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Daytona Hodson

Daytona with Elliott Sadler, food allergy dad and NASCAR Driver

Daytona Hodson believes teens should use their voice. He’s taught us so much, from the inventive way he never loses his auto-injector to his unique approach to educating teachers. He takes every opportunity to bring food allergy awareness to the forefront, which has gained him numerous awards, including the upcoming Teen Achievement FARE Vision Award. He’s a Spokin teen ambassador who has been with us since launch day!


Amelia Wissink

Amelia Wissink lives the typical busy teen life - school, activities and socializing. She also manages multiple food allergies including peanuts and several outside of the top 8 including sesame and avocado. At 16 years old, she represents the legion of children entering teenagehood, navigating life and acquiring skills needed to self-advocate (in general) and particularly with food allergies.

She's hopeful, driven and committed to opening her world as wide as possible and she will lead Spokin's National Teen Ambassador Program. Dream big, Amelia.

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Food Allergy Fund: Ilana Golant

Ilana Golant and her daughter, Emma

What started as a New Year’s resolution became a brand new organization— Food Allergy Fund—flipping food allergy fundraising on its head. Ilana Golant, food allergy mom and rock star lawyer turned media executive has spent a big chunk of her career sharing brand stories and building awareness campaigns for Fortune 100 companies. Now she wants to focus on food allergies and is kicking off an awareness campaign starting July 4th! Join in by sharing YOUR fun photos of people doing headstands (or handstands, somersaults, anything upside down) with #thisisnuts and @foodallergyfund and help raise awareness for food allergies. We are so lucky to have Ilana in our corner!

Jamie Kaufmann and kids

Milk Allergy Mom: Jamie Kaufmann

This Mother's Day we want to celebrate a food allergy mom who dedicates herself to lifting up and supporting other moms—Jamie Kaufmann of Milk Allergy Mom truly embodies the spirit of Spokin. You can't help but be drawn to Jamie because of her positivity and engaging topics. She is a real mom, with real life food allergy challenges and she shares them in an open an honest way that makes you love her! There are so many unique things about Jamie, but one of our favorites is her new self-care initiative. After taking care of her children and her many group followers she is going to be talking more about self-care for food allergy moms in her group. Just in time for Mother's Day!  

The Mother of All Food Allergies

For decades Denise, the mother of all food allergies, has had a tremendous impact on the food-allergy community. As co-founder of MOCHA, a support group for food-allergy families, serving on the Boards of both FARE and Lurie Children's Hospital, and through her strong advocacy for food allergy research, management, and education, Denise has made it her mission to improve the lives of kids with food allergies. While best known for her leadership, perhaps her largest impact has been felt in the countless, one-on-one conversations she has engaged in with scared, frustrated, and desperate parents, including Spokin founder, Susie Hultquist.  
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Growing up with Food Allergies

You can't help but feel optimistic after talking to Josh Bass. Living with severe peanut, tree nut and shellfish allergies has given him a strength that is evident in the way he talks about his experiences and in the way he gives back to the community.  We asked him where we can buy the ‘secret sauce' of being Josh — because we're ordering it, stat. Hear what he has to say about growing up with food allergies, the challenges he has faced, and how he outshines it all.  


Allie Bahn

Allie in Patagonia Around the world with over a dozen food allergies, and she's just getting started. Allie Bahn is the voice of
Miss Allergic Reactor, a blog all about living life fully with food allergies. As a world traveler, writer and teacher, Allie pours her passion into helping others build a food allergy support system based on self-advocacy.  We were able to catch Allie in between adventures, and get some of her best tips on traveling, eating out and constantly growing with food allergies. FOLLOW ALLIE ON SPOKIN  
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Alexa Jordan

Harvard student
Alexa Jordan could teach the class on world travel and food allergy advocacy. A mid-flight anaphylactic reaction spurred this inspirational political science and government major to resurrect legislation requiring epi-pens on airplanes. Not only has she gotten back on a plane— she’s studying abroad this summer while using her passion for the law to fight for human rights at 30,000 feet.  
Denise Woodward 2

Denise Woodard

Denise Woodard has found the sweet side of food allergies. After her daughter was diagnosed with FPIES and multiple food allergies, buying safe and tasty snacks was not so easy — so she started making her own. Denise is now the founder of 
Partake Foods, a line of top 8 allergen-free mini cookies that are made with simple ingredients from safe suppliers. Denise lives with her family in New Jersey where she is working to expand Partake to include even more delicious snacks for families with and without food allergies.
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