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A Cupcake for Every Food Allergy

Sending your child to a birthday party or school celebration with a safe cupcake is part of the food allergy parent drill. Whether you want to pick up or whip up, we've got the lists that fit your style and schedule. Like cupcakes, these lists are meant to be shared. Forward to all the supportive parents and teachers that want your child to be able to enjoy the same treat as everyone else. Spokin tip: Bake a dozen cupcakes for the first event of the year, freeze the rest, then thaw and frost when needed.  

Top Food Allergy-Friendly Skin + Hair Care Products

Food allergens are found in more than just what we eat. From argan oil shampoo to shea butter lotion, food allergens like tree nuts can sneak into everyday beauty products under names you might not recognize. Because the FDA does not regulate allergen labeling for beauty products as it does for food, cosmetic companies are not required to specifically call out food allergens in their products. Luckily there are brands that rise above industry standards. Spokin's list of top food allergy-safe hair and skin care products has you covered head to toe with options for every age and allergy. Each company offers clear ingredient lists, detailed allergen information and shows a commitment to consumers with food allergies. This product guide was published on 3/17.  

Celebrating Easter And Passover With Food Allergies

While kids are busy hunting Easter eggs, food allergy families are on a different kind of search. From safe Easter candy to nut-free Seder recipes or even eggless eggs - the hunt for food allergy-friendly Easter and Passover options ends here. We've mapped out an allergy-friendly Easter candy guide with safer alternatives to the classics, a how-to on eggless egg decorating and allergen-free recipes for Easter brunch, lunch or dinner. For those celebrating Passover, we've found tasty alternatives to fill a Seder plate to accommodate any allergy. Consider this your golden (allergy-free) egg to a safe Easter and Passover.  
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