Top Rated Allergy-Friendly Colleges 2019

Editorial note: For more allergy-friendly college reviews, see our
2021 list of the 50 Top Rated Allergy-Friendly Colleges on the Spokin app! College is a transformative time in every young adult’s life, and luckily there are many schools who take food allergies as seriously as their students' futures. Spokin users have shared over 150 reviews for colleges nationwide. See the 20 Top Rated allergy-friendly schools to make college application season just a little bit easier.  

Top User Rated Allergists

Dr. Paul F. Detjen An allergist plays a vital role in a life with food allergies, from the initial diagnosis and annual updates to, hopefully, eventually introducing us to the latest treatments and therapies. Whether you are looking for your first allergist or considering a change, getting a referral from another food allergy family is invaluable. Announcing Spokin’s inaugural list of the Top Rated Allergists! This list featuring the top 30 allergists reviewed by our users.
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Top 17 Allergy-Friendly Amusement and Water Parks

With the right preparation, it’s absolutely possible for food allergy families to visit amusement parks. Guests with food allergies are protected under ADA regulations and may even be eligible for accommodations. Some parks explicitly allow people with food allergies to bring in outside food, but there are some parks that go the extra mile for food allergy families.

From big names like Disney to independent parks tucked away in the Midwest, we gathered the spots Spokin users love the most. So before you plan your next adventure, check out our list of the 17 most food-allergy friendly theme and water parks. 

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