Pamela Fernandez

Pamela Fernandez

Pamela Fernandez is an unstoppable force in the food allergy world. When she is not busy co-running the site 
Navigating Food Allergies in New York and serving as a No Nuts Moms Support Group leader, Pamela can be found fundraising on a local level for FAACT, and on a national level for Food Allergy Awareness Month. She works tirelessly to connect and advocate for people living with food allergies. Pamela and her son, who has multiple food allergies, keep each other inspired with their positivity and optimism.  
sharon wong

Sharon Wong

Sharon Wong is the food allergy advocate and blogger behind
Nut Free Wok, a food allergy blog specializing in "Allergy Aware Asian Fare." When her two sons were diagnosed with food allergies, Sharon took action by channeling her love of cooking into adapting classic Asian recipes for people with nut allergies. Her blog and personal advocacy is all about making food allergy-friendly Asian food possible and delicious with recipes like Peanut-Free Pad Thai and a Better for You Butter Mochi.  

Mother’s Day

In honor of Mother's Day, we are celebrating a few food allergy moms who embody the true spirit of Spokin. These women get the job done. They move food allergy mountains and raise awareness by creating products, resources and even entire research facilities. These are the moms who stay up until midnight baking safe chocolate chip cookies —  and then use the recipe as inspiration for a food allergy-friendly cookbook. They lead by example to ensure that their children lead full lives, and for that, we are truly grateful.
mary weiser and family

Mary Weiser

Mary Weiser is a more than a food allergy mom — she is an advocate committed to changing the future of food allergies. After her two children were diagnosed with multiple allergies, she founded the 
Mary H. Weiser Food Allergy Center at the University of Michigan. This center of excellence will provide cutting-edge research for the food allergic community and will be a model for other centers around the country. Mary lives with her husband and two food allergic children in Ann Arbor.  
Kim Yates

Kimberley Yates

Kimberley Yates is a food allergy mom ahead of her time. Her daughter was the first multi-allergen oral immunotherapy patient at Stanford University under the care of Dr. Kari Nadeau. But Kimberley didn't stop with her child – she made it her mission to make treatments accessible and to support families across the country. Through her fundraising and community building efforts, Kimberley was instrumental in creating the 
Sean N. Parker Center for Allergy and Asthma Research at Stanford. She works tirelessly to make the Center’s vision a reality by bringing their research, therapies, and diagnostics to the community. And she doesn't stop there – she also works with co-founders Dr. Ashley Dombkowski and Dr. Kari Nadeau of Before Brands, a company that hopes to put a stop to food allergies before they start. She lives in California with her three girls, Tessa, Reese and Alyssa.  

Marie Tillman

As an entrepreneur, nonprofit founder and food allergy step-mom, Marie Tillman is all about creating solutions. Her company, 
Mac & Mia, is a children's clothing service that provides custom outfits for boys and girls — age newborn to 6 — delivered right to your door. Marie also created the Pat Tillman Foundation, a nonprofit that awards scholarships to veterans and their spouses in honor of her late husband Pat Tillman. She currently lives in Chicago with her husband and five children.  

Roxanne Palin: A Family A-FARE

You won't catch Roxanne Palin taking a day off. With two food allergic children and a food allergic husband, she constantly finds ways to turn circumstances into opportunities for change in the world of food allergies. Over the years, Roxanne has been a strong advocate and fundraiser for food allergy safety, education and research. She and her daughter, Amanda, are being honored at the FARE NYC luncheon in April 2017.

Roxanne is the Director of Marketing at Juice Press, a NYC-based organic, vegan grab-and-go wellness brand with more than 60 locations in New York, Boston, New Jersey and Connecticut.

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