Top Food Allergy-Friendly Skin + Hair Care Products

Food allergens are found in more than just what we eat. From argan oil shampoo to shea butter lotion, food allergens like tree nuts can sneak into everyday beauty products under names you might not recognize. Because the FDA does not regulate allergen labeling for beauty products as it does for food, cosmetic companies are not required to specifically call out food allergens in their products. Luckily there are brands that rise above industry standards. Spokin's list of top food allergy-safe hair and skin care products has you covered head to toe with options for every age and allergy. Each company offers clear ingredient lists, detailed allergen information and shows a commitment to consumers with food allergies. This product guide was published on 3/17.  

Starbucks Allergy-Friendly Snack Guide

Millions get their caffeine fix from Starbucks every morning, and since this coffee empire expanded their snack offerings, it’s becoming a go-to spot for those looking for tasty, food allergy-friendly options. Whether you’re trying to please a hangry toddler or fill up before a long flight, Starbucks offers an array of packaged goods and bottled beverages for customers with food allergies at any one of their thousands of locations - more than 11,500 stores in the United States and 25,000 worldwide! Next time you stop in your local Starbucks, satisfy any craving with our allergy-friendly snack guide. This product guide was published on 1/17.  
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Top 10 Allergen-Free Food Products

We are always on the search for great tasting food-allergy friendly food products. Unfortunately, those phrases don't always appeared in the same sentence. We set out to create a list of top 10 products that would meet both criteria. To pass our taste test - even the pickiest of eaters, both allergic, and non-food allergic, had to ask for seconds. Our allergen-friendly test required crystal clear package labeling and consistent information on the manufacture's website. All the taste and none of the guesswork. This product guide was published on 10/16.  

Food Allergy Halloween Guide

Halloween and candy go together like food allergies and reading labels. Having food allergies almost always guarantees that some Halloween candy will be off limits, but in the Spokin spirit of focusing on the positive, we created a trick or treating guide and candy guides organized by allergens to help you say "yes" as much as possible.
Spokin Tip: Fun size candy often has different allergen warnings compared to the everyday size bars. Please make sure to check your labels!  
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