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Heather Eiserman does not let food allergies hold her family back. This Chicago mom is a relentless advocate and fundraiser for food allergies in support of her daughter, Lola. Heather recently walked with her daughter at the Chicago FARE Walk, where Lola led "Team Lola" to raise more than $10,000. Whether through traveling internationally or by dining out at new restaurants, Heather encourages those managing food allergies to live fully. Her advocacy also inspires Lola, who has her own food allergy blog LE by LE, which highlights allergy-friendly products.

Heather holds a special place in Spokin's heart after unknowingly saving our founder's daughter from a near miss. After seeing a social media post featuring cookies ordered from a restaurant, Heather warned that they may not be safe. Heather was the catalyst for double-checking with the restaurant, which used peanut butter as a secret ingredient in the cookies. We're forever grateful, Heather. 💕

1. Silver lining of having a child with food allergies?

Our family's silver lining has been twofold. Food allergies brought us closer as a family unit and forced Lola to find her voice and self-advocate at a very early age. Lola has turned her "weakness" into a personal strength by creating her allergy blog and alway working to raise money and awareness for food allergies.

2. Your go-to favorites for food allergies?

Lola's food allergy hasn't stopped us from traveling or eating out. We have never come across a restaurant or hotel that has not accommodated Lola's needs. But, if and when that time comes, I always tell Lola "no one has ever died from skipping one meal" and to always trust her instincts!

3. Describe your mothering style.

My mothering style has always been to nurture, build self confidence and set free to fly.

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