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We are so inspired by Laila's ability to manage multiple allergies in her family while creating endlessly stunning recipes. This is the perfect feed to follow for meal ideas for any time of day.

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Which allergens are you managing?

Our home and family is free from dairy, egg, beef, cashews, and pistachios. Although our kids don't share the same allergies, we all stay away from the aforementioned allergens to ensure that our home is safe for the kids and free from possible contamination of any kind.

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All-time most popular recipe?

The Best Ever Coconut Rice Pudding

What 3 things do you always have in your pantry?

Organic all-purpose unbleached flour, organic sugar, and organic (allergy-free) dark chocolate!

Grocery shopping: online or in-store?

Store only

Salty or sweet?

I'm definitely both, but if I had to pick it would be sweet!

Cook or baker?


Tell us something about you that isn’t in your bio?

I'm a food/product photographer and an adult ESL teacher.

Favorite feed to follow?


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