89 Allergy-Friendly Baking Products

Whether you’re a baker by nature or necessity, food allergies and Celiac keep us all creative in the kitchen. Our list of 89 allergy-friendly baking essentials has you covered from chocolate chips to corn starch. 
Download the Spokin app and you’ll only see products (and their labels) that match your allergens. Recommend the products that work for you, and they will save in your profile. Everything all in one place — now that’s sweet. This product guide was published on 12/17. Editorial note: See our list of 28 Allergy-Friendly Brownie Mixes for more allergy-friendly baking options! Flour  |  Milk  |  Butter  |  Egg  |  Chocolate Chips and Bars  |  Sugar  |  Cocoa Powder Baking Powder  |  Baking Soda  |  Corn Starch  |  Yeast  |  Vanilla  
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A Cupcake for Every Food Allergy

Sending your child to a birthday party or school celebration with a safe cupcake is part of the food allergy parent drill. Whether you want to pick up or whip up, we've got the lists that fit your style and schedule. Like cupcakes, these lists are meant to be shared. Forward to all the supportive parents and teachers that want your child to be able to enjoy the same treat as everyone else. Spokin tip: Bake a dozen cupcakes for the first event of the year, freeze the rest, then thaw and frost when needed.  
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