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Meet the Maker: Lil Mixins

Allergy moms get things done!
Meenal Lele is a food allergy mom who was determined to create the safest, easiest and most affordable early introduction solution possible. She used her experience in the biomedical field and training as an engineer to become the only food allergy parent to bring a presentation product to market. Lil Mixins is now the #1 pediatrician-recommended early introduction product available. In partnership with our friends at
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Meet the Maker: Sweet Loren’s

You had us at allergy-friendly cookie dough! Loren Brill set out to make the impossible, a healthy and great tasting chocolate chip cookie. After listening to requests from the food allergy community, she reformulated her recipe so the whole family could enjoy the same warm cookie. Sweet Loren’s cookies are top 8 plus sesame-free and made in a facility dedicated free of gluten, dairy, peanuts, and tree nuts. Now the #1 natural cookie dough in the U.S., she’s proving that making a clean, delicious and allergy-friendly product isn’t just great for the consumers, it’s good for business too. In partnership with our friends at

Meet the Maker: Hungry Harry’s

When your food allergic son comes home with an empty lunchbox because his classmates ate his food, you know you have something truly unique. Meet Hungry Harry’s, the newest kid on the food allergy block.

Harry’s parents, Sarah and Rob, not only manage his multiple food allergies and intolerances but they’ve had to learn to do it twice, having lived in 2 countries. Officially launching with 5 baking mixes that are Top 14 allergen and casein free, Harry is ready to share his food with us all!

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Meet the Maker: Allergy Amulet

The smallest, fastest and most beautiful allergen sensor is almost here! Abi Barnes took technology that has been used for detecting nicotine and marijuana and is using it to test for food allergens, including her own — peanuts, tree nuts and shellfish. Her company,
Allergy Amulet, not only provides test results within 60-90 seconds, but also uses beautiful designs worthy of the runway. Get a front-row seat, and sign up for their newsletter here! That’s how you’ll be alerted about upcoming product announcements and release dates. In partnership with our friends at

Meet the Maker: Blake’s Seed Based

With a class project to solve a social need, Blake Sorensen not only nailed the assignment, but he also launched a company. Blake struggled to find bars that were safe for his tree nut allergy, tasted great and matched his healthy lifestyle. A successful Kickstarter campaign proved he wasn’t alone and Blake’s Seed Based was launched. His commitment to taste was rivaled by his equally high standards to pick a manufacturer. Spoiler alert: the facility requires a pat down for nuts to enter! With the goal to donate one million bars to schools in need, through it’s Bar For a Box Program, Blake’s Seed Based is truly raising the bar. In partnership with our friends at
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Meet the Maker: 88 Acres

When it comes to food allergy-friendly snacks, 88 Acres is seriously raising the bar. The farm-to-pantry, top 9 allergen-free snack brand makes craveable granola bars, Seednola and seed butters that are nearly impossible to put down. It was a labor of love from the start for 88 Acres owners Nicole and Rob. On their fourth date, Rob had a life-threatening allergic reaction, which changed Nicole's relationship to food forever. The Harvard business grad became a woman on a mission, making snacks she and Rob could both enjoy — including the ever-elusive, tasty nut-free granola bar. Luckily, she was willing to share with the rest of us.  


Food allergies have met their match. On the heels of the breakthrough LEAP study, two moms, a pediatric allergist and a scientist, got together to create
SpoonfulONE, a dietary supplement that can prevent foods from becoming allergens. Before you think this doesn’t apply to your food allergic child, consider that your child will likely grow up to have children with an elevated risk of developing food allergies, making this news extraordinary. We talked with the CEO and co-founder, Dr. Ashley Dombkowksi, about the ground-breaking science and family ties that make SpoonfulONE so revolutionary for the future of food allergy prevention. FIND PRODUCTS In partnership with our friends at
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