Auto-Injectors at a Glance

Starting February 14th, there will be four auto-injector options available. Our guide compares the options for you. Each manufacturer is providing coupons and/or discount plans. Find the best auto-injector for you.  

Auto-Injectors Comparison Chart at a Glance


1. Kaléo AUVI-Q

For patients with commercial insurance - $0 Copay Offer  through AffordAbility Plan
For patients without insurance who earn a combined household income of less than $100,000$0 Payment Option

For more info, see Spokin's "How to get AUVI-Q for $0"

2. Mylan EpiPen and EpiPen Jr.

For patients with commercial insurance$300 Off Coupon
For patients without commercial insurance with an annual household income below 400% of the federal poverty level (approx. $97,000 for a family of 4 in 2016) - $0 Payment Option 

See Spokin's EpiPen video tutorial

3. Authorized Generic for EpiPen

For patients with commercial insurance$25 Off Coupon

4. CVS Authorized Generic for Adrenaclick

For patients with commercial insurance$0 Copay Offer
For patients paying out-of-pocket$300 Off Coupon, good for $100 off per pack, up to 3 packs

For more info, see Spokin's "CVS Generic Auto-Injector" piece

Note: Coupons and plans are not applicable for patients with Medicare, Medicaid or any other state or federal government insurance.