Meet the Maker: MadeGood


MadeGood—it's a family thing. This company has a rich history and an even richer popularity. Their Chocolate Chip Crispy Squares are the Number One ranked bar in the Spokin app! They already had us at top 8, sesame AND mustard free, but they completely raise the bar by making sure everything is organic, adding in a serving of vegetables, are low in sugar and they taste great! They done GOOD.

Made Good Family only.jpeg

Tell us about the founders— how did they get involved in making such high quality allergy-friendly snacks?

The company was founded by siblings Nima, Salma and Sahba who all head up various parts of the company today. The story starts with their father, a passionate business man arriving in a new country with an engineering and manufacturing background. He started a successful food product company, which he eventually sold. 

His children wanted to carry on the family tradition of manufacturing, only this time, focusing on goodness in every single aspect of the business—the ingredients, the facility, the packaging and the people. 

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What was the inspiration behind the MadeGood brand?

When Nima's son started school, finding a school safe (nut-free) snack that tasted great, wasn't high in sugar and was made with organic ingredients proved difficult. After looking around the market he realized what he was looking for didn't actually exist. So he and his siblings set out to create a product to fill that gap.

Why was it important that MadeGood products were allergy friendly?

The family has a desire to be inclusive and provide something everyone can enjoy, the only thing that made sense was making it free of allergens.

What allergens are your products free from?

The products are top 8 free, in addition to sesame and mustard. We are a dedicated peanut and tree nut free facility and there is no sesame or mustard in the facility. 

How are MadeGood bars different from other bars on the market?

MadeGood is certified organic, non GMO project verified with the nutrients of a serving of vegetables hidden in each serving.  The snacks are gluten free, vegan and kosher with 90 calories and 6 grams of sugar.

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What does it mean to be MadeGood?

The happiness of our people and the health of the planet factor in to every decision we make. MadeGood is a B Corporation which is like a Fair Trade designation for the whole business. It means we meet higher standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. We are always looking for ways to reduce our footprint and make every effort to have zero waste production. We have transparency in our supply chain and only source our ingredients from industry-leading organic producers, which gives our customers confidence knowing we are providing them with a clean, safe, great tasting product.

Is it true that MadeGood operates the only certified organic allergen free facility in Canada?

Yes, we are very proud of our efforts to ensure our customers keep getting a safe product with transparency throughout the supply chain. MadeGood supports organic farmers because we care about people and the environment. This carries through to our facility as well. 

We must get these in our cart, where can I find them?

On Spokin: You can swipe to see the label, company allergen statement, find out what reviewers who share your allergens are saying about it and see the BUY NOW button to purchase right in the app.

In Stores: In a variety of stores throughout the US and Canada.

Up in the Air:  Many airlines carry MadeGood products for purchase and sometimes as a snack (Delta, JetBlue, Air Canada, United Airlines and WestJet) - ask for some on your next flight!

Are there any new products we can look out for?

We will have some really exciting products available for back to school. It is a bit early for us to be able to announce them but we are certain our customers will be really happy with what is coming.