Whether it is reading labels or using an EpiPen - we all could use a refresher. Come here to get up to speed on the food allergy know-how you need


Last month, we showed you How to Get AUVI-Q for $0. Now that AUVI-Q has returned to the market, more questions from families with...

Auto-Injector Video Tutorials

Learn how to save a life in under a minute. Be prepared to use an auto-injector on yourself or others when the time comes.

Starting February 14th, there will be four auto-injector options available. Our guide compares the options for you. 

Prepare For An Allergy Emergency In 3 Steps

The news of a food allergy-related death shocks us to our core. First and foremost, our hearts break open for those families...

The manufacturer of AUVI-Q, KalΓ©o, is releasing their auto-injector back to the market. Equally exciting is their new AUVI-Q...

CVS Generic Auto-Injector

Big news - last week CVS cut the price of their generic auto-injectors nearly in half. This marks huge progress for the millions of people...

Reading Food
Labels For Allergens

Learning how to read a food label to avoid your allergen is essential to eating safely. This vital skill is important at every stage of life.