Meet the Maker: Safe + Fair


It all started with two food allergy dads determined to find safe cookies for their kids. After Dave Leyrer and Pete Najarian started the beloved Skeeter Snacks, they wanted to do even more for food allergy families like theirs. With a passionate vision and a new CEO, Will Holsworth, Safe + Fair was born. Their mission is simple — provide safe and clean food products at a fair price that anybody would be proud to buy.


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What inspired the Safe + Fair rebrand?

Because our founders both have children with severe nut allergies, they know firsthand that allergy-friendly products are limited, expensive and sometimes don’t taste as great as their counterparts. We wanted to raise their already high safety standards and make snacks and food that are safe, taste great and look beautiful without any of the high markups you are used to seeing from allergy-friendly brands.

I’m a father, and I want my three kids, Chad, Katie and Jack, to have clean label food, and families managing food allergies should have that as well. Food allergy families have enough to worry about without having such limited and expensive options. We have a responsibility to break down barriers and get rid of the stigma that allergy-friendly foods compromise great taste.

What is the meaning behind the name Safe + Fair?

The idea for Safe + Fair came from conversations I had with Dave and Pete. They were incredibly passionate about making quality products that are safe and fairly priced for families managing food allergies. After those discussions, their core mission became more and more clear to me. I suggested we create the “The Safe + Fair Food Company.” We’re doing exactly what Dave and Pete set out to accomplish, expanding beyond cookies to lots of great food and making it beautiful in the process. Our Head of Brand Design is remarkable and works so hard to make the products look amazing with the easy-to-read labels.

What steps do you take to keep your facilities safe for food allergies?

We hired the world’s leading food safety experts, Merieux Nutriscience, and asked what exactly can we do to ensure what we make is completely safe for the families we serve. Then we asked what else can we do, over and over. We ended up with 14 single-spaced pages of food allergy manufacturing protocols that we implement every day in every facility that makes Safe + Fair food. The simpler answer is that we are doing literally everything we know, without regard to expense, to ensure our food is safe.

What sets your products apart?

Beyond our 100% peanut and tree nut-free facility and rigorous allergen testing, we take it a few steps further. Our products are completely free of sesame* and mustard. You won’t find any artificial colors or flavors, preservatives, trans fat, high fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oils in any of our products. All products are also made with whole grain, non-GMO ingredients. It’s real, safe food you can feel good about.

 *Sesame is not present in our plant that manufactures Abby’s Cookies and Remy’s Grahams. There are only sealed packets of sesame seeds in our plant that manufactures our Good to Give Cake Mix and Mac & Cheese, but they are never opened or processed on any of our equipment. 


Can we still expect nut-free cookies from Safe + Fair?

Absolutely. Dave and Pete loved to bake cookies with their kids, Abby and Remy, so they could have the same treats as every other kid. Because they are the inspiration driving the company, we named the Safe + Fair cookies after them — Abby’s Chocolate Chip Cookies and Remy’s Cinnamon Grahams.

What other products can we get excited about?

In addition to Abby’s and Remy’s cookies, we have a wonderful brand, Good to Give, which includes vanilla and chocolate cake mixes, as well as Mac & Cheese.

Coming up is a cracker brand called Quinn’s. We’re also working on Gavin’s — it’s the best granola you’ll ever eat. We have a brilliant Head of Innovation also working on clean label birthday cake cookies, brownies, brownie brittle, protein bars, sauces, pasta, ice cream and a complete line of frozen entrees. Stay tuned!


We can’t wait to try them all (especially the Mac & Cheese), where can we find them?

We’re starting with our online store to make it as easy as possible to get our products. All parents are busy, but parents managing food allergies have the added burden of spending time searching for safe products. We want to help them quickly find our trusted products and order in just a few clicks. We’re currently offering a 5% discount if you choose the “subscribe and save” option during check out. Your monthly subscription delivers products automatically on your schedule. We also offer free shipping for orders over $40 and have a referral program running that gives both advocates and referred friends $10 off when the referred places their first order! 

For a food allergy parent, labels are everything. How are you using “clean labeling” to make it easier for everyone to feel good about what they eat?

Clean labeling is all about transparency. This means we use real, high-quality ingredients and are completely clear about what is in the product and if it is safe for people with food allergies. We also call out any top 8 allergens that may have been present in the facility during manufacturing. It’s what everyone deserves but what customers with food allergies need.

Why the emphasis on affordability?

Food allergy-friendly products with high safety standards are so hard to find and often come at a pretty steep price. We want to change that with clean, beautiful and clearly-labeled food at a fair price. That is the type of product I I want to buy for my 3 kids, and when they have families of their own, I want them to be able to do the exact same thing.

Finding your products on airplanes was such a safe haven — please tell us you’ll still be available on JetBlue.

Yes! We just put Abby’s Chocolate Chip Cookies in the air as of September 1st. This is one initiative I’m really proud of. Flying with food allergies is not easy. That moment when parents and kids realize there is a safe option for them is so special. It’s a small way to make a big difference for families with food allergies.

What’s the meaning behind the Good to Give brand?

Giving back to those living with food allergies is what Safe + Fair is all about. We have partnered with Stanford University and Dr. Kari Nadeau, and 3% of all our proceeds will go to the Sean N. Parker Center for Allergy and Asthma Research at Stanford to help further food allergy research.

Dr. Nadeau and her team are at the very leading edge of developing multiple treatments to help food allergic families live safer, simpler lives. Our website will be a home for the real-time research happening at Stanford so that all food allergic families will have access to the very latest work happening to help them.


Future plans for Safe + Fair?

The Safe + Fair Food Company will continue to do what we’ve set out to do — make lots of safe, delicious, clean label, beautiful food at a fair price for families who desperately need and deserve it. I am incredibly fortunate to have a team that is brilliantly capable — some of the very best people in my life. We feel deeply privileged to do what we do each day together for families with food allergies.

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