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Denise Woodard

Denise Woodard has found the sweet side of food allergies. After her daughter was diagnosed with FPIES and multiple food allergies, buying safe and tasty snacks was not so easy — so she started making her own. Denise is now the founder of 
Partake Foods, a line of top 8 allergen-free mini cookies that are made with simple ingredients from safe suppliers. Denise lives with her family in New Jersey where she is working to expand Partake to include even more delicious snacks for families with and without food allergies.
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Choosing Food Allergies

One name every food allergic person should know is Dr. Cathy Nagler. As an esteemed scientist and professor at The University of Chicago, Dr. Nagler has dedicated her career to breakthrough food allergy research. Not only is she a leading authority in her field, but she is constantly pushing boundaries to expand her work. Dr. Nagler runs her own
lab and travels the world teaching others about food allergies. She also started a biotech company that hopes to one day make treating and living with food allergies easier. It's fair to say that most of us would not have chosen the food allergy path, but we're so glad Dr. Nagler did. And what is she spending her time researching? The bacteria in your gut.  

Roxanne Palin: A Family A-FARE

You won't catch Roxanne Palin taking a day off. With two food allergic children and a food allergic husband, she constantly finds ways to turn circumstances into opportunities for change in the world of food allergies. Over the years, Roxanne has been a strong advocate and fundraiser for food allergy safety, education and research. She and her daughter, Amanda, are being honored at the FARE NYC luncheon in April 2017.

Roxanne is the Director of Marketing at Juice Press, a NYC-based organic, vegan grab-and-go wellness brand with more than 60 locations in New York, Boston, New Jersey and Connecticut.

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