokin app.

Pros: Spokin travelers are happy with Delta for having accommodating staff and for making an announcement about food allergies. 

Cons: Delta received some negative reviews for insensitive staff and for serving tree nuts.

Spokin user says: "I always travel Delta. They allow you to pre-board, they make announcements and did not serve nuts during our flight. Highly recommend." - Anthonymom08. Parent of a food allergic elementary school child. Allergies: Tree nuts, Peanuts, Shellfish and Seeds.



British Airways received all positive reviews but from a smaller group of people.

Pros: British Airways travelers were impressed by their accommodating staff and willingness to make an announcement.

Cons: Reviewers had no cons.


Spokin user says: "British Airways is an AMAZING company. I can not praise them enough. This airline has very knowledgeable staff who actually discourage passengers from eating nuts in flight and offer to make announcements about your allergy. They also have a very detailed menu with all ingredients and allergens listed." - Diver96. Young adult with food allergies. Allergies: Tree nuts and Peanuts.




Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 10.32.53 AM.png

Spokin users are not thrilled with American Airlines. Only forty-four percent of the Spokin reviews for the airline were positive.

Pros: A selection of people found the staff to be accommodating.

Cons: Insensitive staff and no special accommodations were made.

Spokin user says: "We were able to pre-board and spoke to flight attendants prior to flight. They served nut free snacks. Unfortunately, the people in the row in front of us were eating peanut butter sandwiches, unaware since they weren't told (JetBlue makes an announcement to surrounding passengers). All was ok but I was a nervous wreck!" - Nguzman. Parent of a food allergic elementary school child. Allergies: Tree nuts and Peanuts.



United also received more negative reviews than positive by Spokin travelers.

Pros: A small group of travelers were happy that United offered them pre-boarding.

Cons: Many were displeased with their insensitive staff and that no announcements are made.


Spokin user says: "They need improvements all around to be more sensitive to people with food allergies. I have been flying with them for ten years! This includes first class and economy! Come on United!!"- Pasquesi3. Parent of a food allergic middle school child and food allergic high school child. Allergies: Peanuts, Milk and Egg.


Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 10.56.08 AM.png

Spokin travelers did not have a good experience on Iberia and the airline received only negative reviews.

Pros: None to date.

Cons: No special accommodations and insensitive or untrained staff.

Spokin user says: "When we asked the staff about allergens, they had no idea what was in the food. They had no allergen list and were very unknowledgeable." - Awissink. Teen with food alleriges. Allergies: Peanuts, Seeds, Some Vegetables and Fruits.


Two airlines with great reviews that are worthy of a call out are Alaska Airlines and WOW Air, both received top marks for accommodating staff and WOW Airlines also for making an announcement. Neither had any negative reviews β€”they just missed the cut-off for making it into a category above. If you've flown either of these airlines, leave a review in the app and help them rank next year!

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