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This California mom and doctor makes healthy eating and healthy living look stunning. She has two children with food allergies and believes that food is at the core of overall well-being and gut health, which is central to managing food allergies.

Which allergens are you managing?

We are dairy, egg, peanut, and walnut-free.

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All-time most popular recipe?

Dairy-free, egg-free Alfredo pasta. This one is very popular with the kids and is super quick to make, so a win all round.

What 3 things do you always have in your pantry?

Collard greens (full of iron and calcium), onions (great for gut health, also high in querceptin, a natural antihistamine), and bananas (perfect snacks for kids on the go!)

Generally you'll find that 80% of my pantry is fresh produce.

Grocery shopping: online or in-store?

I buy shelf-stable items like gluten-free flour and nuts online as it tends to be cheaper. For produce, I prefer to shop at the farmers market or at least in-store as I like looking at the produce and feeling to making sure it is fresh.

Salty or sweet?

Salty. I believe sugar has a negative impact on gut health, which then has an effect on food allergies. In order to help my kids outgrow their allergies, I have been working on healing their gut. So we try to stay away from sugar and only use natural fruit sugars.

Cook or baker?

Cook, definitely! Although I've recently started to bake too β€” I love using coconut and almond flour in baking, and it is hard to find gluten-free baked goods that are healthy and not laden with sugar.

Tell us something about you that isn’t in your bio?

I am a fitness fanatic! I try to run a 6k three times a week, do resistance training and practice yoga at home. It's important to look after No.1 even though our lives revolve around our kids.

Favorite feed to follow?

Gosh, this is super hard... I don't really have a favorite as Instagram is such an amazing community, and I love ALL the accounts and learn from them all! But some great allergy accounts are: umpalarain, theallergychef, lindseyleeandco, nonutsformeeasygourmetliving and myberkeleykitchen and milkallergymom.

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