Age group: Roughly 4-5


πŸŽ’ Get in the habit of putting their auto-injector in their backpack

πŸŽ’ Know the symptoms of a reaction and be able to communicate them

πŸŽ’ Practice commonly used, allergy-related phrases like, "Is this safe? I am allergic to..."

πŸŽ’ Say no to foods they can’t eat

πŸŽ’ Choose allergen free stash of safe snacks to keep at school for unplanned food events 

πŸŽ’ Observe modeled grocery shopping and label reading

Spokin Tip: Even if your child can't read, show them the label and tell them why they can't have a certain item, like "Oh, you can't eat these crackers because they contain eggs."

πŸŽ’ Carry an emergency medical card or wear a medic alert 

πŸŽ’ Ask if food is safe when in new situations or on special occasions (Halloween, Valentine's Day, friends' birthday parties)

πŸŽ’Practice ordering for themselves in a restaurant 

Spokin Tip: Play restaurant at home


Resources for parents [LINK - children's books, products]