New York City
Allergy-Friendly Restaurants

Spokin City Guide New York City Columbus Circle

Murray's Bagels

The quintessential New York nosh. Bagels travel well, and you've got a lot of ground to cover. All of the bagels are nut-free, and they offer every schmear imaginable although note several do contain nuts. Udi's gluten-free bagels are also available.



City Guide - New York City Bubby's Food Allergy Options

Bubby’s, as the name implies, is all about comfort food. The all-American menu coupled with the laid-back vibe is a dream combo for a family-friendly breakfast or lunch spot. Gluten-free bread available.


Big Daddy's

This diner-style menu offers burgers, fries, shakes, a fun vibe and a piece of mind – the owner not only has two food allergic children but he also has food allergies. The kitchen is nut-free, and they have a variety of gluten-free options, including bread, waffles, and milkshakes made without malt.


Alice's Tea Cup

City Guide - New York City Alice's Tea Cup Food Allergy Options

This Alice In Wonderland-inspired spot is perfect for refueling with kids. The staff is extremely knowledgeable about food allergies, and while peanut butter is offered, they will help you navigate the menu including finding safe sweets. Offerings include several vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free options.  


Joe's Pizza

New Yorkers take pizza seriously. It's all about the slice. Ideally served on a paper plate, from a no-frills takeout spot. Eat like a local and skip the wait for the whole pie.



Head to Nobu, often referred to as "the best restaurant, period", for a special treat. Legendary Chef Nobu Matsuhisa is known as the man who reinvented Japanese food. He has mastered the art of delicious food and high-end service including expertly navigating food allergies and restrictions for restaurant guests.  



Quality Italian

This rustic Italian steakhouse has a wide variety of Italian and steakhouse focused favorites. If allergens allow, they are famous for their “epic’ Chicken Parm Pizza with seasoned bread crumbs, mozzarella, parmesan, and pecorino and served family style. For people with milk allergies, go off the menu and request Pomodoro (a dairy free red sauce) and noodles. The kitchen will gladly serve to those in the know.

Spokin Tip: The bread served to the table comes with pesto, so if you’re allergic to pine nuts make sure to let your waiter know. 


ABC Cocina

Jean-Georges Vongerichten's upscale farm-fresh eatery serves Latin American fusion (read: tacos) in a glam space making both adults and kids happy. ABC Cocina is committed to offering fresh, safe and seasonal ingredients sourced from boutique producers.