Elementary School

Age group: Roughly 6-10

🍎 Be familiar with common foods that may hide their allergen, like tree nuts in desserts

🍎 Read a food label and understand which warnings and disclaimers they need to look out for

🍎 Begin to self advocate by asking someone eating their allergen to move away or wash their hands or ask others not to eat their allergen around them, if that's their approach

🍎 Handle the emotional side of food allergies - TBD

🍎 Order for themselves in a restaurant

🍎 Practice using the auto-injector trainer

🍎 Practice using an expired auto-injector (see tip)

🍎Identify with their food allergy and help inform teachers, classmates and nurses about it

Sitting in on 504 or planning meetings (at least part of) so they know what is to happen daily to keep them protected and the emergency plans.  Add their thoughts ideas to plans. Understand the two parts including daily plans and an emergency plan.

🍎 Learn and understand in an age appropriate way what "life-threatening allergy" means

Spokin Tip: Inject an orange with an expired auto-injector to get a sense of how much pressure to use in real-life situations.

Spokin Tip: when to explain the idea of life-threatening

Resources for parents [LINK - children's books, products]