Food Allergy-Friendly Overnight Camps

On the night our daughter Natalie was initially diagnosed with food allergies, I vividly remember panicking and asking my husband, "How is she ever going to go to overnight camp, kiss anyone safely, or study abroad?" My husband calmly replied, "She's 3, I think we have time to figure it out." He was right, and it did take time, but she has safely enjoyed many summers away. One of Spokin's core goals is to reduce the time required to find safe and trusted resources. As far as managing to kiss safely and study abroad, we know that we can reliably turn to Spokin users to guide us with their food allergy wisdom when that time comes. Following are the highest recommended Midwest-based overnight camps shared by Spokin users. These camps are either completely nut-free or deemed food allergy friendly.  

7 Best Allergists in Chicago

An allergist plays a vital role in a life with food allergies, from the inevitably overwhelming initial diagnosis and annual updates to, hopefully, eventually introducing us to the latest treatments and therapies. We want a doctor who has a skilled medical professional side and who will also handle us with care, even holding our hands when needed. Spokin is excited to unveil Top Recommended Allergists – this list represents the most recommended allergists from Spokin users. Our inaugural list features the 7 best Chicago-area allergists, and we look forward to bringing you our picks from other cities soon.  

Food Allergy-Friendly Ice Cream Shops By State

Editorial note: Looking for safe soft serve? See our guide of
50 Allergy-Friendly Soft Serve Ice Cream Shops! Finding a food allergy-friendly ice cream shop is truly sweet — and having a list of one in every state is the cherry on top. In order to make our list of the top food allergy-friendly shops, each one had to be knowledgeable about their ingredients, offer allergen-free options, and take steps to reduce the risk of cross-contact by using sanitized scoopers and scooping from a fresh bin. Because we know how hard it is to find allergy-friendly ice cream shops (even in our own backyards) — you can now save this list for easy access by downloading the Spokin app. More sweet news: A La Mode is offering a 10% discount on all online purchases for anyone who downloads the free Spokin app. Offer is valid from 6/14/17 through 6/20/17.  

Top 100 Food Allergy-Friendly Colleges

May 1st is National College Decision Day and while many high school seniors are still deciding which school to commit to, students managing food allergies have an extra consideration. While we look forward to a day when every college is equally accommodating of food allergies, until then, there’s Spokin’s guide of the 100 Top Rated Allergy-Friendly Colleges. Out of the hundreds of colleges reviewed on the Spokin app, these schools are the top of the class with dedicated allergen-free dining halls and stations, allergen menus, knowledgeable staff, and willingness to make accommodations.

Image credit: Washington University in St. Louis

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