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As an allergy-friendly blogger and chef, Shahla uses holistic cooking inspired by seasonal foods found in and around her home in Berkeley, California. One look at Shahla's feed, and it's easy to get lost down the rabbit hole of amazing recipes and beautiful meals.

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Which allergens are you managing?

All tree nuts (except almonds) peanut, sesame seed/tahini, poppy seed, and hemp.

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All-time most popular recipes?

Maple Granola Brittle & Fig Almond Cake

What 3 things do you always have in your pantry?

Coconut oil, lentils, fresh herbs

Grocery shopping: online or in-store?

BOTH β€” online for specialty, allergy-friendly products and in-store for most everything else.

Salty or sweet?


Do you prefer to cook or bake?

Cook, but I love to bake too.

Tell us something about you that isn't in your bio

I met my husband in an Indian cooking class. I always wanted to learn how to cook like my mom, but she never used measurements, and I couldn’t follow along. I still didn’t learn how to cook Indian food right away in the class (it took me years of practice), but I met my life-long partner and best friend.

Favorite feed to follow?

There are too many to name! But the allergy friendly accounts I love are @allergygirleats, @umpala_rain and @dr.vivian. They are all inspirational, positive feeds about living your best life with food allergies.

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